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What's happened to you?


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  • [Fun] What's happened to you?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums. I'm mostly a lurker. I'm a long time Disney lover though. I wanted to hear stories about what has happened to you in the park. Could be any story out of the list below.

    - Best thing to happen to you in a park / worst thing to happen

    - Most memorable story

    - Funny stories about something that happened to you or something that you encountered happening to someone else

    - Stories about getting in trouble with castmembers or on rides / other people getting in trouble

    Or any other kind of story you can think of.

    My name is Chelsea by the way, looking forward to hearing from people / meeting people.

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    Re: What's happened to you?

    when i was a little kid, i went to disneyworld and got yelled at by a CM on space mountain. i got a re-ride.
    the Disneyland CM are truly the best. i have a list of my favorites. btw,

    please remain seated with your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the boards at all times and enjoy your ride


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      Re: What's happened to you?

      first off, welcome to MC!

      Best thing to happen to you in a park
      can't really define a winning moment... but i will say that little surprises like random acts of kindness from other people take the cake.

      Worst thing to happen
      i once got elbowed in the eye riding Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy.. my friend was flailing his arms next to me and my head just happened to be in his elbow's pathway. my eye was swollen for a bit, so i bought myself a frozen lemonade to put on it (and to enjoy). my eye didn't actually turn black until night time when i had already left the park and lasted only about a week.

      another worst thing: while in line for tower of terror with my friends, a girl was squeezing herself through our group to cut in front of us. then two of her friends did the same to meet up with her. my friend, who is one of the most kind people i know, VERY politely let her know that our party was ahead of them in line. then the girl that cut turned to her and sarcastically remarked "congratulations, i'm happy for you" and turned back around.

      Most memorable story
      definitely taking my mom to the parks for the her birthday during last year's free birthday promotion. she hadn't been to the parks in over a decade so a lot of things were new to her, especially DCA. then, convincing my mom to ride a thrill ride (Tower of Terror, and she absolutely hates thrill rides).. and walking out of the exit hearing how much she liked it.

      Seeing murphy breathe fire for the first time!

      Funny stories about something that happened to you or something that you encountered happening to someone else
      not much i can say for myself.. but i found it funny that a friend of mine collecting all the Disneyland buttons went to City Hall and lied to the cast member, saying he was planning to propose to his girlfriend (as he pointed to a random girl in the distance) just to get the "Just Engaged!" button.

      Stories about getting in trouble with castmembers or on rides / other people getting in trouble
      i've never been in trouble at the parks, but a friend of mine made a very idiotic choice of getting out of his Doombuggy in Haunted Mansion and hopping into someone else's he knew while the ride was in motion. he thought he was in the clear because no announcement was made on the PA system, but security was waiting for him at the exit, where he was lectured (loudly), then was put on watch for the rest of the day that he was at the parks.


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        Re: What's happened to you?

        Well a brief overview of my best stories follows:
        ~Being grand marshal, Christmas eve, 2005
        ~going to club 33 twice
        ~A dream squad member taking me on like 5 or 6 rides at epcot with no wait
        ~a CM at the ESPN arcade playing like 7 games with me for free


        Welcome to micechat!


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          Re: What's happened to you?

          Hi Chelsea,

          Welcome to MC!

          My favorite encounter that has happened to my at DL was actually an interaction with Goofy and his CM friend. On my first trip to Disneyland, I was really looking forward to seeing Goofy (I just love 'em!). I was hanging around in Toontown after getting some food, waiting for him because I had just missed his previous appearance. I saw a CM walking through and asked when Goofy would be out; "should only be a few minutes", he said. Finally, the Goof came stumbling out to a CRAZY MOB of families. It was wild; parents were shoving their children towards him, stepping on people's toes, cutting... I couldn't believe it.

          As a 25 year old at the time, I felt really silly trying to fight the crowd for a hug and a photo with a character, so I started to back off and considered walking away. However, the CM that I talked with caught my eye gaze. All the sudden he yelled "okay everyone, I need you to make a nice single file line starting right behind this nice young woman" and pointed at me. I probably turned like 9 shades of red, embarrassed that I was taking precedence over little kids. However, I made it quick, got my hug, snapped a picture, and went on my way after a great big thank you to the CM.

          The moral of this story: Disneyland wouldn't work without the fabulous effort of CMs!!!

          Worst thing to happen was getting to the park on my first visit, expecting fireworks at night, only to have it canceled for a Quincenera celebration. Lesson learned: always check the calendar!!


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            Re: What's happened to you?

            Originally posted by Ckelef1 View Post
            when i was a little kid, i went to disneyworld and got yelled at by a CM on space mountain. i got a re-ride.
            the Disneyland CM are truly the best. i have a list of my favorites. btw,
            What was the reason for getting yelled at?

            Originally posted by Ckelef1 View Post
            WELCOME TO MICECHAT!!!!!
            Thank you. (:


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              Re: What's happened to you?

              Good stuff:
              -Having a random family give my family their "dream fastpasses" because they were leaving. We had the best night of our lives with those things. If you're on this board, thank you so much for your kind act!
              -Taking a tour on my last trip. I had so much fun I'm signed up for two more tours on my next trip.
              -Riding the Lilly Belle. Unfortunately, this was when my sister was sick so I was the only one out of my party who rode. I let two random strangers ride with me though because they were curious about the Lily Belle. Having them on the trip with me made it a little less awkward (even though I had never met them before, but they were nice people) and I'm sure I made them happy as well.
              -Taking a tender ride. So much fun!
              -I wanted to pin trade with a CM but first he asked me a trivia question. No one in my party knew the answer, so he told us the answer and then pulled out two Tinkerbell pins. I got one and my mom got one. I don't know what it is, but the pin itself is sparkly and says "where dreams come true" on it. It's sealed in plastic on a card that says "Where dreams come true... Just wanted to spread the magic by giving you this exclusive Pixie Dust pin. After all, this is the place where dreams come true." I decided that it's, in the words of my tour guide "a collecting pin, not a trading pin" and kept it sealed in the plastic. I'm not a Tinkerbell fan, but it's pretty cool that he gave me one of those.
              -Having a CM give me a front-of-the-line pass to Indiana Jones

              Bad stuff:
              -My stepdad getting sick
              -My sister having a "code v"

              I've never personally gotten yelled at by a CM, but when I went my senior year of high school for Magic Music Days, almost everyone in my PotC boat (who were all my classmates) thought it would be fun to stand up during the ride. I told them to sit down and they didn't listen to me until a voice came on over the intercom and told them to sit down. I was SO embarrassed. Why would you want to stand up on a ride anyway?
              Also, another student hit a crowd control CM with a plastic lightsaber and got kicked out of the park for the rest of the trip. He said it was boring having to sit in Downtown Disney while all his friends were in the parks, but dude, it's his own fault. If you're in high school you shouldn't go around smacking people with lightsabers like an ill-behaved child. Even when I was a child I knew better than to do that.


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