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Redd Rocket's Mission to Mars


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    Yeah. I mean, I love Redd Rocket's, but I'd love it just as much on the bottom floor of Innoventions. Open up the walls around that floor to let in some light and fresh air and have a little Peoplemover come around a track to bring your food, like the little wooden boats in those Japanese resturants. They could even keep Tom Morrow as entertainment - though quieted so that he's not annoying for people who don't want to hear him. From there we have a couple options:

    1.) The Starcade machines go on the top floor. We carve a big circular skylight in the roof to shine through both floors and make the dining experience even more pleasant and airy.

    2.) The top floor houses something like the CoP (focusing more on the future than the past), a planetarium (complete with fiber optics and a huge minature model of a future city, perhaps Walt Disney's original plan for Epcot), a new loading area for the Peoplemovers. Possibly included with one of these could be the Flying Saucers ride.

    3.) We switch the floors so that Redd Rockets can be on top and the bottom can be used for any of the above, or can be included in a the E-ticket.

    Yep, A the E-Ticket using all three or three and a half of the unused buildings. Perhaps a muchly upgraded Adventure Thru Inner Space (with minor thrill spots like Pirates of the Carribean), Journey to the Center of the Earth, or some really elaborate show and story elements for the return of the Peoplemover. It would be great to make something very Atomic Age and retro-modern.


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      hmm.. Spaceship one themed Mission space?? in condor Flats??

      (it is different and yet not a clone..)

      I would want to see a interactive show/ride built again in tomorrowland.... heck you people got the better buzz.. (thought WDW's was the prototype..)

      How about one where Stitch gets killed in an accident and you are to be celebrating untill XS tech comes and shows off their newest teleporter and somehow your mother in law comes back!!!!(inside joke... listen to the AE audio)...)


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        I hear that they were all torn down, except for the part on the floor that you can look down into. I hear, that flooring was just placed on top!


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