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Western Exploration Camp- Armchair Imagitition Entry


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  • [Idea] Western Exploration Camp- Armchair Imagitition Entry

    Ok everyone, here is my entry for Trevor D's Armchair Imagitition. I feel bad because i got so caught up in schoolwork i couldnt go as far as i wanted to go. anyways, here is my Entry i hope you like it.


    Western Exploration Camp is an idea for an entire area taking up the whole Frontierland Lot. The main idea for this area is to highlight the different experiences you would get as an explorer of the Western United States. The area would be filled with sights and sounds of the wests awe inspiring nature and beauty.

    1. Western Exploration
    This ride is the MAIN attraction of the area. this ride is ment to take you on a breathtaking journey through some of the wests most known lands. The concept of the ride is almost equivalent to Soarin Over California, except this ride is set back in the days of the early explores, builton a smaller scale ride vehicke and without movies, this is real!

    The Queue- The queue would include many pictures and facts about areas such as those featured in each showroom. There will also be views of RoA, and Views of the Rest of Western Exploration Camp.

    Room 1- Rocky Mountains: Soar over the Rocky Mountains and witness the cold atmosphere of the Borderline of the West all while viewing wildlife such as Bighorn Sheep and Mountain goats.

    Room 2- Yosemite: Glide through the air in Californias own Yosemite National park. Zoom by Half dome, get amazing views of the rivers, Bears, Deer, Eagles, you name it.

    Room 3- Yellowstone: Keep your eyes peeled! Your zoom through yosemite gives you quick glimpses of Buffalo, Moose, and Elk, with a last minute suprise as you loop around 'Ol Faithful before exiting to the next room.

    Room 4- Redwoods: Back to California for the most thrilling part of the ride. You are stopped in the middle of the Redwood forrest and it is late at night. You hear the leaves cumbling all around when out of nowhere, a Massive Brown Bear emerges from the forrset and begins to chase you, as you are fleeing from the bear, you hear thunderous cracks as giant redwoods begin to fall as you dodge them left and right.

    Room 5- Grand Canyon: This section is the Grand Finally, your ride Vehicle Splashes down into the Colorado River and floats along the with incredible views of the Grand Canyon, from the River up. Pass by waterfalls, see all the wonderful sights and hear the beautiful sounds that would be heard if you were to be actually in the Grand Canyon.

    Map of ride. Black squares are dark rooms for transitioning.

    Picture of Ride Vehicle- The ride vehicle is intended as a smaller scale version of Soarin over California's Ride vehicles with a boat type bottom for the Grand Canyon room.

    Music- for this ride i decided to use a song i played in Middle School Called Fanfare for the Third Planet by Richard Saucedo.
    [ame=""]YouTube- Fanfare for the 3rd Planet[/ame]
    0:21-0:48- Room 1
    0:48-0:56- Room 2
    0:56-1:20- Room 3
    1:20-1:56-Room 4
    1:56-End-Room 5/Exit
    There would also be narrations in the ride.

    2. Rock Wall
    As simple as it sounds- This would be a 100 ft Rock Wall with several plateaus at different heights for different ages. The main reason for including this attraction was for the use of rock climbing in discovery of new lands during the early western exploration.

    3. Riverbend Cafe
    The Riverbend Cafe would be a beautiful restaurant backing up to RoA. There wiould be affordable Sandwiches as wells as Seafood for all to enjoy with a seating area that is right along RoA for diners to wave to the Mark Twain, Sailing Shi Columbia, and Canoes as they enjoy their meals.

    4.Wilderness Explorer Cabin
    I'm Sure you can all guess what this is about! This cabin is an educational center type place that you would see at a national park. There would be activities, presentations, artifacts, pictures, and even real wildlife for guests to pet. there would also be a picture opportunity with Russel, Carl, and Dug from "UP".

    5. Russell's Roarin Rapids
    The number is not listed on the map, but this attraction is located at the bottom right of the Map. This is your basic river rapids ride with some occasional appearances by Russel and his friends from "UP"

    I'm Sorry for the lack of Concept Art. I had so much plan but school got in the way so. Thank you so much for viewing. Say anything you want. Even the harshest of comments will not hurt me so please coment. Thank You!!!
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    Re: Western Exploration Camp- Armchair Imagitition Entry

    Nice ideas! You've given it a lot of thought, and I especially like the musical selection. Keep imagining!


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      Re: Western Exploration Camp- Armchair Imagitition Entry



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        Re: Western Exploration Camp- Armchair Imagitition Entry

        So, the Western Exploration Camp sound interesting. Sounds like a daylight version of Peter Pan, set in the western US. Like the idea of mini Soarin' over California vehicle.

        You would need some of the dips, like Peter Pan has, and I would add some of the Western River Expedition scenes, to get a closer viewpoint of some areas, and to add some humor, and add several AA's to the attraction.
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          Re: Western Exploration Camp- Armchair Imagitition Entry

          i'm not so sure i'm sold on the Russell's Rapids idea, but Western Exploration, i like!! i can really picture what you're talking about, and with a little forced perspective, large show rooms, this ride would be amazing! i really like that idea, i wish i thought of something like that : D


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