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Disney's American Adventure (Modified DCA)

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  • [Idea] Disney's American Adventure (Modified DCA)

    Before I begin, I want to say that after I brainstormed this idea, I ran across this idea from 2006 on another forum. LINK

    While we share quite a few ideas, all ideas here are my own, and though some are the same as the other thread, I came up with them on my own.

    First of all, this is a plan on a budget. This is a plan to convert DCA to a park that focused on the whole country as opposed to only California, which didn't work out very well. While saving money, this plan will also bring things to the Disney standard of excellence.

    Not too many things are to be changed. All the Hollywoodland things that are going in should remain, though someday I would like to see a new show in the Aladdin theater, possibly one set in the past in America. Hollywoodland will represent California in DAA, as California is still one of the great parts of the USA. This is mostly to save money, as once Hollywoodland transformation is completed, this area will be nice and up to the Disney standard. Ideally, Hollywood would never have been created at DCA, since it's only HALF AN HOUR DOWN THE ROAD!!! But we are going to leave it for the time being.

    The main entrance plaza will change according to plan as well, becoming part of Hollywoodland, though the focus will be on classic animation and the original WD features.

    Grizzly Creek Recreation Area will see a few changes, the main one being the location. It will move from California to Wyoming, becoming something like Yellowstone National Park. This really doesn't require a huge change at all, as beautiful national parks are not California-specific. Condor Flats will be integrated into GCRA, and Soarin will be redone as an adventure through America's most beautiful natural sights. Note the natural, as this is a national park area. The theme won't be flight, it will be a para sailing company. It will go over national parks and ocean waters all over the USA. This really won't require a big budget at all. Also, Taste Pilots Grill will be Nat'l Park themed as well. Note that the Condor Flats end can be themed as a different Nat'l Park so that it's not all the same, sort of how the Rivers of America at DL now change to different rivers.

    Paradise Pier will see the renovation finished, and will be converted into the 1920's, as is being done, but it will be on the EAST coast. Virginia, to be specific. This requires almost no change. Most piers in history were on the East coast anywho.

    Carsland will represent Arizona with its rockwork, and Route 66 as a whole. Again, not much change from the current plan.

    The Napa Valley vineyards area will become the American heartland, and as it is now, be rather tied in with the wharfs, which will be converted into Maine or near that area, with lobster and such dishes now being offered. (Not whole lobster, but some sort of lobster named dish. Cmon, kids don't want lobster.) A Bug's Land will fit into the heartland area, with a new focus on farming and bugs on a farm. So once more, not a huge change.

    And that brings me to the one big change: The San Francisco area. This will be converted into Colonial America, Philadelphia, circa 1775. during the American Revolution. I know this is at Epcot already, but really, not that many people can afford to visit both. The small backstage area and San Fran street will be converted into a colonial American street. The street will be full of shops on both sides, filled with things like a sewing shop, where American flags are being sewn. CMs are dressed in appropriate garb, and will hold storytimes telling children great stories about the American Revolution. (true stories.) Also, Paul Revere will ride down the street on occasion, shouting, "The British are coming!" He will be followed, of course, by a llama. No, I'm kidding. The British, of course! A small ??? (whatever its called) of British soldiers will do some sort of routine before the Minutemen come out with a band, and do some sort of song and dance routine to an American song, likely by Sousa. This will be as authentic as possible. There will be more shops to stop in, where you can meet famous patriots, and a shop dedicated to Benjamin Franklin, with the best of his inventions on display and waiting to be played with. In this land, there will be a D/E ticket attraction. If more room is needed, the Wine Country Trattoria can go. If budget is kept really low, this can be the American Adventure from EPCOT, but preferably this could be a new E-ticket attraction. Here's a not very well thought out idea for this attraction.
    Ride will incorporate the Pirates ride system. It will go into the structure for Grizzly peak, which will require some serious engineering. The path through the back of Grizzly peak will be removed to create more underground room. If possible, the area will be used to create an outdoor American Harbor to be the last scene of the ride. This harbor will be hidden from GPRR except for on the Grizzly River Rapids, if someone happens to be looking out for it.

    That's just a little idea. Overall, this is an idea to transform the park into an American Park. This still leaves plenty of room for improvement, but there is a lot more freedom with a broader theme like America. (Haha, get it? Freedom? ) And aside from the colonial America, it is not expensive at all. Feedback anyone? Please?

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    Re: Disney's American Adventure (Modified DCA)

    I think if this would have been done originally, it would have been a complete success. I really like your idea's are great. Knowing DCA prior to your ideas of construction, I don't think the changes would be that substantial.
    :ap: Next DL trip is in 2 WEEKS!!!!! :ap:


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      Re: Disney's American Adventure (Modified DCA)

      MiceAge's very own Al Lutz had this very idea all the way back in 2001.
      Is it time for Disney's America?


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        Re: Disney's American Adventure (Modified DCA)

        Gosh. Some of the ideas are identical. I'm glad I'm thinking on the right wavelength, since my goal is to someday be an Imagineer.


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          Re: Disney's American Adventure (Modified DCA)

          Cool ideas, but between Frontierland, NOS, Main Street USA and the Rivers of America I'd say DLR is chock full of "American Adventures" as is. California Adventure on it's own wasn't abad concept, they just made it on the cheap and shoved a bunch of crappy carny rides in it and called it Disney.


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            Re: Disney's American Adventure (Modified DCA)

            No, not a bad concept. Definitely under budgeted and poorly pulled off, but I think another reason for its failure was location. I feel no need to go to a poorly done Hollywood with the real one half an hour away. Why visit a fake pier when it's only a short drive to multiple real ones?

            (Though on occasion, these things do work well. I've heard the IMAX movie of the Grand Canyon at the Grand Canyon is a big hit. Mostly because Americans are lazy. But that wasn't the case with DCA.)