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Meet me tonight on Main Street: Trip Report/Thoughts


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  • Meet me tonight on Main Street: Trip Report/Thoughts

    Just some random thoughts from my trip down two weeks ago…

    Every single time I’ve driven down to that area, I’ve dealt with nasty traffic until I got south of 605. From there, it was a straight shot. Not this time. Stop and go all the way to the DLR Exit. Sheesh.

    There’s nothing like the excitement of getting to the Entry Plaza after you’ve been away from a couple of months.

    The new “yellow balls” of flowers around the hub look terrific. I got some great pictures this trip, and some that were very disappointing. The ones of Rainbow Ridge were all misfocused for some reason.

    This was my first time on BTMRR sitting in position 1, right behind the locomotive. Which I wasn’t completely comfortable with, but it’s still a fun ride. The somewhat more elderly man sitting behind me with his two young daughters spent most of the ride calling upon the Deity. They wanted to go right back on, I think he was ready to get on his knees and pray.

    I realize that Buzz is, at the most basic, essentially an omnimover with some wildly painted flats. However, it’s a great deal of fun, and has a high amount of repeatability.

    Food service has gotten faster, but still needs help. And $2.90 for a coke is too high by too much. Be ashamed.

    I figured out where to stand on Main Street in order to catch the Alice stop on PoD. To me, it’s the best float, followed closely by the Lion King.

    The nursing staff at DCA is much friendlier than the individual I dealt with at DL. Don’t know why. Maybe less crowds?

    Great move on my part: After the end of POD on Thursday, rather than fighting the hordes of people leaving, I took the train around the full loop. By the time I got back to Main Street, all was calm.

    I hope the Steve Martin/Donald Duck 50th movie finds its way to DVD.

    I had two good trips on the Jungle Cruise, but didn’t get to have one with Mikey before he left. Capt Ron is pretty good, too.

    Splash was closed most of the Saturday I was there; I only got to ride it once in 3 days (thank you, single rider line). I was hoping this would be my chance to ride the Columbia for a change, but as it pulled up to the dock, they decided it was time to bring it back to the mooring, as there was a problem. I think the problem was that they didn’t want to run it. Curses, foiled again.

    The Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour is pretty good. I had never realized that if you sit in the front row of the Tiki Room, the sight lines are such that you’ll think the parrots are looking at you directly. The lunch they serve you at the end in the courtyard of the Disney Gallery is excellent, and it’s a wonderful place.

    Other than a walk around with the Wolf family, the only things I did at DCA were Muppets, Tough to be a Bug, BPB, and Crush. Crush is amazing technology put to use in a very clever, imaginative, and entertaining way. Walt would have loved it. I caught it twice, and it was a different show both times.

    I don’t know how the BPB performers manage that much energy over multiple stops, but they do. Now to get some sort of night time show around the lagoon. Hello? Anyone at TDA?

    There are few things I enjoy more than a good meal with good company and good conversation. Thank you, Wolf, Wolfy999, the Wolfette, and Morrigoon. It was worth enduring "Happy Birthday".

    Remember is still fantastic. I got some decent pictures this time. It was worth the hours of wait, the setup, and the elderly gentleman who cursed me out when I initially wouldn’t move way over so his non-existent friends would have a place to sit.

    Other things I wished I'd gotten to do: Ride the tender on the DLRR. Soarin' (tripod was too big to fit). TOT.

    If you've got the time, get to DTD early one morning and nosh on some beignets at Brennan's. Their coffee bites, but the beignets are worth it.

    And I can’t wait to go back!

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    Re: Meet me tonight on Main Street: Trip Report/Thoughts

    Really enjoyed visiting with you.

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