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Question on character meet and greets...


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  • Question on character meet and greets...

    So I'm trying to find out when and where Mary Poppins and Bert make their appearance. I've seen pictures (of Crazy legs), with them in the bandstand area to the left of the castle, and we thought we heard someone mentioned how they 'hadn't seen them before.' - my boy loves the Poppins, and we need to track her down to get a picture.

    We also ended up sitting on the curb to watch the parade, and had Mary Poppins, Bert and a penguin walk behind the 'grand marshall' family thing - do they always do that, or is it different characters? - that made him happy to see her.

    Sidenote, the Queen of Hearts was doing her crowd bit as she walks down with the Alice float, and she came up to me, gave me her hand, to kiss it! Twas a treat! If ONLY it was a real person, and not a mask.... I think she could be pulled off easily!

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    Re: Question on character meet and greets...

    Oh, and I also wanted to question - why does it seem to impossible to find Donald? You rarely seem him around the park. If there's any character I want a picture with, it's him, but the only time I ever see him is stuck on the Mark Twain during fantasmic. (In fact, in the parade, I've seen him dance at the back of the last float, and I was excited to be there so close, and then.. there wasn't any Donald, or anyone else for that matter, on the back of the float.)


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      Re: Question on character meet and greets...

      Mary Poppins and Bert do not make regularly scheduled appearances, as in they are not listed on the cast reference guide as to when they are going to appear. The best way to find them is to ask one of the character hosts (cast member who is with a character). They'll be wearing a button saying to ask them about the characters. They would be your best bet on finding Mary andd Bert. As for Donald, he has been showing up in Town Square by the Opera House or the Emporium quite a bit early in the day. Try there. That's where I met him this summer. Good Luck, and I hope this info helps.


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        Re: Question on character meet and greets...

        My daughter is also a big Mary fan! We've only seen her once, in the walkway between Plaza Inn and Main Street about 1.5 years ago. She was fabulous, but we've never seen her since!

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          Re: Question on character meet and greets...

          We had dinner at Goofy's Kitchen two weeks ago and they were all there (minus the penguin). Got great pics and autographs from them. Donald has also been photo'd near the Emporium.


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            Re: Question on character meet and greets...

            We were at Disneyland earlier this month. We saw Mary and Bert in Fantasyland. Bert rode on the Carrousel. We have seen Mary and a couple of the Penguins by Dumbo and Casey Junior in past years.
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              Re: Question on character meet and greets...

              We saw Mary Poppins, Bert, and the Penguin in New Orleans Square when we visited in September. We got great video footage of Mary singing "Spoonful of Sugar" to a little girl. She sounded just like Julie Andrews! It was great. They gave us very decorative autographs for my little girl's autograph book and took a nice picture. I loved the soot on Bert's face. Bert sang a special "Chim Chim Cheree" song to my daughter too, but unfortunately we didn't get that on video- it was too spontaneous and took us by surprise.


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                Re: Question on character meet and greets...

                When I was down the other week, Bert and Mary were walking around the Hub, and brought some small children over by the pin trading area. They had a penguin in tow.

                I've also seen Mary (dressed in the white outfit, as opposed to the red coat) around Town Square in the afternoons.


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                  Re: Question on character meet and greets...

                  I just wanna meet the penguin!
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