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Armchair Imagitition II: Escape from the Tower!


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  • [Idea] Armchair Imagitition II: Escape from the Tower!

    Krzzz.....(Twilight Zone theme plays)..Hello, and welcome, to Armchair Imagitition II, I am you host for this episode, Jesterjack, today we are going to enter a dimension of sight, sound, and other strange things. The only thing missing, is you, hop aboard, and experience an idea, you may not have heard before....Krzzz...

    this is my entry for the second Imagitition, this one I call 'Escape from the Tower' its an EMV type ride where the guests get sucked into the Tower of Terror and they try to find a way out, I really hope you like it

    1939 Hollywood, the Hollywood Tower Hotel is still under construction with little details to go, the grand opening was going to be spectactical, that is, not for the people over at 'Hollywoodland Tours', a small touring buisness where paying people are able to drive thier own Taxi's on a tour of Hollywood, the boss of the company had a rivalry with the man who owned the soon to be completed Hotel, Charles Feaver causing everyone who worked at the Agency hated everyone who was going to work at the Hotel, and vice versa. Skipping ahead to the Grand Opening, October 31, 1939, everyone in Hollywood was at the hotel booking rooms and partying, everyone except for the people at the Tours, during that night, the Boss of Hollywoodland Tours, Conner Puntnik, vowed to get revenge on Charles for ruining his buisness, and as if by fate, Lightning struck to Hotel causing an elevator with five people in it to plummet to their doom, everyone fled the building, ruining down the streets to find safety, running pass a very enlighten Mr. Puntnik. After the incident, Mr. Feaver had no choice but to close his Hotel. After a few months, strange things started to happen, the Hotel looked much older than it should be, rumors flew around Hollywood about that the Hotel is haunted by the Ghosts of the five who perished that night, and by some recently deceased employees, who would beckon anyone who passed to come into the Hotel, only to find whoever went in, never came out. Giving the Hotel the nickname: The Tower of Terror. The strangest thing after the incident was with Conner's touring agency, Conner got plenty of buisness from tourist's from around the world, but every so often, a bolt of green lightning come's from the Tower and strikes to building, sometimes chasing Tourist's away. but that doesn't stop Conner, his buisness is going strong and now you are along for the ride.

    Area around the Attraction
    The doors of the Monster's inc ride will go, and a new building for the attraction, will look like a Hollywood Storage center, and also the building to enter the ride for 'Hollywoodland Tours'

    a very crude representation of the entrance
    a near invisable LED light strand will be hung from the top of the 'Tower of Terror' and connect to the roof of the storage facility, where every so often a green bolt of 'lightning' will be shot from the Tower and land on the storage building. At night, small search lights will be shot from behind the entrance.

    The Que/ Loading area
    As guests enter the building they are what looks like a small hallway with posters of popular movies from late 1939-early 1940, as they go deeper into the facility it looks more and more like a storage house with crates everywhere, with codes that represent famous dates. every now and again thunder will be heard outside the building, noting that more lightning has struck the facility, and when it does, green electricity sparks from overhead lights, portable Radios (the radios will play music head in the time period, the electricity sparks from the radios, they will sound all static-y and you can faintly hear the twilight zone theme) or any electronic device in the building. For the loading area guests will enter EMV vehicles that will look like 1930's Taxi cabs, the 'Taxi's' will be able to hold 16 guest like indy, a steering wheel in the same place as in Indy and next to the steering wheel will be a radio communication device, like what Truck divers and Police use.

    Ride area 1: 1930's Hollywood
    this is a short area that will be an effective one, the area will look like a basic street at night with highrises on the side of the street, from the Radio, your guide from the agency ,who sounds very nervous,will tell you where to go, like "Hello and welcome to Hollywoodland tours, I will be your guide telling you where to go and telling you about each area, okay, for here, take a right", at this your car will turn right.

    Ride area 2: Snatched by the Tower

    After the turn you will see the Tower of Terror with a storm brewing above it. The tower will use forced perspective to make it seem 199 ft in a two story tall show building. When you see the tower the guide says "oh no! I should of told you to make a left! oh, the boss will have my head for sure, please turn around" as the line goes dead, the radio turns back on, a menacingly voice comes on " MUAHAHAHAA, you have fallen into our trap, and now we will get our revenge on that oaf, Puntnik, by taking an entire car of his customers! you will now stay forever in our little abode" the evil voice is one of the hotels recently deceased staff who wants to get revenge on Puntnik. after the voice is gone, green lightning shoots from the Tower to your car, electrifying it and makes it come toward the entrance to the Tower

    Ride area 3: Inside the Haunted Tower
    When the Taxi enters the Tower, they will be in the lobby, which will be in a broken, run-down, disrepairable state, music from the lobby of the actual Tower of Terror, will be played in here, as guests move throught the lobby they get closer to an old elevator, and as they do more and more of the lobby transforms to look like it did back on that fateful night, cracks and holes in the walls dissapear, ghost representations of former guests (hotel guests not park guests) and staff appear throughout the lobby, when guests get right up to the elevator door a huge rumble of thunder is heard and what sounds like an elevator falling to the ground is heard, at this point all the ghost guests start to flee out of the lobby, taking all the color and beauty with them, leaving behind a rundown lobby and what was a shiny new elevator door, now a bent mass of abandonment, the car now moves toward the door, which actually open,and from the library the TV turns on just in time to hear Rod Sterling say, "you have now entered...the Twilight Zone". From this the car inches its way into the open elevator shaft, and using the EMV movement, will make the car seem its teetering between reality and a permanent residence.
    Ride area 4: The Twilight Zone
    the cars then head down a ramp, while the car makes it seem as if you are 'Falling' down the shaft. when they come out of the Shaft, they will see a regular hallway from the hotel, but before the guests can take in thier surroundings, the hallway transforms to look like the familier Twilight Zone intro scene, the car will make its way through the short hallway before entering and 'falling' down another elevator shaft.
    Ride area 5: Twilight Zone infected Hallway
    This is my favorite and strangest part of the ride, the vehicle will enter another hallway only to find that the Twilight Zone is practicaly eating its way through the hallway, holes in the wall,floor and ceiling reveal a huge star field behind it, while occasionly things you may find in the Twilight zone float pass these holes, and one hole is large enough that an entire doorway to one of the rooms is floating in the Twilight Zone

    The Infected Hallway
    As the cars move through the hallway toward the emergency service elevator, they pass all sorts of doors that make one think of the Haunted Mansion's Corridor of Doors, when they pass the doors voices of otherworldly beings cry for help on the other side. At one point in the hallway there is a platform just wide enough to fit the car.
    when they reach the service elevator, it opens and the car gets on the large platform
    Ride Area 6: Elevator Back to Reality
    when the vehicle enters the large service elevator, the doors close and lights flicker on and it sends the car up to reality, when the elevator stops it opens up to outside, the car moves outside and heads back onto the street where their guide is able to contact you again, here he says " Oh thank Goodness I'm able to reach you again, I hope your all okay, I talked to Mr. Puntnik about this and he said if they make back alive they wont have to pay for their trip. Well, hoping you guys made it back ok!" After that the cars enter the exit platform where they will exit the vehicle, and come out of the Storage building and enjoy the rest of their day.

    For this I thought having a sample music track will help the reader understand the felling of each part of the ride
    It's a sample track to its not professional
    I don't know how to post videos here on Micechat, sorry, here's a link to the video on Youtube
    YouTube - Imagitition Music sketch

    Hello? I seem to be in some sort of inter dimensional dimension with no way in or out....Send Help! and Pie! pumpkin peferably

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    Re: Armchair Imagitition II: Escape from the Tower!

    Sweet, thanks for posting your entry!


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      Re: Armchair Imagitition II: Escape from the Tower!

      I like it!
      Waiting for Godot


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        Re: Armchair Imagitition II: Escape from the Tower!

        Some good ideas. Having two twilight zone properties in one land could be seen as a turnoff to some, or it could help tie the land together. Personally I'd want to ride this attraction but I don't know how well it fits into hollywoodland.

        First of all this would be quite thrilling and include a drop down a haunted elevator shaft. The same experience can be found just down the street. A lot of the atmosphere even the music would be exactly the same. To me this is not a good thing.

        Hollywoodland in my opinion needs another attraction that the whole family can enjoy. Also I think that the twilight zone is well represented by TOT and doesn't need another attraction.

        Some of the ideas though are really really good! In a post I'm working on for a train ride through Grizzly Peak I used some similar effects that you described for an indian cave.

        The queue would be fantastic with the lightning and all, I wish the budget had allowed for something like that to go to the real TOT. Also the whole ghosts in the lobby that could be done in TOT queue! Not very visible but maybe just flickers of people looking in the window or from down the hall? Just enough to make people do a double take, but by then they'd be gone.
        Armchair Imagineering!:

        The Grand Cinema Journey? (Name ideas welcome)

        Concept Map! (Thread to follow)
        Grizzly Peak Mining District


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          Re: Armchair Imagitition II: Escape from the Tower!

          I like the idea, but mabey a different idea could be involved. Maybe a strange idol (referring to Tokyos ToT) drags them in. A curse could be used instead of The Twilight Zone, seeing thats perfectly represented by ToT.

          Ahh! The project is on fire! D:
          This fire has delayed our signature redesigning, Excuse the smoke...and the burnt pixie dust...


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            Re: Armchair Imagitition II: Escape from the Tower!

            I agree Dragon, but with me, when I get an idea I like, its hard to shake away from it
            Last edited by jesterjack; 06-25-2010, 11:04 AM.
            Hello? I seem to be in some sort of inter dimensional dimension with no way in or out....Send Help! and Pie! pumpkin peferably


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              Re: Armchair Imagitition II: Escape from the Tower!

              thanks everyone for the positive, and sort-of positive feedback,
              I'm currently thinking of ideas for Imagitition III, I got one floating around my head for the past day now, but its still up in the air for ideas.
              Hello? I seem to be in some sort of inter dimensional dimension with no way in or out....Send Help! and Pie! pumpkin peferably


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