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Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy


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  • News Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

    Fishbulb headed off to Disneyland at the crack of dawn today to cover the Captain EO Premier for those of you who can't make it to the park. We updated live, so pictures are posted in the order sent in. The early photos were taken on an iPhone and aren't the best quality. But keep reading all the way to the end for the high quality photos which were sent in later.

    6am and only 50 people in line.

    But at the very front of the line is . . . a micechatter:


    Daniel talks to sparkly EO Girl

    It hasn't been a very busy morning. At the time these pictures were sent in (around 6:45 am) there were only an estimated 200 people in line:

    Daniel speaks with Rick Rothschild (who helped bring EO back to Disneyland):

    EO Merchandise (Retro goodness):

    EO Merchandise on sale at the News Stand. Not too many people buying.

    Even Disneyland Resort's President was working the EO line this morning:

    Disneyland President George Kalogridis works the crowd

    UPDATED 8:55am

    Debbie Lee Carington, one half of the EO creature Odie.

    Being interviewed by FOX

    She sure looks like a star

    Early Entry folks with a resort room key were allowed into the park early to view the film.

    About 500-600 people are now in line. A Micechatter was picked to go into the private premier of EO.

    UPDATED 9:30 am

    The early morning EO line has moved into the park. The regular crowds have shown up along with the 600+ early EO folks.

    Here are some more photos sent by Fishbulb from his iPhone just before he entered the park:

    Imagineering god, Tony Baxter, greets the crowd

    The regular crowd shuffles in

    The littlest EO fans (Cuteness alert!)

    (All photos above were taken on an iPhone - higher quality photos are being posted for you below)

    UPDATED 9:46am

    The MiceChatters are at the EO theater and were given yellow 3D glasses - Disney has opted to reuse the Honey I Shrunk the Audience glasses instead of using purple ones as in the original run.

    UPDATED 10:41am

    The Star-field, lasers, and fog/smoke were all missing (as expected and reported here earlier)
    However, the motion floor was used (perhaps unnecessarily)
    The print quality didn't seem very good and the film was a bit blurry (The MiceChatters were seated center/center). Disney had reported that it would be a glorious new print, but it just didn't seem that way.

    The crowd was energized and enthusiastic. A huge cheer went up at the end of the film.

    UPDATED 11:05am

    Fishbulb has processed a bunch of photos and has begun sharing them (These are much higher quality than the iPhone images he took earlier. There are duplicate set-ups from above, but these are much nicer):

    6am line for EO

    DisneyDaniel was the first in line starting at 9pm Monday night

    Intrepid fan

    Debbie Carrington, who played Odie (the one head of the two headed character that had the tina turner haircut)

    Daniel meets Disneyland President George Kalogridis

    Ms. Carrington with Fox News and fans

    Michael's youngest fans

    The group being led through Main Street...

    Past one aged attraction and under an extinct one

    The first official group in

    Doors open to the first guests

    The movie screened and it was nice to see again. After the screening, the media was let out first and then the audience was allowed go

    Ran into George

    Fishy and George

    And there was a small line when we left

    Update 11:30am

    Here is Fishbulb's review of the new Captain EO Tribute experience:

    Now, Now, don't think I didn't enjoy myself. It's VERY NICE to see the Captain back in his rightful spot in Disneyland's Tomorrowland. I was among the first people to see it when it premiered back in 1986 and was very happy to be in the first crowd today to watch him dance around the galaxy making the universe a better place once again.

    THE FILM - **** out of ****
    I didn't want to post a review of the FILM itself since it has already been covered in the past. However, it is the centerpiece of the overall experience and I would be negligent if I didn't say at least something. The film itself holds up surprisingly well. The music, the dancing and even the special effects (for the most part) all stand their ground against the overly processed, CGI effects of today. Captain EO stands as a testament to the talent behind this attraction as a landmark achievement in theme park entertainment.

    THE NEW EXPERIENCE (Warning SPOILERS)THE FILM - **** out of ***1/2

    The queue actually looks better than it did back in '86. The flat screens are a clean upgrade. The Yellow 3-D glasses left over from HISTA are reused here and, unless you are a total stickler for accuracy in your nostalgia, this is nothing to worry about. I would be upset if the glasses were in bad shape . . . but they are fine.

    The overhead screens display an updated version of the Captian EO logo and cycle the same "futuristic" music from before. That was a nice touch. At the six minute countdown mark a new Kodak commercial runs on the screens and it is FAR better than that shrill video from HISTA. The next surprise is that they run, as a look back, the full behind the scenes pre-show trailer from the past. Again, wonderful.

    The doors open and it is like taking a walk back in time. The theater sound system is once again welling with the space sounds of Captain EO. Somehow the theater feels smaller, although it obviously is not. Sitting down you face the screen and a remnant of HISTA greets you. The upper left corner is still slightly angled which ends up cutting off a tiny portion of the screen. Not a show stopper.

    The movie begins and although the stars on the screen become three dimensional, the once breathtaking star field that magically appeared and seemed to surround your field of vision is no more. Sad, but again, nothing that kills the overall experience.

    The movie once again whisks viewers away to space and projects them right into the middle of an aerial dog fight between our hero and the villains. However, the in theater laser effects are gone. This may be my only real gripe. Those lasers shooting out into the theater was always a real surprise and broke down the fourth wall sufficiently enough that you felt that you were IN the film. In its place is the use of the motion seats built for HISTA and repurposed for EO. The seats mimic the turns and moves of EO's ship and work to achieve the same effect. This got cheers from the audience. Later on during the film, the same effect is said to mimic the beat of the music although that did not operate properly when we saw it.

    The movie ended and all stood to give the film a standing ovation. That was heartening. Yes it's dated, but it has become retro-chic now. The recycled show elements from HISTA are fine. They are not what you remember from the past, but this certainly doesn't mar the film or the experience. My biggest complaint is with the film quality itself. Again, something negligible to everyone but the most picky film critic (Including me). Disney boasted a new 70mm print with amped up sound. A reprint of a negative is different from a restoration of a negative. So even though they have a brand new copy of the film you can still see the age of the film. There are specs of dust and blotches here and there and in some cases the blacks appear more as a blue. It seems that they could have tried to do a bit more with that.

    Regardless of my minor qualms, the Captain and the "Tribute" (as Disney is calling it) are just fine. It's not what you remember, but it's enough to take you back. And really, I think they did something very kind for the fans of this once extinct attraction.

    WOW! I just saw Captain EO again.
    We hope you all enjoyed our coverage of the opening of Captain EO today at Disneyland. While the attraction is reopening with a blurry print and lacking some of the special effects it once had, it is nice to have something in the Magic Eye theater which is worth watching again. Who knows how long EO will be with us, but it was certainly a nice gesture for Disney to bring it back to the fans for however brief a run.

    Please feel free to post your comments,thoughts, and photos here.

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    Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

    nice... I'm heading down there now to hopefully join in the fun!

    Good to see George out and about.


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      Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

      Very cool, I wasn't expecting it to be TOO crazy and it's really not.


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        Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

        Hey, that's my friend Amber in the 3rd and 4th picture! She's the blond girl with the Custom Captain EO jacket. She's been texting me all night telling me updates. I'm leaving a in a little bit.

        If anyone is there and see's this, I'll be the one wearing a Mighty Mighty BossTones Hoodie with a bulldog on a plaid design on the back. Come say hi =)


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          Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

          HOooray!! I can't wait for the next update!!!


          Stuck in Sacramento at work. (not fair)
          To All Who Come to this Happy Place.... Welcome! Disneyland is Your Land!


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            Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

            I'll be there today. I would to see cpt eo. But if I don't see it ohh well life goes on. Should also be fun to watch the people today. Wonder how many mj look alikes we will see today. But all and all should be fun. I will get pics too.


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              Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

              Very cool! Look forward to more updates!


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                Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

                I can't get over it sooooo excited! Love that the Mice Chatters are representing!
                Follow me on twitter!


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                  Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

                  Glad to see that the first in line is a MC'er. And so far in my book George K is 1 - 0 as far as "doing it right" as the park's President.

                  Wish I was there and not stuck here in the office.


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                    Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

                    Yay! MiceChat's on the scene!! Gooooo Fishbulb!!
                    Charlie :wave:
                    MiceChat User #1037


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                      Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

                      Ok so who's willing to pick me up one of those black EO logo t-shirts? I'll gladly pay you back!


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                        Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

                        200 people in the line at 6:45am? Now that's dedication if you ask me.
                        Gosh i am so excited i cant wait!
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                          Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

                          I'll be heading out to the park in a while.
                          "You are watching FOX"


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                            Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

                            About 500-600 people in line now.

                            More pics coming as soon as I get to a WiFi network.
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                              Re: Live From Captain EO - Not Too Crazy

                              Speaking for the out-of-towners, thank you MiceChat for doing this. It's nice to be a little part of the hoopla thru the awesome photos and reports of everyone there. This is exactly why I love MiceChat!!!
                              As nice as the other parks are, we must always remember that it all began at Disneyland. Disneyland should be the crown jewel in the Disney crown.


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