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What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?


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  • [Chat] What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

    After returning from my trip to DLR September2009, a thought struck me. After I said, "ouch," I realised that even after almost 2 weeks at the Park I still hadn't managed to "do" everything.

    Some people only get a day or two at the Park, and in past visits I've had a whole day and about four hours, so this time I decided to go crazy and send 12 days in the Parks.

    BUT, even then I didn't manage to see everything. Some things were closed for refurb, some things just didn't open in the off season, and some things I skipped for whatever reasons. Other things I visited multiple times (Star Tours for example I rode three times as I love it).

    So what attractions, or eateries have you never visited due to one reason or another?


    Me you ask?.....

    Main Street:
    Main Street vehicles, for some reason I never lined up to ride any of theses. Even if they were on offer and there was no line. I guess like to admire them from a distance.

    Great Moments with Mr Lincoln, I think I saw the old one in 1995, I know I've seen the Hall of Presidents in WDW. But the new one just wasn't open yet.

    I never bought any food from any of the Main Street stores durng my las stay. Not sure why, an icecream may have been nice as it was stupidly hot all through my stay, but never did.

    I finally caught a show at the Tikiroom! YAY! But I never had a dole whip! BOO! You know if I'd known that they let you eat inside the Tiki Room I may have ordered one.

    I joined the queue at the Bengal BBQ once, but jumped the rope out when I realised that there was no seating bar the tiny and full area there.

    Fronttierland (inc NOS and CC):
    I've never sidled up to the Shootin' Exposition. It never grabbed my attention enough.

    I know I went on the Mark Twain back in 1995, but I didn't get on either of the RoA cruises during my last stay. I never organised myself to be at the dock at the correct time. However; I did get over to TSI on the rafts for the first time in September, never before got out there.

    I've never visited the BT ranch. i like my animals animaltronic.

    Explorer Canoes? well they've never been operating when I've been in the Park.

    The only Frontierland eateries I've eaten in are French Market Restaurant, and Rancho Zocalo. I don't think Hungry Bear was open at all ewhen i was there.

    Fantasyland (inc TT):
    Casey Jnr & Canal Boats, never been on them, and they were down for refurb in September - drat!

    Dumbo & Teacups, well they were operating, but ... kids ride embaresment. :blush: I actually joined the queue for Teacups but opted for the chicken exit when it came time, as I was all alone and there was going to be a fight over cups...

    Princess Fantay Faire & Pixie Hollow.... nuf sed

    King Arthur's Carrousel, kid's ride mentality again. Actually looking at it was joy enough for me.

    The only Toontown attraction I haven't at last gone inside is the treehouse, but that's closed now so... Gadget's Go Coaster was in refurb, which is a shame as I love that kiddie coaster. I've ridden that a LOT in the past. >.>'

    I've never eaten at the Village Haus but I did get a turkey leg from the new Fantasyland place (name escapes me). OMG those things are deadly. I had to use the condensation from my drink cup to unglue my fingers so I could organise myself enough to go find a restroom to wash my hands. also it tasted like ham... weird.

    Space Mountain was the first coaster I ever rode. SM was also the first theme park attraction I ever rode. But that was back in 1995. Since then the track's been replaced with... a completely teh same track! BUT it was down for holiday overlay when I was there and opened on the last day I visited the Park. I only had time for either HMH or SMH.. I chose HMH.

    Likewise I rode the old rocketships atop the PM (and I rode the PM way back when, but rocet rods were in testing the last time I was there, and shuttered before I next visited) BUT I've not ridden "them" on the ground where they are now. I gave the Astro Orbitor a miss for the same reason as Dumbo.

    Autopia. Hrm... not interested even to look at it... driving cars is so 1950's... I don't even have a regular driver's licence. (Did ride them in WDW though)

    Star Tours is a weird one. I rode it three times in September, just cos it was there. I love it. Where as Indy, which I loved in 1995, and rode multiple times in one day, I only rode the one time in Septemer. They really need to get ndy working properly again, it was pretty much a black out the entire ride. All I remember was the snake and the giant ball. In 1995 I remember the main room with the bridge being more .... better?

    Tomorrowland Tce's foods didn't entice me, but Pizza Port's did.

    That other Park across the way:

    I skipped most of DCA... it was just uncomfortably hot during the days (no shade) to ride anything other than GRR. I walked through PP a few times but rode nothing. A bugs land has shade at least .. but all kiddie rodes. For some reason I didn't get to see anything in the Animation building. I was too stinky to go into It's Tough to be a Bug (hot and sweaty iew)

    I spent most of my time in Disneyland, only veturing over to DCA a few times.
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    Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

    For my trip in 4 days!!!, I had planned to ride or visit things that I've never been on or done.

    1. PETER PAN'S FLIGHT... The line is always so long and last time I was at the parks, we took my niece on Snow White and noticed 'hey only 15 min wait time for Peter Pan' by the time we off of the Snow White Scary Adventure the line for Peter had jumped to 35 mins. So for this trip it is the first thing to do on my list.

    2. FINDING NEMO: It was in the process of being built during our last two trips, and since the word around the board is that it's not very good, we will try to ride during the early admission day.

    3.Mulholand Madness: Said we would go on it but never had... I thought since it's being re-themed I would go before it's too late.

    4. Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough: I am so excited to go, I can't wait!


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      Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

      I've never had a Mint Julep.



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        Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

        i never go on dumbo, teacups, or astro. you can find those at just about any county fair, so ive never been that interested.

        I havent ever been to tom sawyer island, or ridden on the mark twain or the Columbia. i dont know what it is, im too scared that im gonna get on, hate it, and waste 30 mins getting on and off.

        i actually completely hate the idea of the canoes, im on vacation, why would i want to pay to row my fat butt around?? haha.


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          Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

          Originally posted by astrologic View Post
          I've never had a Mint Julep.
          They're surprisingly nice (what no bourbon?!) .. but expensive. I had two over the time I was there. Quite refreshing on a hot day.

          Originally posted by gumpyyy View Post
          i actually completely hate the idea of the canoes, im on vacation, why would i want to pay to row my fat butt around?? haha.
          Disney FAQ#275: What is DCA?
          DCA stands for Disney Construction Area. All the Cast Members are themed with hard hats and steel toed boots.


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            Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

            I will admit that I've never seen Lincoln...I tried this past trip to the park but alas I fell asleep. I would not recommend going to Disneyland after not sleeping the night before...
            :squeeze: Someday my prince will come...


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              Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

              Splash Mountain: Im soooooo annoyed that I didnt ride it!!!!!!! When we were there I thought to my self (because where I live we have terrible theme parks) "oh here we go just another log flume ride which will get me soaked and ruin my day." Little did I know that its actually one of the best rides in the enitre park with animatronics and everything!!!!!!!!!! It wasnt until 2 years later that i realised this and I am still kicking myself for it! So next time any of you ride it spare a thought for me haha


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                Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

                oh oh and matterhorn it was broken down


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                  Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

                  Never been on any of the Main St. vehicles. I just like the ambiance better of ambling down the street.

                  Is there truth to the rumor that the real reason Disney runs so many vehicles down Main St. is to force guests off the street and closer to the shops?


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                    Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

                    I've never been on the teacups or Astro Orbiter.. just because I could find those at any amusement park. plus I get dizzy really easily.

                    there's a lot I've never eaten: turkey leg, mint julep, monte cristo, pomme frites, kettle corn.

                    and DCA is a whole other story, theres tons I haven't done there, simply because I have no interest in everyday carnival rides.
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                      Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

                      Main Street Vehicles
                      Alladin's Oasis
                      Bengal BBQ
                      The Ranchero or whatever its called next to the shootin gallery
                      Peter Pan's Flight
                      Pricess Fantasy Faire
                      Fantasmi...Just kidding.


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                        Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

                        I've never eaten a Monte Cristo Sandwhich, or had a Mint Julep.
                        I never saw Parade of Dreams But since that's not a parade still there, I don't know if it counts!


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                          Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

                          Maliboomer is the only ride in the parks that I haven't ridden/rode/whatever. ToT is a lot better according to my cousin. So I'll continue to ride only ToT. lol.

                          I've never been to Club 33, but then again, not many people have. We can't count that.

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                            Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

                            Explorer Canoes: Always closed whenever we go.
                            Gadget's Go-Coaster: Just haven't done it yet.
                            Village Haus: Again, just haven't done it yet.

                            Orange Stinger: Guess that one isn't happening now
                            Maliboomer: This one just doesn't interest me at all. Love ToT... Maliboomer is just so vanilla.
                            Bugs Land: Just usually walk right on past.

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                              Re: What haven't you ridden/seen/eaten?

                              I've never been on the Sailing Ship Coloumbia or the Main Street Vehicles. I plan on riding the Main Street Vehicles on my next trip though.


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