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DL Resort Hotels ....


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  • DL Resort Hotels ....

    We all know the "benefits" of staying on Disney property, how many micechatters feel that staying on Disney property in Anaheim is really worth the extra money? I personally have not been to WDW however I have heard that the Resort Hotels there have more Benefits than here, especially transporation and that they are themed better. What are your opinions? :ap:

    "To All Who Come To This Happy Place Your Welcome!"

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    Re: DL Resort Hotels ....

    We stay "on property" three or four trips per year. We put our enjoyment of the overall trip high on the list. We enjoy our stays and the overall experience that we get when we stay there. It's more convenient for us, since we don't have to worry about the shuttles or buses and their schedules. We like to do things spur of the moment, so by being at the Resort, we can shop, dine, catch a movie, people watch, and so-on, all within a few steps from our room. The Monorail makes it very convenient to get into the Park, plus you can avoid the long lines at both the security entrance and the ticket gates. We take advantage of having our purchases at the Park delivered right to our room, rather than lug them around all day.

    All for a price that is very reasonable (when approached right). We always make our reservations direct (avoid the "packages") and get treated right by the CM's when we request discounts, special rooms or towers. Our rates have been from $79-$149/night. For that amount, we don't consider other hotels. Sure you can find cheaper rooms, and even some nice ones, but for us we prefer to stay "on property".

    We find that after we get back home, we like to think about the good times that we had on our trip. The cost of it is long forgotten after the memories are made.

    Is it worth the extra money??? After weighing all the benefits described above, plus others not mentioned, we don't consider us "paying" more for our overall trip, as much as "costing" us more. It's all relative.

    It really boils down to your personal tastes and opinions.

    Is a Mercedes really "worth the extra money" that much more than a Kia??? They both have 4 wheels and get you around town. They both use gas, require maintenance and will occassionally break down. Same basic vehicle concept, which will get you to the same destination. DIFFERENT experience.

    So yes...In a long-winded kind of way, staying at the DL Resort is worth the extra money (to us).

    Enjoy your stay!


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      Re: DL Resort Hotels ....

      Hubby refuses to stay anywhere else.


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        Re: DL Resort Hotels ....

        If you've never been, it's a nice thing.

        Otherwise, I'd only do it once a decade or so at the DLH just to see how the place is carrying on over the years. Last time I stayed on property the marina was still there.

        Of course, I've only been to the park once since it was torn out, but that has more to do with Anaheim not being very high on my list of priorities.


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          Re: DL Resort Hotels ....

          HI. Since I live on the East Coast, staying "on property" is a must. I have always stayed at the Disneyland Hotel when I have visited Disneyland. I think it is great being so close. The hotel is first rate and I also the concierge amenities as well. Being so close is a huge advantage. I do enjoy having the ability of doing Early Entry using my hotel charge slip (This practice for Resort Hotel guests is currently in effect but may change or end...guests at the Resort hotels can enter on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday one hour earlier prior to the official opening of Disneyland and enjoy select attractions in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland). I like being able to go back to the hotel to enjoy the pool or take a relaxing nap. Downtown Disney is great as well with all the shops and restuarants. Also, I like that my purchases can be sent to the DL hotel and I can have them delivered to me the next day. Staying on property - no shuttle bus and bus schedules to worry about. I will always stay on property when I visit Disneyland. The experience for me is great and so worth it and I am willing to pay extra for staying at the DL hotel.


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            Re: DL Resort Hotels ....

            We have stayed on and off property. What happens when we stay off property in the attempt to save money? All I get is complaints from the family and my hubby going " why arent we staying at Disneyland????" So no more off property for us.


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