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    My kids absolutely kill me if we don't eat there at least once. It is usually their choice for every meal we eat in the park (though my son has taken a fancy to the fried chicken in New Orleans Square.)

    The restaurant is a good size, busy but never too crowded. I have never had to wait for a table but there are rarely large numbers of tables available during prime eating hours.

    I used to love eating at the Hungry Bear but I don't think it is ever open!
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      Really? It's Always Open When I Go But I also only get to go during the Busy summer
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        Pizza Port should stay, but it should be refurbed. I think it's pretty hideous inside there. The purple/red has got to go. I don't know exactly what they should change it to, but there's something about the place that just kinda puts me on edge. It's a little hard to just sit down and relax because of the atmosphere.

        Also, it's pretty expensive. I can go to the Village Haus and get nearly twice the pizza (a full personal pan vs one big slice), for considerably less money.


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          No, with the Lunching Port gone for some time, the East Side of the park really needs an alternative to Club Buzz (I still call it TLT, but I digress...). Although I do miss Mission To Mars/Flight to the Moon, decent Italian is just what the doctor ordered. IMHO, the pasta is better than the Pizza at R2P2.
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            The Pizza Port is one of the best places to eat in the park. Their cheese pizza and garlic bread are amazing!


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              Originally posted by NWRREngineer
              Is the pizza any good? I haven't actually tried it yet... What's the crust like? How much pepperoni do they use?
              it was not good...the pasta was not the greatest either. I suppose for theme park food it was, but I've had better.


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