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Disneytim's Trip Report Part I -- ummmm.....kinda


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  • Disneytim's Trip Report Part I -- ummmm.....kinda

    I was putting together my DL trip report from last weekend and, well, kinda got sidetracked on lillas rant.

    <edit edit edit>

    I promise not to post any comments that might offend gay male dancers or lesbian princesses (I'm pretty sure I met both at the Sunday noon meet and at Dustysage's welcome back party, but I digress). I do reserve the right to take a shot at Buzz Lightyear and Haunted Mansion Holiday, though. Kind words will be expressed for Space Mountain, Remember . . . Fireworks and, oh yes, the DCA. But, more on that later.

    Pictures galore are also forthcoming. Here's a panorama shot I took from the Disney Gallery:

    A full size pic with scan and zoom capability is posted here.

    That's all for now. Take care.

    P.S.: I grew up on Broadway show tunes, think Bob Fosse rocks, and thoroughly enjoy Judy Garland . . . . and I'M STRAIGHT. So there.
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    Re: Disneytim's Trip Report Part I -- ummmm.....kinda

    Thanks Hugs


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