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A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!


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  • Trip Report A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

    Ok so I went to Disneyland over the weekend and here was my experience at the parks in a really cruddy presentation.

    So I just barely realized after more than a year of owning my camera and I realized that it could take shots in 16:9 aspect ratio and increase the picture capacity from 500 to 1800. Just a test shot I took bored on the drive.

    Another test shot. I was plenty bored.

    Why hai thar Knott's. I'll be seeing you @ WCB.

    Yep. Still bored. No wait, that's the Disneyland Exit sign in the distance! Victory!

    We arrived at our hotel for the night. At first I thought Hotwire let us down but it wasn't that bad of a place.

    Afterwards we finally went to the parks.

    Thanks for the welcome.

    As we entered through the Disney Way en trace driving on the outskirts of the park boundaries, we passed by a large crane contraption of some sort. Most possibly going to be used for Carsland.

    Not very special, but this intrigued me. Is this part of the new tram route?

    Typical Disney :thumbdown:

    What?? No Tram Doors?? This is one of the things I was most excited to see!


    Can you spot the fails?

    We all agreed on going to DCA to get some construction shots and a few rides in the pier area.

    Hmm. Artsy.

    This needs an update, like now.

    I'm liking the '55 merchandise they were offering. A bit corny, but nice.

    There was a giant wall in the vast majority of Hollywood Blvd. Some signs were up..

    Oh great, gospels. Wait what? Stage 17? Only open the day I went? No wai! *runs*

    Appears to be a really great event, wasn't of my interest though. But of course I did have to take a peek inside..

    Alas, the only red carpet I'll be walking in my lifetime before I go to some college parties.

    Really cool event going on inside. Stayed and watched for a few minutes, and we continued on.

    Regardless of my tall height (so close to 6 ft), I had a difficult time getting a decent aerial shot. A guy next to me was a bit taller and had a better ability of getting the shot. and is most obviously a Disney fan of some sort, :lol:.

    And now for a montage of super cheap under the teasing wall/door/crack opening shots!

    Looks like the winery is re-harvesting their crops.

    Oh great, I should of seen it coming. Still a shame to see it with scaffolding, I like the ride. I wonder what they're up to.

    That's a lot of explosions of water.

    Silly Symphony Swings. Trust me folks, it's a lot smaller than you think it is.

    I think I know where Disney is getting onto with this, I hope it turns out well.

    So afterwards we went on Screamin', had a train with no audio, dad complained, we got a re-ride in the front row. I recorded an onride, I think it came out pretty good.

    [ame=]YouTube - California Screamin' POV - California Adventure[/ame]

    But my camera has some pretty horrible wrist strands, meaning the following will happen if you securely wrap the camera to your hand:

    Ow. It left a pretty bad mark.

    TSMM was next, we found a new easter egg in the game, but didn't PR. 184K, have to beat 220K.

    Then it was off to MFW, to get those construction shots you have all been eagerly awaiting.

    Looking good.

    Getting these up too, I can't wait to see them finished when it's covered with roses

    I like the fountain area too. I think I read in the project tracker that slip resistant flooring will be established, is this true?

    I see you hiding there.

    YAY! Radiator Springs Racer Track is going vertical! I spy a great oppurtunity for airtime on that hill, Disney better not ruin it.

    And when I couldn't get any good views on construction, I decided to get some Screamin' photos. They came out nicely.

    Leaving the wheel I walked by a guy in line with a rally RC car. It was just too cool, here it is:

    Meow. Looks like a kitty.

    I had my hopes up that the flour tortilla machine was working again, only to find out it broke down earlier that morning. What horrible luck, especially because it has been broken down for our past 4 visits.

    Dislike. :thumbdown

    Move out of the way, you're blocking my view of Carsland!

    Walking by the area I noticed a little stand up. I didn't see it before, it was an interesting find for us.

    O is for Orange Groves, where Disneyland was born.

    Passed by this, it came out pretty cool.

    Hidden Mickey in Flik's Fun Fair? You Decide.

    Secret Temporary Passageway? I accept!

    And I saw an opening and was too tempted to get a picture.

    I see you backstage. I'm so devilish.

    I like how they placed a box of gin right in front of the television set in the HTOT preshow room. :lol:

    And after realizing so much time has past, more than we planned to be in DCA, we headed over to Disneyland. Finally.

    MadHatter hat, or CarrotTop Wig + Hat? You decide.

    I noticed a lot of people were asking about the pricing on these hats before I left on the trip, so just in case this is still unanswered, here it is.

    Pish. Typical Disney.

    Always a sight to see, gotta love the castle.

    In line for Autopia, bored in line.

    The observatory wasn't working! Dislike!

    So my dad and brother were debating on where to eat dinner, and we decided to eat somewhere new, and I was just surprised I never tried eating here before.

    Always passed by and never knew what lied behind the doors. So many possibilities!

    And anyways, it was actually a pretty good place. I had some pasta and chicken, food was similar to other spots just higher priced.

    Haunted Mansion, definitely not passable. And I was to happy it was back in its original state, I despise the Nightmare Before Christmas Overlay so much.

    And to wrap up our Saturday, we checked out Reunion in the Tomorrowland Terrace while chowing down on some pizza. Yum. They played some decent songs that I actually know (I was suprised), such as Pokerface, Somebody Told me, I've Got a Feeling, and so forth.

    That's it for Day 1, I'll update with the second day later on. Enjoy!
    Last edited by A113; 02-23-2010, 08:30 AM.
    California Screamin' Ride Count: 111

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    Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

    I enjoyed this haha

    Good Job


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      Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

      dude i love your trip reports! they keep me entertained :thumbup:
      Originally posted by JungleCruiseFan
      You know what they say- The party don't start 'til Jordon walks in.
      Originally posted by penguinsoda


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        Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

        Sorry, but I got bored and couldnt finish
        Not anxious to die Sir, just anxious to matter.


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          Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

          Nice report!
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          Check out my pin collection at User name is WheresMickey


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            Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

            Originally posted by DisneyDiana View Post
            I enjoyed this haha

            Good Job
            Haha thanks man

            Originally posted by GummiBears_Rock View Post
            dude i love your trip reports! they keep me entertained :thumbup:
            :lol: Thanks, really appreciative

            Originally posted by Gino USMC View Post
            Sorry, but I got bored and couldnt finish

            Originally posted by WheresMickey View Post
            Nice report!
            Thanks man!

            Thanks for the comments everyone.

            EDIT: I'm uploading the rest of the photos of the trip on photobucket right now, expect to see the second part up in about an hour or so max.
            Last edited by A113; 02-23-2010, 08:16 AM.
            California Screamin' Ride Count: 111


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              Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

              Nice photos and trip report....thanks for posting.


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                Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

                Nice trip report - kept me giggling! Thanks!
                Can't wait for May 2011!:yea:


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                  Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

                  Great video of Screamin! I hardly get a chance to ride it because my family usually chickens out.

                  I do believe in fairies. I do. I do.


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                    Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

                    I like your style!!

                    "We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun- together."

                    -Walt Disney


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                      Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

                      Day 2

                      Ok so our sunday was sorta short and we just took it easy that day (AP are significantly reassuring).

                      Brother wanted to get on Alice, and then this happened. We agreed we'd come back later in hopes that it calmed down.

                      We then headed into Frontierland, and we passed by this:

                      It was really godly singing (not exaggerating), and these were some pretty talented youngsters. If you were one of these kids and is reading this, you're cool. We watched for a few minutes, and then headed into Frontierland.

                      Thinking today was going to rain, the sun was peeking through the clouds brightening our day. Victory! :thumbup:

                      I took advantage of the construction wall design and I could stick my camera in an opening toward the peak of the picket fence (You can see what I mean if you look closely in the image above)

                      Wow. It looks so different. Does this mean I can call it the Trenches of America?

                      Just-For-Fun Game: How many traffic cones can you spot? Cookie for the winner :lol:

                      Pirates with a line? No thanks.

                      Kinda artsy. The water looks kinda dirty in the picture though.. :yuck:

                      Indiana Jones was next.

                      Pretty fun, I think I actually found the hidden mickey, but I think I was imagining things :monkey:

                      Big Thunder was next. The night before I rode it in the back row and I got away with riding with the restraint half a foot above my waist. It was pretty ridiculous, and so worth it. Kiddies, don't do it unless you know what you're doing . But I tried doing the same thing again (back row again), but the CM came and locked it all the way down :thumbdown. I understand it's for safety purposes, but I was at least trying to have an enjoyable ride

                      Back in Fantasyland. Casey Jr had a pretty long line. Look at the exit.

                      Then we came back to check on Alice.

                      Hm. It got worse. Look at the guest-assistance line, it extends out of the exit. Either the Tim Burton movie is really getting people excited, or everyone wants to ride a caterpillar.

                      I spy worklights!

                      Lookin' phat today Mr. Monorail.

                      Don't hide from me Matterhorn Cars!

                      It looks really barren.

                      Another line? What could this one be for?

                      I should of known.

                      Well the White Rabbit decided to sneak away from the Meet-and-greet and wanted to ride the Matterhorn, until he stumbled upon the news..

                      He was pretty sad to see this sign, but that didn't stop him from riding..

                      Yep, he's desperate alright. He eventually gave up though :roll:

                      Waterfall, or future water drop thrill ride? You decide.

                      Rocket Rods, I still miss you. *sigh*

                      Afterwards we were pretty much leaving the park but we stopped by to see Lincoln before leaving. I did take some pictures in the Disneyland History Mini-Museum Thing Place Whatever though.

                      Then it was time to go, what a shame.

                      Goodbye Disneyland, until next time! .

                      We stopped by in the World of Disney store for a quick second, I got myself a copy of Duck Tales Vol. 2 and a pretty sick shirt of Mickey DJing :music:

                      That's it, thanks for reading my Trip Report, 'till next time.

                      We will meet again Mr. Monorail.
                      California Screamin' Ride Count: 111


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                        Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

                        Great TR. Give yourself more credit, these are very nice shots!
                        Home away from Home.


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                          Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

                          Thanks man, I appreciate it
                          California Screamin' Ride Count: 111


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                            Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

                            I see you took the 91.

                            I, for one, liked that photo.

                            I miss Orange County.


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                              Re: A113's Totally Cruddy Weekend Update PTR!

                              That's right . I don't live in OC though, but it is nice to drive by.
                              California Screamin' Ride Count: 111


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