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A brief update (Feb 27 05)


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  • A brief update (Feb 27 05)

    I'm feeling a bit tired & lazy so here's a Disneyland refurb update of many photos and few words.

    Train station refurb almost complete

    Opera House under wraps

    Clean, new awnings

    Now covered with plastic:

    No longer covered in plastic:

    Fresh paint

    Needs some serious attention:

    More fresh paint

    Missing taxi cab

    New pavement behind the Matterhorn

    Tiki room almost ready

    I have no idea what's going on here by Stage Door Cafe & Riverbelle Terrace

    N'Orleans restrooms closed

    Splash refurb continues on

    Old Balloon, same movie, new promo

    House Of Blues refurb ?

    Magazine stand closed

    New banners in Downtown Disney

    Pics of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters facade are located here
    & pics of the new green alien pin store are located here.

    Okay, you're up to speed for now.

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    Wow , the Tiki Room looks fantastic from the outside. Also the banners are spiffy too.
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    • #3
      Happy happy joy joy.

      Great pics.

      Love the new paint!


      • #4
        OHHHH I LOVE the banner's in DTD!! Great shots as always EM!! The train station looks great. :bow:

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        • #5
          Great pictures...Tiki Room is going to look great after the refurb. I love the DTD banners.
          "He gets around you know he knows all the pretty girls." ~ Walt Disney


          • #6
            And how much bandwidth did we go over this time to produce such beautiful pictures?

            Good job, Isaac.
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            • #7
              Question: Why is it that the bricks on City Hall etc. are fake? Wouldn't it have been easier to use actual bricks?


              • #8
                Thank you Isaac! Fantastic pictures. I'm so homesick!
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                • #9
                  We miss you too Toddler!

                  I upgraded my photobucket account so the pics should be working once more.


                  • #10
                    Thanks for the pix's EM I love the banners in DTD, I can't wait to see all the changes next week!!


                    • #11
                      ORWEN: Us Cauldron girls loved those pictures, too! Especially the pictures of all those red X's!!!


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