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Disneyland Hotel Pool Construction Question

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    Re: Disneyland Hotel Pool Construction Question

    Well, gee. I was... They put the new Neverland pool in roughly the same spot. I was thinking the Cove Pool was the only one for quite a while.

    The 1964 aerial is interesting - the original 'half a Sierra Tower' that says 'Hotel Disneyland' on the other side. The Mansion half-a-trestle/tunnel, the raw hill where Pirates will go, and the Holidayland entrance tunnel in between. Not much of an Eeyore section to steal back for Indy yet, the parking doesn't extend under the Monorail beam yet...

    And the original Hotel Admin Building isn't there yet either.

    Wonder if they left any of the lime-green perforated steel beams in anywhere as a little hidden homage to the past.

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