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Toy Story lot closed/GardenWalk AAA deal


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  • [Question] Toy Story lot closed/GardenWalk AAA deal

    Had a fine time at Disneyland yesterday, not nearly as busy as I feared it might be, but I did have a few parking issues. Having read about the new Toy Story lot, which Disney is promoting as a hassle-free alternative to the closer lots, I decided just to head straight there this morning. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up to the parking attendant, and found out the lot was closed to Disney guests, and was exclusively for convention parking (I believe there was a cheer competition being held across the street). This was around 9:15; he said they would be parking Disney guests there later. To be fair, there were lots of very clear signs directing guests to GardenWalk to park, I just chose to ignore them since I wanted to check out the new lot. I just wish that as Disney has promoted the lot with press releases and media events, they would have mentioned the lot was being shared with the convention center and might not be available.

    So being turned away there, I again ignored instructions, avoided the line I presumed was forming to get into GardenWalk on Disney Way, and took the Katella entrance into GardenWalk. Just that morning, as I was drinking my coffee before leaving for the park, I read about the AAA parking deal in the In The Parks column, and so I decided I would give that deal a try. However, the concierge desk was closed at 9:30 when I got there, and closed again at 10:15 or so when I left. So I wasn't able to take advantage of that offer, either. Not the end of the world, I just paid the $12 I expected to pay to begin with (actually saved $2, right, isn't it $14 to park in Disney lots now?), but if I'd been planning on the AAA deal all along, I'd have been plenty disappointed. Anyone know the hours of the concierge desk, or have any experience using the AAA deal? If I'm going to have to make a special trip in the middle of my Disneyland day to get my free parking validation, it's probably not worth the trouble. Probably a better deal for locals arriving mid-afternoon.

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