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Disney's Grand California Hotel


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  • [Pictures] Disney's Grand California Hotel

    Hey MiceChatters!

    I was just wondering if people had some really high-quality pictures of the GCH. I want different ones, Lobby, pool, looking over the park. Just want to see what it looks like these days!


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    Re: Disney's Grand California Hotel

    Sorry about the Picture quality. However, here is a recent pic of my breakfast from the 5th floor GCH "park View Room".
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      Re: Disney's Grand California Hotel

      This room is in the new (DVC) wing. The decor is slightly different than the older rooms.

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        Re: Disney's Grand California Hotel

        This is the only picture I have of the lobby:

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          Re: Disney's Grand California Hotel

          Okay, thanks everybody! I just miss what it looks like! Once you get a motorhome, you don't really have a reason to go into the hotel...


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            Re: Disney's Grand California Hotel

            Here's a few I shot recently.

            Hope that helps.
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              Re: Disney's Grand California Hotel

              Awesome pictures, everybody! :bow:

              You make me wanna go to Disneyland now so badly just to stay at this hotel.


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                Re: Disney's Grand California Hotel

                Great pics 15 days until I am staying at the DVC side of GCH sooo excited
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                  Re: Disney's Grand California Hotel

                  You want to see what it looks like or you want to use the pictures on your own website?

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