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Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough Layout?


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  • Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough Layout?

    Hi all.

    Does anyone Have a photo or illustation or anything that shows how the now extinct Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough fit into the castle? I'm building a model of said castle and I want to be able to remove the top half of the castle to reveal the walkthrough, with miniature Diorama's and everything. I have plenty of pictures of the Diorama's themselves, I just need a map of the passages and where the Diorama's were placed, if anyone was to have it. I can figure out elevation myself, but if anyone has something showing that as well, I won't fight against it!

    If anyone can help in anyway, it would be much appreciated!


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    Re: Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough Layout?

    I think there was an old E-Ticket magazine article on it with a diagram of the layout.

    check out
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      Re: Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough Layout?

      Uh this sounds cool i want to see photos when said project is compelte i miss the walk thru
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        Re: Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough Layout?

        Awesome site! Thanks for the link!


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          Re: Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough Layout?

          The link isn't working for me
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