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  • Video fantasmic!

    HEres a link to the fantasmic debut may 28 2010. Its not my vid, nor is it in HD but i guess its better than nothing

    [ame=""]YouTube - Fantasmic! Disneyland May 28, 2010 Part 1[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- Fantasmic! Disneyland May 28, 2010 Part 2[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- Fantasmic! Disneyland May 28, 2010 Part 3[/ame]
    Originally posted by Coheteboy
    "Where are your hands?"

    "Between these two pillows"


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    Re: fantasmic!

    Thanks! Show is still looking as great as ever

    There's a reason it can pack in the crowds year after year!


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      Re: fantasmic!

      I always love the enthusiasm from the crowd. Thanks for sharing the vid.
      Home away from Home.


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        Re: fantasmic!

        Great vid! Too bad the side-angle shows the transformation of the Queen.
        Do do do do do do dodododododo!

        -My Electrical Parade Impersonation


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          Re: fantasmic!

          are the monkey raft thingys on a track?
          Originally posted by williamtheking

          DapperJoshua: when he reaches the pearly gates, he will be greeted by Jesus, who will say “OH! Hi there bestie!”
          Originally posted by Monorailorange33
          Wake up in the morning feeling like Dapperjosh, I got Mickey ears, Im out the door! Im gonna hit this park! Before i leave, brush my teeth, with a bottle of crest!
          Im talking, Get a fast pass for pooh, *Pooh*, Space Mnt. is a long wait too, *too*, Gonna take an hour just to get through, *through*
          Yeah.. Thunder Mnt. aint that long, *long*, dapper dan's still singing that song, *song*, Hope the wait time isn't loooooooong!
          -- that's my disney re-make of it.
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            Re: fantasmic!

            ^ No, there are boat pilots that sit in the under part of the barge.


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              Re: fantasmic!

              great to see the return video for this year. I saw a return show in November 2008, and then one of the last shows before the current refurb in January this year.

              I'll be back specifically to see this again. Best live show ever

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                Re: fantasmic!

                Here's my video that is in super HD. Side-by-Side Comparison with the new Dragon. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

                Fantasmic FINALE Comparision:

                [ame=]YouTube - Disneyland vs. Walt Disney World Fantasmic Finale comparison in HD 2009[/ame]

                [ame=]YouTube - Disneyland Fantasmic -New Dragon - Murphy - EXTREME HD[/ame]
                My Brand New Youtube channel -"SoCal ATTRACTIONS 360"


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                  Re: fantasmic!

                  When I was a CP I was able to take a pic of the steering wheel of the WDW Steamboat Willie


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                    Re: fantasmic!

                    Murphy actually seems to have back peddled a little. She pauses a little before she breaths fire, she is usually closer to mickey when she bends town while he speaks, and during the end when she is "dying", she mainly just bends back, while at the end of the F! season last year, she yanked her head left to right. He moves seem much more constricted.


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                      Re: fantasmic!

                      Thanks dude for posting my videos
                      the only bad thing was that i did film this in 1080p HD but my computer crash and it was a direct upload
                      My YouTube Channel


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