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Disney's American Journey


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  • [Idea] Disney's American Journey

    Hello again, Mice Chat. The following is the latest in my series of alternate Disney Park layouts. Sorry for the delay. The last two weeks have been pretty hectic for me, and the power was out most of the day yesterday due to the record setting snow here in Dallas. The previous thread died a horrible, quick death, and if you missed it, here it is:

    Scarlet Letter.

    A bit southwest of Capitol Hill lies, New Orleans Square, which is largely the same as its counterpart at the happiest place on earth. It includes, of course Pirates of the Caribbean and the Riverboat landing (the Rivers of America runs next to this, and the next land). Splash Mountain, due to its Dixieland origins, has been annexed as well. [If the Cursed Mansion adaptation is shot down, we can always duplicate the original mansion here]

    I hope you enjoyed the walkthrough. Please discuss and ask questions!

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    Re: Disney's American Journey

    I thought I'd give this well-thought-out post some love.

    Generally I like it. It reminds me much of Disney's America, which I suspect may have been of some inspiration for this project. For the most part I'm kind of glad Disney's America never materialized, but if it did, your proposal is definitely how I would want it to happen. The proposed Disney's America was much too war-based IMO - with the park icon being a fort, and entire lands devoted to jet fighters and Civil War reenactments. America is so much more than our military history, as you seem to have noticed.

    Without getting too political here, I question whether the Hall of Presidents has a bias of any kind, seeing as it pays tribute to presidents on both sides of the political spectrum - and with a large portion of the show dedicated to Republican Abraham Lincoln, no less. In any case, I question whether the HoP is something Disney would want to build again, both because it is unique to the MK, and because it is receiving increasingly political reactions from audiences.

    I think one thing I've you've sort of touched upon is how the Disneyland formula and its collections already is a theme park that celebrates American culture. Although Disneyland doesn't have literal depictions of each phase of American history, it captures different facets of the American spirit - our heritage, our creative imagination and fantasies, our reach for new places to explore, our sense of discovery and optimism. That's part of why I thought Disney's America would be redundant, as it's a more literal treatment of what Disneyland already accomplished at a more abstract level. But I like how you acknowledged that fact and somewhat manipulated the Disneyland formula, through the rearrangement of existing Disney attractions into a way that creates a more defined portrait of the United States. I think your park would be an interesting alternative to the classic Disneyland park, if Disney ever wanted to make a new resort in the US.
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      Re: Disney's American Journey

      This works really well, and I like how it flows from land to land, well done!

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        Re: Disney's American Journey

        Thanks for your comments! About the HoP: I just want to add that Republicans were more liberal than Democrats in the 1800s, but that's beside the real point of the attraction, or at least it should be.


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          Re: Disney's American Journey

          no more disney parks


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