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Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!


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  • Trip Report Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

    Another old trip report that I just got around to. It's fun looking back at a DCA that'll soon be forever in the past!

    (Pardon all the watermarks; it's because of my photo hosting site.)

    So my friend and I arrive at Disneyland, making it a mission to hit DCA first!
    A nice August morning before school starts, it won't be that bad...

    Er...maybe not. Whatever, we're all still smiles though 'cause how can you not be happy when you're at the Disneyland Resort (TM)?!

    This is me after getting my wisdom teeth out. I looked like a chipmunk all day!

    So anyway, lots of people don't realize that DCA is actually pretty well-themed. The Imagineers and decorators really put lipstick on a sow's ear, so while it isn't very cohesive or engaging, they still did a pretty good job on decorating.

    Goodbye bridge!!! Some of us will miss you! And some of us...won't? Well, I will miss it.

    Goodbye weird sun thing with DCA dedication by Michael Eisner!!!

    Goodbye red-trolly-less Hollywood Backlots (that will no longer be called Hollywood Backlots)!!! I remember when I first came to DCA, that sky thing in the background really fooled me. I was 11.

    Some detail on the archway. Easy little things like this to miss. Really captured the Egyptian feel they have going in Hollywood and Vine.

    Art deco!!! Who doesn't love art deco?

    Tried having my friend do a film noir pose in front of the Phil M. Noir (PUNS!) door, but because it was bright and sunny, it didn't really work.

    Now we head over to the Muppet Theater to enjoy some Muppets. And a cool auditorium. Phew! I love all the little gags they have in line. They really help you waste time in line (never mind that there wasn't any line at all).

    OMG I CAN'T WAIT FOR WALL-E TO COME OUT! Looks like it's gonna be a great movie!!!

    Ahhh Gonzo. My favorite character.

    The queue has a lot of charm and a lot of detail as you can see. Because there was no line, we were able to take a look at a lot of it. But goodbye Muppet Theater should you turn into one of the billion of possibilities that they have lined up for you!

    So we take a break and explore the Hollywood Backlots a little bit more.

    Chipmunk cheeks!!! That wall is crazy full of funny little things. This would be a great place to find an inside joke or two between the decorators.

    Oh wow I can't believe I missed Who Wants to Be A Millionaire! Seems just like yesterday it was closed down...

    Enough reminiscing, we went to visit Mike and Sully over at Monster's Inc.

    Whaddaya know? NO LINE!!!!! That's the thing about DCA, it's such a huge park that everyone pretty much gets distributed evenly. It's nice.

    So we hop on.

    Roz was very disappointing. All she did was say "Cheeeeeeeese" for like 5 minutes because I was holding up my camera. "Cheeeeeeeese."

    Ahhh let's get outta here and do some more exploring. (How many of you have actually really taken in DCA? I know I do it a lot at Disneyland, but very rarely at DCA.)

    "Ape-Men From Outer Space" eh? Betcha it won't be as good as Wall-E!

    Yay for random bug-eyed props!!! that...? I can't believe...? IT IS! IT'S HIM!

    WALL-EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! He was very nice, but very shy and quiet. He was really scared, he barely moved a muscle.

    Waiting for the future red-trolley to pick her up...

    I'm siiiiingin' in the rain!

    It looks like a real street!

    The shop windows are pretty interesting too. I mean, check out this guy just chillin'.

    "The Movie Star." He's too cool to read his script, he'd rather check out a review of his latest performance (and of course it was an awesome review because he's awesome.)

    We're getting a little hungry here...let's go get some bites to eat in Hollywood.

    $6 for an Italian Sausage (NOT FROM PINK'S) and a LOT for a burger and fries from Taste Pilot's Grill. Ouch. Also I think we waited an hour for my friend's food. And the whole time we were waiting, we were sitting at a table. And the whole time we were sitting at a table, there was this lady stalking our table by standing next to us the whole time to see if we would vacate. NO, LADY. YOU CANNOT TAKE OUR SEATS. It was incredibly busy.

    So we finished our meal (slowly. Take that, lady.) and headed towards the Golden State area. Unfortunately for us, the line for Grizzly River Run was looooong. It was really, really hot so I could understand why. So we lived vicariously through other riders.

    The geyser was not working right that day.

    Ahhhh to be under these rapids. It would've been so nice. At least we got some drizzle standing near them.

    One of us made the executive decision to go to my favorite part of the park: the Redwood Creek trail. It's what the new Tom Sawyer's Island should've been. A place where you can run, tumble and fall, an area where you could climb, swing and crawl. (Yes I rhymed and yes, it was intentional.)

    I hear some weird sounds coming from these parts! Sounds like...birds. And...chimpunks. And...birds. Actually, they're just birds, so not that weird after all.

    The gardeners take very good care of the wildlife around here. Everything's so green (except for, you know, the redwood.)

    I love how everything's meant to be touched and poked and everything. Tom Sawyer's Island seems a little cold to me now, and artificial. I can't describe it. I don't know. Eh, can you really compare the two?

    So we explored quite a bit and then decided to hit up the Orange Stinger (R.I.P.) I will miss hearing buzzing while I am flying. Actually, I won't. I wonder what the new soundtrack will be for the new Silly Symphony Swings.

    After we got our bearings, we decided to brave the 30 minute wait for the brand new Toy Story Midway Mania. We had no idea what it was going to be like because I didn't want to spoil myself. But first! I went and bought myself a $4 Icee ($2 everywhere not the Disneyland Resort TM) and my friend bought herself a frozen lemonade to enjoy while we waited in the 40 minute line. Because it was so hot, it probably only lasted us 10 minutes hehehe.

    Mr. Potato Head thinks I'm funny (Or maybe he's groaning at my bad jokes. You can never tell with this guy, he's got a po-po-po-potato face.)

    I approve of this color combination. It's the umbrellas that "shade" you, if you couldn't tell

    Hahaha, okay I gotta tell you. We really had no idea what we were doing. When we we first got into the show building, we heard the instructions to practice and so we were clicking away at our guns to nothing but the empty painted flats and complaining "IT'S BROKEN! IT'S BROKEN! WHY ISN'T IT WORKING!" Only for us to move 5 seconds later to where we were supposed to practice. Hehehe.

    My score on the right. I guess I did pretty good (for a beginner). But yeah, totally worth the 30 minutes!

    Now for some coaster action!

    In 3...2...1!!! (Look we moved so fast we shed the red from our train!)

    Pretend this is us:

    Oh yeah can you see how fast we're going!!! Do you also enjoy the old boardwalk? Also RIP (in the future) Maliboomer and RIP to the Mickey Head in the California Screamin' loop.

    Whew, I think we should take a break before we go to Disneyland. Whaddaya think? More later.
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    Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

    Great stuff niklj! Keep em comin!
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      Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

      Yes please post more later, they were great! I've not seen some of those details before, thanks


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        Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

        Nice pictures, its nice to see how it look before all the walls and constructions.
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          Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

          Absolutely great trip report! I was looking myself in those pictures, I was there for my Birthday weekend! Fantastic work


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            Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

            Great first trip report.
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              Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

              coooooool trip report!!
              Originally posted by JungleCruiseFan
              You know what they say- The party don't start 'til Jordon walks in.
              Originally posted by penguinsoda


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                Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

                Thanks everybody! Yeah it's nice to see a construction-less DCA.

                Happy birthday from the past, Joshnyah!

                Originally posted by MickeyMousePal
                Great first trip report.
                This is actually probably my fourth trip report on Micechat, haha. The others are there if ya check out my profile.

                All right, Disneyland up next.


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                  Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

                  Fabulous Pictures. Like the nature and vivid color of the pictures
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                    Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

                    All right, so we're making our way to Disneyland because we did all we wanted at DCA (except for the ferris wheel, because that was a really long line sheesh!)

                    So we enter Disneyland, but not before we engage in a little tradition of mine! I always like to make the first step into Disneyland special. I swear, you can really feel when you've entered Disneyland. Things just feel a little...lighter, a little happier. Anyway, I make every trip to Disneyland special by making our first step a little bit more special

                    Hooray! We're in! Virtual high-five!

                    So hm, now we're here...what shall we do? I GOT IT! I heard about this special Indiana Jones show they're holding this summer! Let's check it out before Indy rolls on out of here!

                    So uh...we're here at Aladdin's Oasis a little early. What to do? TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES OF COURSE! So I got a little thing for lamps, I don't know why. So I took a lot of pictures of the beautiful decor inside Aladdin's Oasis.

                    Warning: Lamps Ahoy! Watch your head! (And if you don't watch your head, watch your language! There's children around.)

                    Oh! Oh! I think the show's about to start! Here comes out a lady. She looks trustworthy enough!

                    She tells us she's looking for something and needs a little audience participation! Me! Me! Me!

                    Oh right, I'm over 12 years old

                    The kids got really into it. That's pretty cool.

                    I still contend it's Jesus. Or maybe the Mona Lisa.

                    The totally excited parents who are totally here on their own free will.

                    Oh, who's that!

                    Indy's here to save the show day!

                    "OK, I'm here. Where's the fire?" [commence exciting fight sequence]

                    Indy says, "Wave bye-bye!"

                    He's getting too old for this.

                    Well anyway, that was an interesting show, but it seemed really long. I liked the fights and the special effects though, and I liked how they used the old Aladdin's Oasis stage for good effect. Nice little show it was.

                    So after the show, we head over to New Orleans Square over the bridge and through the

                    It be time for pirates!!!

                    One more lamp for good measure.

                    Now we took the time to stroll around the back streets of NOS to check out the small things we might miss otherwise. I loooove the Disney Details. It truly makes Disneyland what it is.

                    La Court Des of my most favorite places in the whole park.

                    OK now so funny story, I can't remember what was going on but we read on Micechat that they were going to put a store here. So we came here to pay our last respects to the Court before they moved in merchandise carts here. LITTLE DID WE KNOW that it was only a temporary installment, so we were here mourning over nothing hehehehehe.

                    The band came and threw Mardi Gras beads at us. One hit me on the butt.

                    ANOTHER FUNNY STORY! When my friend was taking this picture of me, one of the pirate ladies (you see her in the first picture in this series) said "AYE, it's the cap'n!" I was wondering why my friend wasn't taking the picture until I see that Captain Jack Sparrow passed RIGHT BEHIND ME. And my friend didn't take any picture of it!!! And how the heck did I not notice Jack Sparrow behind me? Eh, anyway, RIP Jack Sparrow, we will miss you around Disneyland (not you, animatronic Jack Sparrow).

                    This was a sad attempt at me trying to recreate one of my most favorite pictures I've ever taken at Disneyland:

                    Yeah, it's beautiful there around Christmas.

                    So after we said our "goodbyes" we decided to go check out Haunted Mansion, because that was always good for a 13 minute wait. But wait! I wanted to try something out. The statues and sculptures around the Fastpass area always fascinated me. It also helps that they play the Disneyland Paris area music around this area. It's so creepy and awesome that it's another little secret place of mine to enjoy.

                    We came up with a competition to see who could take the creepiest pictures of the statues. Here are my entries (with little stories I made up about them, you can try too!):

                    Lilly was the most prized pet of Master Gracey's great-great-great-grandfather. She would watch over the gates of his castle to make sure no enemies would cross its borders. Now, she watches eternally over the Fastpass machines, making sure no one tries to hack the system.

                    I would like to think that this was the bride spoken of in the (unofficial) original concept for the Haunted Mansion. It's my favorite backstory for the Haunted Mansion BY FAR and I was so sad that they changed it:

                    The original concept involved a backstory set in the early 1800s in which the mansion belonged to a wealthy sailing merchant who built the house for his bride. After moving in the new bride discovered that her husband was a bloodthirsty pirate, and upon confronting him with her discovery, he killed her. Her ghost haunted the house and the husband eventually committed suicide. Today the only remaining elements of that story are the sailing ship weathervane on the top of the house, and the bride that haunts the attic.

                    This is a representation of the cupid that originally brought Master Gracey and his bride together. Before he hung himself in the attic, he commissioned this sculpture, a beheaded cupid, in order to show how there is no innocent love in the world. Now, the cupid looks as if it has not stopped crying since it was born.

                    This is a statue of Heracles, someone that Master Gracey idolized since he was a young boy. He was amazed and enthralled by his journeys, his adventures, and his heroics, which is why he turned to piracy--an occupation that promised all that and more.

                    This is Master Gracey's mother, Lady Gracey. When he left for the seas without telling her, he received one letter from her mysteriously while docked at Lafayette's Landing. It simply stated "You'll always be my son." He received word a few months later that she had died, presumably of a broken heart. He commissioned this statue, of her endlessly searching for her lost son, in her memory.

                    This is the mischievous satyr. If you listen carefully, you can hear the soft whistling of his pan flute. Oh wait, never mind, that's just somebody getting their Annual Pass out of their wallet.

                    I CAN'T GET ENOUGH LAMPS!

                    Oops how did that get there???

                    Well after the Haunted Mansion, we decided to go back for some more Indiana Jones. The ride this time, not the show.

                    I lied. There's some more lamps.

                    This is what happened to the last person who did not laugh at my jokes.

                    This is the first time I ever got this shot

                    Well Indiana Jones was fun, but we need to go where the real action is: JUNGLE CRUISE!!!

                    This is right after the refurbishment, I think. So a lot of this stuff seemed new to me.

                    "On your left you'll see the second-most feared animal in the jungle. On your right, you can see the number one most feared animal in the jungle: his mother-in-law."

                    Now let's go see some of that sunset action! The old Frontierland bridge.

                    SETTING SUN LIGHT! *jazz hands*

                    And there's no better way to end a day at Disneyland than a ridiculously expensive dinner at the Plaza Inn:

                    Mmm...$13. We played around some more, than rode the Matterhorn once before we went home:

                    So that was our day at Disneyland. I want to include two more pictures here before I go from a different day at Disneyland. This is to commemorate the landscape that is far away in Yesterland for DCA. It really was beautiful in its own way. Things gone from here: the sun face, the Orange Stinger, and soon the Maliboomer.

                    Hope everyone enjoyed this last installment!


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                      Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

                      You look like you had a blast! Love your charisma in the photos..thanks for posting
                      :ap: Next DL trip is in 2 WEEKS!!!!! :ap:


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                        Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

                        Originally posted by asianbma View Post
                        Fabulous Pictures. Like the nature and vivid color of the pictures
                        Oooh thanks. I was worried I had overdone the vividness


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                          Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

                          oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh i loooooooooved your photos!!! especially the lamps i didn't realize how pretty the lamps are around there
                          Originally posted by JungleCruiseFan
                          You know what they say- The party don't start 'til Jordon walks in.
                          Originally posted by penguinsoda


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                            Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

                            these are all lovely! especially the detailed architectural ones, beautiful!



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                              Re: Trip Report: 8/25/08 DCA and Disneyland Details!

                              These are some great photos!

                              "Well I don't know about you folks, but it's way past my bedtime."


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