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Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

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  • Trip Report Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

    My daughter and I came down to LA from Seattle for a little Disneyland vacation from 4/22-4/26.

    The weather the first day beat the clouds and rain that was in the forecast. We woke up nice and early and headed over to the park.

    Since we were at DisneyWorld a few months back we first went to try rides that they don't have out there. We rode Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Casey Jr.

    We then walked over to get Big Thunder Mtn FastPasses and met Pocahantas on the way.

    While we waited for our first FastPass we went to ride Winnie the Pooh and then get Splash Mountain FastPasses. We loved the little decorative touches on Winnie the Pooh.

    We then went to check out the yummy confections at the Critter Country Gift Shop.

    We then rode the train over to ToonTown and met our old pal Goofy in the ToonTown fire truck.

    Next we braved the half hour line to ride the Gadget Go-Coaster as the clouds moved in.

    Then we walked over to Mickey's Movie Barn and met The Big Cheese. We'd never seen him in his Band Leader outfit so that was fun for us.

    My daughter had never been on Roger Rabbit's CarToon spin so we rode that next. I'd forgotten all the little touches they put in the queue.

    Wakjing around the Castle we bumped into Fairy God-Mother. She signed an autograph and we both made a wish.

    Next we met the Shire horse named "Reggie" who took us down Main Street to the park exit so we could take a mid-day lunch break, nap and swim at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

    Housekeeping made a nice arrangement on the bed for my daughter's fuzzy buddies.

    Here's a shot of our room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. We had a great time here. I wrote a review of the hotel under the MiceChat hotel section if you are interested in reading about this hotel.

    The next morning we started our day with breakfast at Storyteller's Cafe. To say my daughter is a Chip N Dale nut is the ultimate under-statement.

    Brer Fox and Meeko were up to their usual crazy shenanigans.

    After breakfast we picked up FastPasses for Soarin and bumped into Aviatrix Minnie.

    We walked over to Paradise Pier and rode the Golden Zephyr. We had no idea how sensitive this ride was to tiny wind gusts. I think we saw three different times this morning where a 10 mph wind triggered an alarm and immediately shut down the ride for half an hour at a stretch.

    Next we rode one of my daughter's favorite rides at Jumpin Jellyfish.

    Over by Toy Story Mania we found Woody doing meet & greets with no line. We said hello and discovered that this day there was no snake in his boot. ;-P

    After a full day walking around DCA our feet were a bit raw. My daughter loved resting on these Mickey benches on the walk back to our hotel shuttle.

    After another lunch, swim and a nap at the hotel we went back to Disneyland to ride Matterhorn and Big Thunder before dinner.

    We then walked over to the Anaheim GardenWalk for dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Dinner was delicious but the walk really killed our feet. If I had it to do over I would have taken the shuttle back to the hotel and then drove our rental car to dinner or even taken ART or a cab. The toll it took on our tootsies was a little too much. Here's a nice big Disneyland sign at the mall that made for a fun pic.

    Here's my daughter with Big Thunder rushing by.

    Here's our good friend the Big Thunder dynamite goat.

    We did a quick walk through of Tarzan's Tree House and enjoyed the little touches there as well.

    After the tree-house my daughter and I stared up at the Dream Suite and day-dreamed about what it would be like to stay there one day.

    My daughter had fun exploring the courtyard in the back part of New Orleans Square. I told her about how the Mime Unicyclist that we used to see all the time there used to drop beads into her stroller when we'd go here to rest.

    After much looking we finally bumped into Farley the Fiddler for the first time in 3 years. We shared some jokes and Farley played my daughter's favorite animal sounds on the fiddle. It was a great little reunion. Thanks Farley!!

    After lunch and some errands we parked at the Mickey & Friends structure for the first time in years. We got a kick out of the new door-equipped trams.

    We decided to take the monorail into the park and the CM was nice enough to let us ride in the nose.

    I really enjoyed this picture of my little monkey with her favorite ride right behind her.

    Here comes splashdown!

    Look out! Here comes Monstro! This is one of a hundred little touches that makes Disneyland far more fun and special than Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

    After the fireworks the crowd started rushing out. It always amazes me how such a large crowd can move without it getting out of control. Excellent word crowd control CMs!

    We headed over to Autopia to see if my daughter could pass her Dad's Autopia driver's test.

    As we left the park I got this neat shot of an empty Tea Party ride.

    The next day we headed over to Pixie Hallow follower by New Orleans Square to see Princess Tianna's Jambalaya Jazz show. My daughter wanted to stop and daydream about Club 33 first. LOL

    We took the DLRR around the park and then took the OmniBus up Main Street. I took the opportunity to make a little photo tour of the West side of Main Street.

    After much looking and waiting we finally caught a glimpse of the elusive new Matterhorn Bobsleds!

    Next it was off to tour Mickey's house in ToonTown.

    Finally we stopped for photo at the Main Entrance before we headed off to LAX to fly home. My daughter worked very hard to put on a brave face for this photo. Leaving Disneyland on our last day is always a difficult and emotional job for her. We picked up her first Annual Pass on this trip so that helped ease her separation anxiety a little.

    Thanks and I hope you liked the pics.
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    Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

    cute trip report thanks.


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      Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

      Wow, your photos are AMAZING!


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        Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

        Awesome shots DM!

        ^^It's like the poster is hypnotizing her lol
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          Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

          DISNEYLAND: Greatest Man-Made Place On Earth :thumbup:

          YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK: Greatest *GOD-Made Place On Earth :thumbup:


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            Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

            great shots!

            the iridessa you met is a personal friend of mine. but i've vowed to never approach or talk to her if i ever saw her working/in character. it would be way too awkward.


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              Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

              Great pics, thanks for sharing

              Looks like you both had a great time!


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                Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

                awesome report! I agree the pictures are amazing. Makes me wish I was in disneyland rightnow . Will be next month can't wait. I wish I could go into club 33 as well...
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                  Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

                  Great TR and photos......thanks for sharing them....


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                    Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

                    Great Trip Report...loved all the looks you and your daughter had a wonderful time....I cant wait to be able to get back! Thanks for posting
                    Vacation...Counting Down the Days...Disneyland Here I Come:thumbup:


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                      Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

                      Wonderfull TR and I feel the same way your daughter does whenever I leave DL.


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                        Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

                        What a great trip report! I love the shot of the tea cups! Thanks for sharing
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                          Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

                          Wonderful report and great pics. Even though I was there the day before you, seeing your pictures makes me want to go back already.
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                            Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

                            Originally posted by Darth Mickey View Post

                            Housekeeping made a nice arrangement on the bed for my daughter's fuzzy buddies.

                            You're lucky that her stuffed animals were all accounted for. When I was younger, housekeeping stole my Lady stuffed animal. I was very upset.

                            Lovely TR! You have a beautiful daughter

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                              Re: Darth Mickey's Photo-Heavy Trip Report 4/22-4/26

                              Great Trip Report!!!! Looks like you guys had a great time