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Red Rocket's Pizza Port


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  • Red Rocket's Pizza Port

    Do you think that Red Rocket's Pizza Port should stay, or do you think it should become a C, D, or E-Ticket attraction? If so, what should they do with it?

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    Keep it, it is a giid place to eat. They needed something in TL.
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      Don't take my pasta away!!!!!!!!
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        well, there's a whole chunk of land around Space Mountain that needs torn down and re-Imagineered from the ground up. Everything from RRPP to Magic Eye to Starcade is just a hodgepodge of little chunks of space that are useless as currently configured, but could add up to a whole new entertainment complex with a new ride, a more space-efficient eatery, and some SUNSHINE.

        But yeah, keep some of the menu items from going away.
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          Is the pizza any good? I haven't actually tried it yet... What's the crust like? How much pepperoni do they use?
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          • #6
            I still cant understand for the life of me, why they didnt make it "Pizza Planet" from the movie. Doesnt seem like it would be all that hard or expensive.


            • #7
              I think it has some of the best food in the park. The pasta is almsot worth paying full price for!!!


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                Originally posted by Tigertail777
                I still cant understand for the life of me, why they didnt make it "Pizza Planet" from the movie.
                I had heard that someone else bought the rights to the name "Pizza Planet" before Disney thought to do that, so they lost their chance to use that name. It is sad, that would have been really great.
                "Say, uh, ever hear of the devil's paint pots? Real mystery of the desert. Bubblin' pots of mud in all kinds of colors."


                • #9
                  It should go.

                  Sorry, but the pizza place as is wastes a huge amount of great space. It has to go.

                  I wouldn't mind transferring it's food elsewhere, or having it someplace else, but that's prime tomorrowland ridespace being burnt up for a thinly themed self serve restaurant. Really needs to go.

                  Now, if that whole corner of TL was designed better, or more rides where added back in, I'd have less of an issue with it. But keeping it while TL is in the shape it's in is flat out wrong.


                  • #10
                    Pizza Port should it go or should it stay?

                    I would say we should stay! the food is actually very good - especially the pasta and there is a huge amount of seating available. I don't see a problem with the eatery at all but more with the hodge podge of buildings, exits and entrance to attractions (If you can call HISTA an Attraction !) Now there is an area ripe with possible retheming - Can you say new Simulation ride?



                    • #11
                      The problem I have with it is that every time I go in there, it is filthy. Trash and food everywhere, left on the tables and on the ground too. It is not an environment I want to eat in. I don't remember the food being very good either, but we had pizza and salad, not the pasta. I say burn it to the ground. Maybe that's a little extreme, just keep it clean at least. I think there are other places in Tomorrowland that could be utilized before they use the Pizza Port space.
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                      • #12
                        Isn't there a Pizza Planet at the Disney-MGM Studios?


                        • #13
                          Yeah, I think there is Zimbubba. I've ate there was still yucky.
                          i caught you a delicious bass.


                          • #14
                            Redd Rocket is my hero.
                            "I could never convince the financiers that Disneyland was feasible because dreams offer too little collateral"

                            --Walt Disney


                            • #15
                              Keep the pizza port! I love the food there. The Chicken Fusili is my favorite. If they are really after space, then move the restaurant upstairs above the arcade.
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