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Photos and observations from the DLR on 11/4/05


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  • Photos and observations from the DLR on 11/4/05

    The Christmas Tree is still backstage

    Sunglass Icon is now open

    The Monorail is back up and running

    So far, New Orleans Square, Frontierland and Toontown have been decorated for Christmas

    The walls for Santa's Reindeer Round Up have been moved, the Petting Zoo area has been uncovered, and it looks like they got new pavement in the area, but not decorated in any way. This might just be the path for the Festival Arena area for private events for the next few months. Also, the stagecoach in front of the area has been removed. Photos start at #121

    The fence is now covering the old BBQ area, and nothing much has been done here. Should be interesting to see where Santa actually ends up...

    Chicken Little and Abby Mallard are now featured guests at Toontown.

    Some great shots of what is going on behind the walls at the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area...(Photos 197 thru 201)

    This photo shows the installation of the fountain...

    In DCA, decorations are starting to show up on the Golden Gate Bridge, the main street on the Backlot, Flik's Fun Fair, and the San Francisco area.

    Work is being performed at the entrance to Animation, which has forced Drawn to the Magic to move down the street, near the entrance to the Hyperion.

    Looks like the DCA Christmas tree will not be placed in the Amphitheater, but instead at the Hub area where you can enter either Paradise Pier or the Pacific Wharf area (across from the Bathroom Row buildings).
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    Re: Photos and observations from the DLR on 11/4/05

    WOW I wish I could be there during christmas, makes me sad and blu nice pictures darkbeer


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      Re: Photos and observations from the DLR on 11/4/05

      I really have to start going to disneyland when it is decorated for christmas. In picture 210 was that picture of the sub and the squid always there?


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        Re: Photos and observations from the DLR on 11/4/05

        half the times ive gone to disneyland were when they had all their christmas stuff and i love it its really nice during that time. and now im going 11/18 so that will be another time i go during all the christmas stuff. yay!!! what makes it even better though is that im going with my hs marching band and we are marching in the christmas parade!!! yay!

        disneyland with band november 2005

        "Look!(shoots monkey)An undead monkey!" -jack sparrow


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          Re: Photos and observations from the DLR on 11/4/05

          I really like this picture, because it makes the tower of terror appear to be in front of the massive mural... making the building look very small.


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