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Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th


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  • Trip Report Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

    Yes yesturday was a surprise for me to go to Disneyland we got to the park at 12pm when I got to Main Street there where no characters out. I had waited there for about 15mins. a CM came to tell people that they should be out but don't know what is going on. So when the CM when in back to check and came back out he said there be out in a little bit. So I when off to Pixie Hollow send I didn't see any of the fairies on Sat April 10th. I didn't know who to exspet other then Tink of chourse. So when I got there the line wasn't to bad. It was like 30 min wait from what the CM told the people that came in behind me. So after the I got to the front and was able to go in I saw that it my friend Silvermist who I haven't seen send Christmas. I had to wait a few second until she was done with a little girl who was before me. When she was done with her I gave her a big smile with my head tilt a little bit.

    I told her I haven't seen you in a long time. I then when in my backpack and took out some fake roses that I wanted to give her. I told her that I got something for you and I hand her the roses. She said of there lovely. I said I did it cause I got your viedo message from my friend. She said yeah I had hear that you been sick. Then she said how are you filling now. I told her I'm doing alot better. (This of chourse was back in Feb. That is why I didn't got to DL in Feb.) She then said I promise that I will not let it rain for you today. I was laughing at that. We then took a picture...

    After are picture I gave her a hug and I said I will retune soon. She said I know you will you always do. So I when on to Tink who I have never met before. We took a fast photo.

    So after seeing Tink I when on to PFF. The line was long the Cast Member told people that came in that the line was an hour and half long. It didn't bug me any when I got to the front and when in the first Princess that was there was Ariel who I haven't seen an Ariel in Princess Fantasy Faire send Nov. This Ariel I never met before and with this photo you will see she didn't do any poses like others have done.

    After Ariel came Snow White another one that I never met before. She saw my shirt and said you got alot of my friends on there. I said yeah even Happy and she said Dopey as well. She then took my arm and we took a quick pic.

    So after seeing Snow White next came up was Cinderella. I had to wait in line to see her cause there was some kids that wouldn't let Cinderella go so the line was back up almost to Snow White's spot. But after the kids finally move and waited for the next two people that was in front of me it was my turn. When I got up to see her she ask me. Did you get a hair cut? I told her not yet but I'm going to soon. She then said it must be that I have seen her with a baseball hat on before. When she said that it got to me where has she seen me before cause I didn't remember her. So we took a photo together.

    So after seening the Princess I when back to Pixie Hollow so I can tease Silvermist on me coming back. So when I got back there the line was still not to long when I got back to the front Silvermist was still there. I said I'M BACK!

    So I was going to hand the CM my camera but I wasn't thinking to clear cause I was just about to hand Silvermist my camera wild I handed the CM my photopass card. Sil was lokking like umm I think you got that backwards there. I told her I wasn't thinking so when I did gave my camera to the CM we took are pic.

    After another hug to Sil I move on to Tink and as I was turning the corner to see her I saw who it was so I put my back down and got into it to take out two photos I had in there from the last time I saw her so she can sign it. As I was doing that she said hello Jeffrey how have you been. With a smile on my face I said very good I have something for you to sign. So I handed her my photos and when she saw them she said I really like them they turn out very good. She really did like the photo on the right best.

    So after she sign my photos we took a new back to back photo.

    So after the photo she said it was really good seeing you again. We gave each other a hug and I said I'll see you around soon.

    So when I leave Pixie Hollow I when back to the spot to see Silvermist again to get this shot of her.

    After I took that I said bye Silvermist she turn to me and said bye back. So after that I when back to Main Street to see who was out. Goofy and Pluto where out but they when in but came right back out as Goofy was coming back out Donald came to ans started to fight with Goofy about the door.

    After they stop fighting Donald when on to the front of the flag poll but Pluto was there and then Donald started again with Pluto on fighting with him. So after Pluto won the fight Donald when on to City Hall where he finally got a spot. I got in and said Pluto stold your spot he put his arm up as to say fooie.

    So after seeing Donald I when to DCA.

    More coming up soon.

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    Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

    lol, funny shots of Goofy and Donald. Cute shots of Silvermist. Can't wait for more!
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      Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

      Wow you got a lot Char pictures I just don't have the patience or luck when it comes to characters. I should go with you next time :P Great update!


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        Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

        Nice trip report, love the photos.


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          Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

          Surprise trips to Disneyland are the best... looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip!!


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            Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

            Nice Capt. I have NEVER seen Donald Duck out. Good job!!
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              Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

              as usual your trip report is amazing. I love the pics of all the characters. Especially Silvermist. That one you got thru the bushes is so cool. Her profile is beautiful. I love getting to witness the characters like Goofy and Donald Duck goofing around. Moments like that are special. Thanks for sharing. I always love your reports.


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                Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

                So now after I leave Donald I when to DCA to see who was there. When I got over there I didn't see anyone out so I when over to Hollywood Backlot to see who was there when I got over to where Draw to the Magic was at I only saw Cinderella out signing autographs I guess the show just had ended but the other two that are with Cinderella when back in. So wild I was waiting to see the next show I when into Monsters Inc. ride. Yes another ride and here is proof.

                So after I got off the ride I when on to see Draw to the Magic here are some photos from the show.

                So after the show I got in line for Cinderella when it was mine turn she ask me how I was. I told her good.

                After I saw Cinderella I when back over to Disneyland side and back to Pixie Hollow to see who the third fairy was out. It was parade time so I had to take a long way around to get to Pixie Hollow when I got there the line was about 20 mins long. When I got up there I was surprise to see it was Fawn and a face that I haven't seen in a long time. When I got up to her she remember me and I said I haven't seen you in a long time.

                She said yeah the last time I saw you you had me doing a dance. I was thinking I had her doing a dance. I remember there was one Fawn I did it to but I didn't think it was this Fawn. So she ask me what new moves do I have I said I can't figure out any. She wild you are thinking how about a picture.

                So after the photo I was just laughing so hard from what Fawn wanted me to do. I told her that I'm just a joker. She said oh your a joker I like joke can you tell me one. I really couldn't come up with any so I told her the one I told The Queen. I said to Fawn what is Snow White's new name. She said I don't know I said it's Stinky White the 8th Drawf. She march right over to Tink and said you better watch out for him he just did a joke. So I told Tink the first one that I saw when I got there and she kind of laugh she said oh I get it. I told her that I told this to The Queen and I said she like it. Tink said that one of the CM was just walking away. I when to get another photo with Tink but when I saw it didn't turn out to well so after I exit Pixie Hollow I when back in to get another one when I got back in Fawn was already gone and Silvermist came back in. I said to her when she saw me. I'm just making up for lost time she said yeah you are.

                So after giving Silvermist a final hug for the night before Pixie Hollow close for the night I when to the corner and as I was in line I saw Terence out so when it was my turn the CM that Tink said that was walking away. Told Tink Oh Tink he's back and he's got something. When I open my backpack I took out my Little Terence to show Terence. When Tink saw it she said to me I'm out of here I'm leaving you two alone. Tink walks off to the exit gate is to Pixie Hollow. I was laughing so hard cause I was getting Tink mad at me. So I show Terence my Little Terence and he like him. I said only think differnt was the pants where a different color. So we took a pic together.

                So after the photo Tink comes back and said I just wanted to let you 3 have your time together. I said I had to get another photo of you cause the last one didn't turn out.

                So after I took this pic I said my goodbyes and then I when off to PFF for the last time of the night. When I got there the line was big about 45 mins. When I got in the Princess I saw this time where Aurora.


                and Cinderella.

                After I leave I stay for a little bit to see if Belle would come out. and about 5 mins she did along with Ariel.

                This Belle know me so that is why she was waving at me. And after they when in about a few mins later Princess Tiana came out as well.

                I when to the CM there and ask them that I know that Belle and Ariel just came out are they the last ones for the night. She said are they the ones you really wanted to see. I said yes I told her that I saw Ariel early in the day but I haded seen Belle send Jan. she told me that they will be in there for only 15 mins. and the line that we both figure was about 25 mins longs so we knew that I wouldn't get to see her. So after she said that I leave PFF. So this ends my report.


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                  Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

                  Yay Capt! Great pictures from what looked to be a great trip!

                  "Well I don't know about you folks, but it's way past my bedtime."


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                    Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

                    Capt, I am SO happy for you to get a surprise trip to the park. Good for you! You know, as much as I like your posed photos I think the "candid" shots you take are some of the best on this board. You have a great eye for what makes an interesting photo.

                    Glad you had such a good time!!


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                      Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

                      the regular woman who usually does the Princess montage in Drawn to the Magic isn't there.. the last time i saw her a few weeks ago, she was pregnant and looked VERY far along! i wonder if she is on maternity leave.. if so, congrats to her!


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                        Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

                        Thank you all for your replys.


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                          Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

                          Great report, Mr. Hook!
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                            Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

                            Thats so cool, i met the same jasmine, aurora, and cinderella on the same day as you! It was right at the closing of PFF though, so i probably missed you


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                              Re: Capt Hook's Surprise trip report for April 14th

                              It sounda like it was. Usley on closing time Cinderella and Aurora are the closing Princess. Mulan was part of the closing group but send they move her to DCA now I think Jasmine maybe the new closer along with Aurora and Cinderella. Snow White leave way early before anyone else dose. The old way around closing time which will be at 6pm. At 5pm the way they do it is have Aurora,Cinderella and like I said Mulan for 5 to 5:30 and then have Belle,Ariel and Jasmine in for 15 then at 5:45 bring back out Cinderella,Aurora &Mulan. Now that Mulan is gone from there I think the new order is from 5 to 5:30 Aurora,Cinderella and Jasmine then from 5:30 to 5:45 Belle,Ariel & Princess Tiana comes out. Then after 5:45 bring back out Aurora,Cinderella and Jasmine. In the morning time from what I have hear they have the Princess change ever half hour and there is no order on who comes out. So it dose sound like you did miss me. I just took that pic of Belle and Tiana as they just came out from the back to go into the photo area.


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