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The Incredible Shrinking Tomorrowland


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  • [Chat] The Incredible Shrinking Tomorrowland

    Some have noticed.

    Others have not.

    Many have discussed the decline of Tomorrowland in terms of theme and its dedication vision statement. But not many have discussed the slow as treacle land grab war going on between the lands.

    Please consider...

    Here we see an aerial shot of DL with some great numbers all over it... those will be explained. Now!

    This area is currently inhabited by TL
    (1). Whether you consider BLAB and StarTours "tomorrow enough" or "pure fantasy" is not discussed here. These are core issues. What I'm concerned with are peripheral issues.

    The dotted red line is the area roughly considered TL's boundaries. However The Matterhorn
    (5) found itself in Fantasyland (4) overnight back in the '70s (I think it was?) Was this the first land grab by the megalomaniac ruler of Fantasyland? Which has a track record of taking over other lands for its own expansionary plans -- the picnic area and parts of back stage became Small World and Toontown. *dramatic orchestra stab*

    To add insult to injury, Autopia (7) has long not been a vision of the future. Freeways have come (and some have gone) so driving your own car down Autopia's miniature freeway has become the fantasy of only children. Most adults get enough of that coming down the 5 on the way to the Park.

    Shuttered for so long, the Subs (6) were resurrected, not by SCIENCE! But by a small talking clown fish with a dicky fin - that's ... gasp! Fantasy!

    And how about the actual future? The area of Main Street (2) and its connected Grand Circle Tour railroad seem harmless enough. BUT there's rumours that (my!) plans to create a back of main street area (3) will expand that area into what is backstage, but arguably some of that is TL's backstage.

    What does this mean? What's your opinion?

    Is it the design of TPTB to shrink the thematically problematic Tomorrowland into nothingness. I mean until just recently there was an attraction that SHRUNK the entire audience...

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    Re: The Incredible Shrinking Tomorrowland

    Very insightful, I appreciate the post. I have to agree with you completely, as I'd also like to elaborate to your post that Space Mountain is just Disco Mountain in reality, and nothing necessarily futuristic about that either, nor fantasy.
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      Re: The Incredible Shrinking Tomorrowland

      Truth be told there is no tomorrow in Tomorrowland at all. In the past there was a little tomorrow, but this was mostly done by conglomerates willing to show off products they already had in the development stream. Disney was able to paper over this for many years by hijacking space exploration as the future, but that is long gone. The reality is that except in some very small ways Tomorrowland has always been a title rather than a reality.
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        Re: The Incredible Shrinking Tomorrowland

        ^ Very well put there.

        Going to reiterate a bit here, but as said there is nothing about tomorrow. The only tomorrow is the theme of the land, not the technology. And that theme is slowly beginning to die out. Just to start, a resaurant of tomorrow would be just as effective in the long-run.
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          Re: The Incredible Shrinking Tomorrowland

          Originally posted by A113 View Post
          ^ Very well put there.

          Going to reiterate a bit here, but as said there is nothing about tomorrow. The only tomorrow is the theme of the land, not the technology. And that theme is slowly beginning to die out.
          Beginning? It's been going on .. as long as Hollywood has been depicting grim futures with films like Blade Runner that came in 1981. And that's the decade Disney began installing science-fiction into Tomorrowland (Captain EO, Star Tours).

          We didn't know it then ... but "The Future" was beginning to fade out then. And TL:98 was just insult to injury by playing homage to it's past self .. with the Moonliner rocket in front of Redd Rocket's Pizza Port, the mural above Rocket Rods .. with visions of past TL attractions. And then a homage to a vision of the future from a Jules Verne look from over 100 years ago - By painting everything shades of bronze, brown, etc.

          But I definitely agree with the ever shrinking Tomorrowland ... as Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, Autopia really make that whole area an extension of Fantasyland.

          In order to keep it as part of Tomorrowland .... many things could be done to make it futuristic looking.

          And lets not forget ... there's the rumor TL may expand a bit more east by taking over backstage infrastructure.

          So while I feel the "content" within several TL attractions have a "fantasy" element to their design .. The outside could look futuristic.
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            Re: The Incredible Shrinking Tomorrowland

            Well.. the story for the Nemo subs says that they have sonar hydrophone technology that allows us to hear the fish talk. So in a way it still fits into Tomorrowland..
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              Re: The Incredible Shrinking Tomorrowland

              Whenever you're planning on visiting that area of the park beyond today... it's still Tomorrowland.

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                Re: The Incredible Shrinking Tomorrowland

                Well, there were 3 different autopia tracks, at one time: migdet autopia, fantasyland autopia, and tl autopia. Immediately after the '98 makeover of tl they combined the fl and tl autopias into one larger autopia, which they based in tl, however it really only fit in to one of tl's previously emphasized themes (which I will mention below).

                The Matterhorn has gone back and forth between fl and tl, but it really should have always been fl.

                One thing that should be mentioned, which is not detailed on the map, it the original House of the future, which was located where part of Pixie Hollow is now. I never saw DL in person when the House of the Future was around, but I would guess it would have been more intrusive in the hub area than where the current Astro Orbitor is now (not that that isn't an issue now). Fortunately, the House of the future was removed, and TL was pushed back into the entrance of that land. That reduction of TL was a Good thing!

                As for the back stage area between TL and Main Street, I just don't see how that is taking away from TL. In the early days of DL, there were plans to add an Edison Square area, just off Main Street, that never got built. however TL did receive an attraction that really was inspired for Edison Square- the attraction was called Carousel of Progress. So Tomorrowland could have had a larger chunk taken out in the early years, but CoP help TL retain that area.

                And in your sections 6 and 7 you have to keep in mind how intertwined several of those attractions are: subs, autopia, monorail, and the old motorboat cruise area. Those attractions get lumped into whatever land is closest to their main entry area, so tl gets the 3 remaining opened attractions. Yeah, it makes a bit of a mess for tl, which really is a HUGE area, anyway, and makes it difficult to make a harmonious theme through the land.

                As far TL losing area, I really don't agree with the argument. The issues lies more with the vast theme, which has been expanded even further over the decades, and now it all seems incongruous, because of the lack of a consistant "look" in the land. It's a hodge podge of different looks, and idea over the decades. The '98 makeover tried too hard in trying to pay homage to previous attractions of the past, and not only added it's own look, but brought back a couple things from the past, not to mention the Rocket rods queue had old TL vehicles on display, in an entirely new way - what a MESS. We have a TL today that is a complete opposite of the slick streamline all white look that TL had in the late 60's and 70's.

                Now, getting back to what some of the old themes were in TL. One theme that brought together all of TL, and there was one, believe it or not. "World on the Move", Yes it tied together all of tomorrowland. You had all sorts of different movement along with science faction and different types of exploration! As mentioned in several other topics, TL had motion and movement and attractions on multiple levels of TL, (some which no longer exist today).

                TL had it's own kinnect and dynamic motion and action going on. You had exploration of the sea to exploration of innerspace to exploration of the sky(way) and exploration into outer space. Even the Carousel of Progress had it's own unique motion. And the Peoplemover gave us an overview of this entire World on the Move, in it's own unique way, and it gave us a preview of several attractions in Tomorrowland. It brought together the entirety of TL and it really did give us a view of a great big beautiful tomorrow. . . . . and that is what they need to bring back. It NOT the size of the land that matters, it's what DL makes of land they currently have in TL. Unfortunately, what it is has today is a mess.
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