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How often do you go to Disneyland and who with??


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  • How often do you go to Disneyland and who with??

    So who do you go with to Disneyland and how often????

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    Last year I went four times which is probably the most I've ever been in one year. Twice with my roommate sister and girlfriend, once with just my girlfriend and I, and once with work (choir trip). Also two of the trips were one weekend after another which was a bit crazy.
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      About once a week, usually alone
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        Three or four (mostly four) one week trips per year. Family of six. Can't find anyone else that crazy to go with us.


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          About once a week, usually alone....By WindPhyreDude
          Well plan a trip with some of us.I am sure you can get a group of us to go.


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            About twice a week. I was going a lot by myself, ocassionally with a friend from work. But now I've found someone special and I've been going with him.


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              Congrats on that some on special....


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                I go twice daily, still use ticket books and a 1965 guidebook, my own recycleable Julep Cup and talk to myself in one of those small recorder with a Jack Wagner face pasted on it. Is that alone?
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                  once every two months or so with a qt girl


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                    Only every two years with my mum and dad since we live in England and have to save many pennies in order to head to CA!
                    But worth every one!

                    Roll on 4th July 2005 visit!


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                      About every two years, with my kids.

                      The first trip was with my Ex-wife, her husband, and my kids. The glory of being at Disneyland (and in the fifth floor suite of the Granville tower of DLH) was sufficient insulation from the notion of spending a week with my ex.

                      The more recent trip was with my then fiancee and our three girls (two mine, one hers). We stayed at a cheap hotel in Garden Grove but we had a really great time nonetheless, and had more spending loot besides.

                      So now we have a running agreement that we'll make the trip every other year if not sooner. This year we're driving down. Wish us luck, we'll need it.
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                        We go as often as we can, which is at least twice a month. I was there once in January, and three times in February. The average balances out.

                        How do some of the locals keep track of their trips?
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                          Time was, back when I was in college and then shortly after, from the late 80's to mid 90's, I'd go 3 or 4 times a month, usually on Sunday afternoons until close, with about 5 or 6 other friends that had AP's. And that's driving from the SFV 50ish miles one way. Then, the real world arrived a-la a "real" job and now, maybe once a year. Haven't had an AP since 1996

                          I do miss those days. I remember the first AP I had (actually for a few years) they were just these laminated things with your picture inside and if you paid extra for parking it had a pink "slash" on the back. Good times, good times


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                            We've gone once a year for what will be three years, now, usually right between spring break and when school gets out (and things aren't in rehab so much).

                            It's nice that it's only a six to eight hour drive--when I lived back east, WDW was a much longer trip, so it was only once a year. DL's also a lot cheaper.


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                              I ususally go once every couple of months on my own. None of my friends have an AP and just don't understand that "need" to go to Disneyland.


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                                For a couple years, I went every couple months for a 3-4 day stay.. Some trips by myself, some with various women I was dating at the time. Some with just my daughters when they were visiting fro Colorado. Now, with my wife and sometimes with our daughters.

                                Haven't been since October. May not get to go again until August. ;-( AP going to waste!


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                                  Originally posted by DznyVan
                                  Three or four (mostly four) one week trips per year. Family of six. Can't find anyone else that crazy to go with us.
                                  I know that feeling. I have a family of six too. But we go on Sundays usually once a month.


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                                    I try to go once a year- it's become a priority for me. I live in CO, so it's a haul, but it's important.

                                    I did WDW and DL last year- one of the best Disney's years of my life!!


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                                      Since I live in Washington, about once every couple of years is all.


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                                        We did once or twice a year, with hubby & my kids & usually my little brother until 2003.

                                        In '03 we got AP's and went 3 times for the boys and 4 times for me PLUS a
                                        8 day trip to WDW too
                                        Last year was 4 trips for for the boys and 5 for me.

                                        I've made it a tradition now to go once a year, adults only, this will be year three of that tradition in July of this year!!

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