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What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles


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  • What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

    Out of curiosity, what are some of your favorite/valued/sentimantal pieces in your Disneyana collections, mainly from Disneyland, buy any branch of of Disney is good too.

    One of my simple, but a valued piece to my Disneyland collection is my Partner's litho I got when I was a cast member in the 70's. Another piece is the giant key to unlock Fantasyland, when the new Fantasyland opened (another cast give away). I also recently acquired a nice cd of the entire loop of Main Street music that you would hear in the park. To me that holds a lot of value.

    anyway, everyone share.

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    Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

    I love my Disneyland Forever CDs and any music from the parks.
    I also love my E-Ticket Magazines.
    And my Donald big fig.

    I would love to have a collection of attraction posters someday.


    • #3
      Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

      I remember the Disneyland Forever cd's. I have a couple of them myself, but forgot to add the Monorail song to it. I have COP, America Sings, Train Through Nature's Wonderland spiel, Miracles from Molecules song.


      • #4
        Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

        For me it would have to be the Disney News Magazines from the 70's. Those were the best magazines ever created. My personal favorite of all is the issue with Space Mountain, I must have read that issue at least 50 times before the ride opened and I still look at it from time to time. If you were a member of the Magic Kingdom Club you could get the magazine.

        Other items I cherish:

        1) The Park Maps
        2) The Ticket Books
        3) Books on Walt Disney and Disneyland
        4) Old pictures of when I was a kid with my parents and relatives at the park.

        The ones I truly miss (either trashed by mom or lost during moves):

        1) My old Pirates of The Carribean Models
        2) Old comic books I used to purchase at the park
        3) old Disneyland banners
        4) An old model of the monorail

        Ah memories............


        • #5
          Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

          My Disney pocket watches and the limited edition POTC leather jacket they were selling when the movie came out.


          • #6
            Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

            Here's my current favorite from DL...

            It displays great next to my all time favorite from Star Wars Weekends at WDW a few years back...
            You can think I'm wrong, but that's no reason to quit thinking.


            • #7
              Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

              Though I don't own any myself, I really love the Disney-Armani collection. When I can afford it, I definitely want to get a few of them, but they are extremely expensive unless you get them on ebay.


              • #8
                Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

                My Dave Avanzino collection of Disneyland "land" names.


                • #9
                  Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

                  It's an interesting question.

                  It almost seems like collectibles should be divided into three groups.

                  1. Collectibles that can be purchased by anyone, like pins or figurines;

                  2. Collectibles available only to cast members, such as the ones mentioned by the OP; and

                  3. Collectibles that were never meant to be collectibles, such as various pieces of park paraphenalia or costuming pieces.

                  I only collect items related to the Disneyland steam trains, and I have a bit of all three types of collectibles in my collection.

                  I am fond of the various train pins that have been produced over the years, and have them nicely displayed in a framed shadow box.

                  I have some items that were available only to cast members that I value highly, like a "class ring" that was done for the steam train CMs several years ago.

                  And I also cherish my collection of conductor hat badges from the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad, one of my favorites being one that doesn't say "Conductor," but "Station Agent" instead.


                  • #10
                    Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

                    All of my cast pins, and my July 17 ears.

                    I'd kill for a copy of Main Street looping music! That's really cool!

                    THe only time I can ever listen to that is when I'm working Carnation Cafe, which is rarely.
                    Member of the Disney Class of 2005
                    Disneyland CM for 4 years.
                    May 6, 2005 - present.


                    • #11
                      Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

                      I love my 6 cd set, and my fantasyland big gig.

                      I also like my disney christmas village, and the full size park maps


                      • #12
                        Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

                        I have a LOT of stuff - mostly in the "paper" category. The things I cherish and look at the most are the large fold out maps of Disneyland. I believe I have every issue of the maps. It fascinates me to see a visual history of the park.

                        I also have a signed Disneyland Paris map that is very cool.

                        Beyond that, I have certain libby cards that I love and quite a few attraction posters along with other paper goods such as ticket books, guides, brochures, etc.


                        • #13
                          Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

                          Hey MelMel,

                          I sent you a private message regarding that Main Street music cd. I also sent you my email address, please email when you get a chance.



                          • #14
                            Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

                            I really don't have anything since I didn't get to go to Disneyland as a little kid much and wasn't really into the parks until last year when I got a pass. But I really like stuffed animals at the parks. I especially love the Birthday Mickey I got for my 17th birthday and the Mickey I got on May 5th. My favorites are just pictures I take of me and my friends there, especially ones with characters.


                            • #15
                              Re: What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Collectibles

                              Those are countless and priceless for your own personal collection. Those things are priceless. You can start your own collection at anytime and plush animals are a good start too. Even napkins of the 50th would be fun to collect, heck I still have some from the 25th anniversary and coffee cups too.


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