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Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland


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  • Trip Report Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

    Well, here it is: I consulted some Micechatters here on Monday, and today on Wednesday I went ahead and did it. For all those here who know and love Kingdom Hearts, you're in for a treat. For those of you who don't, you can worry about my sanity later.

    Last weekend I had this urge to bring a keyblade to Disneyland and take pictures of various characters posing with it. Why? 'Cause it would be loads of fun, that's why. And there is a distinct lack of official KH love in the park.

    So on Monday I made a keyblade out of a cardboard tube and foam.

    I made it so that it could be broken apart into small sections and be easily assembled and disassembled as well as fit into my bag.

    I arrived at Disneyland around 10:00am with my friend. Initial security check had no issue with the contents of my bag. I met with another friend on the Main Street Porch, where I assembled my newest creation to show her.

    The day went great. Walking around with the keyblade, I got a ton of comments and "Where did you get that?"s. I had to keep telling people, "I didn't buy it, I made it," which tells me that Disney's really missing out by not selling these things in park. Seriously Disney, it wouldn't hurt to pay some attention to Kingdom Hearts. Don't just leave the merchandising to Japan. There's a big market for it here. Really.

    I even had a couple people ask to take a picture of it. I wonder if I would've gotten into trouble for that... >___>

    The first character I found was Chip. By himself, with no Dale - which was disappointing, because I had a sketch of both of them that I wanted autograped for my collection. Either way, I got Chip's autograph and then asked if he might pose with my keyblade. His handler seemed more excited about that prospect than Chip himself was, but he took a cute pic anyway.

    Pretty soon after that, we were walking through the park and spotted Alice and Hatter by Snow White's Wishing Well, so we stood in line. As soon as it was my turn, they both point excitedly at the keyblade and Alice goes, "We found the key to the castle!!" Upon saying this she takes the keyblade and darts off to the Castle's tunnel to fantasyland, where she tried to use it to open up the large wooden doors in there. I snapped a couple pictures (though right afterward I realized I'd been doing so with the flash on -- I hope I didn't blind her or anything. )

    When that didn't do the trick, she asked me what the key was used for. I tell her that it's a key for everything, even for unlocking hearts, and I suggest that she try it on Hatter. She runs back to the meet and greet area and attempts to do that.

    Hatter doesn't seem very amused, but I am.

    We decided to swing by Frontierland to see if Woody and Jessie were out in their usual area. They weren't, but I managed to see someone I don't often see - Pocahontas! Curses for me not drawing her when I said I would.. I could've gotten another autograph. >:/

    Though I'm not sure the Keyblade suits her very well.. Sorry Pocahontas.

    Next I tried Aladdin. He didn't want to pose with it, so instead I took a pic with me holding it next to him. (I think there's some kind of rule for characters regarding posing with props.. Phooey.)

    Then we actually did catch up with Woody and Jessie. I had a sketch for Jessie to sign (a cute one with her and Buzz - I'm going to upload it to DeviantART shortly!) and then they pointed to my Keyblade. I gave it to them, and they started playing around with it. I think Jessie knew what it was, but Woody looked a little confused.

    (in the picture above, Woody had just finished turning the keyblade like a wind-up key in Jessie's back, and she's dancing.)

    Goofy. Ah, Goofy. Now this guy was a fan! As soon as he saw the Keyblade he went nuts and motioned for me to give it to him. He took it and immediately held it high in the air with both hands all dramatic-like. Then he proceeded to swing it around like Sora's combo move. He added a 360 turn at the end which resulted in the top section of the keyblade being lobbed off...

    But we put it back together and it was a-okay. He played around with it some more. I should have been taking video. I will forever be mad at myself for such a missed opportunity.

    Next we found Buzz, who agreed to pose with the keyblade after he autographed my pic of him and Jessie.

    And Pluto. D'awwwww...

    After this, I hung around Town Square for a bit to see if I could find Donald or someone else. I chatted a bit with Bert (from Mary Poppins) and a character-handler-cast-member who was apparently a KH fan.

    During this time is when The Man came down and killed my fun.

    A security guard came up to me and asked about the key. I assured him it was just cardboard and foam, but he asked me about "the story behind it." I replied that it was something from a Disney video game. He then proceeded to tell me that "due to its size" it wasn't allowed inside the park, and that I needed to take it apart and keep it in my bag or put it in a locker until I left for the day.

    Well I certainly didn't want to argue with Disneyland security, so I complied gloomily and the guard left. Bert and the other cast member I was talking to came to sympathize with me. I'm glad someone was on my side. x3

    So I decided that my day at Disneyland was coming to a close. But still, there was something I knew I needed to do before I dared exit the park. I headed over to Toontown and slipped into a certain mouse's house in order to meet a certain Yoda-like King of the World Order.

    The line was long, but I managed. When it was finally my turn, I went up and asked Mickey if I could get a special photo request. I showed him the keyblade necklace I was wearing and asked if he knew what it was. He shook his head no, but wanted me to tell him. "It's from a video game that you're in!" I said, and he covered his eyes like he was embarassed that he forgot. (It's okay Your Majesty, Kingdom Hearts messes with people's memories sometimes for continuity's sake. :P) I then told him that I had a big version of that key in my bag, and asked if I took it out would he pose for a picture with it? He agreed, and I took out the pieces from my bag and assembled the keyblade once again, to the intrigue of the family behind me in line.

    King Mickey, everyone!!!

    He gave me a hug, a kiss, and a bow as he handed back the keyblade like a gentleman handling a sword (D'aww!) and I was very much satisfied. I was sure to put it back in my bag right after I left the meet and greet area, and then I met up with my friend again for the ride back home at about 3:30pm.

    And thus ended my Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland. I had a blast getting as far as I did, but I probably won't be trying this again, at least not for a long time. I do hope the cast members had fun with it too, and that I didn't weird any of them out or cause too much trouble.

    Seriously though, Disney - you gotta sell these things.

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    Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

    Cute story. I'm surprised Security didn't stop you sooner though.

    Great pictures.

    Now go clean up your room. That desk is a mess.


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      Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

      this is too awesome.. and i dont even play the Kingdom Hearts games!


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        Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland


        You actually went through with it!!
        I'm so proud of you! And it came out perfect!
        You go girl!


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          Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

          WOW! that is so awesome i love kingdom hearts..even though i suck at it. I always thought that they should sell keyblades at disneyland but then i got hit in the face with a lightsaber and i changed my mind XP so yea thats awesome!
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            Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

            wow very cool!


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              Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

              Originally posted by DapperJoshua View Post
              WOW! that is so awesome i love kingdom hearts..even though i suck at it. I always thought that they should sell keyblades at disneyland but then i got hit in the face with a lightsaber and i changed my mind XP so yea thats awesome!
              Well, if they made the keyblades out of the same stuff I made mine out of, it'd hurt a whole lot less than those hard plastic sabers and pirate swords they already sell. =3 I was whapping myself on the head with the tip of this thing all day and it couldn't deal any kind of damage..

              Guess it's a pretty lousy weapon then, eh? :P


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                Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

                Originally posted by TDASuit View Post
                Cute story. I'm surprised Security didn't stop you sooner though.
                Shocked also,
                but glad you had fun
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                  Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

                  So many kudos! That put such a huge smile on my face! Great job on that Keyblade!

                  I agree, Disney is losing money not merchandising this stuff in the parks. Sigh. I guess I'll stick to Hot Topic for my KH needs for now.


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                    Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

                    :bow:That...was...awesome. :bow:

                    I'm glad you decided to go through with it and received such a positive response from the characters (and handlers).
                    Feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook (Just mention MiceChat)

                    "The thing that makes us different is our way of thinking, our judgement and experience acquired over the years. Giving it 'heart.' Others haven't understood the public. We developed a psychological approach to everything we do here. We seem to know when to 'tap the heart.' Others have hit the intellect. We can hit them in an emotional way. Those that appeal to the intellect only appeal to a very limited group. Let's not let the mechanics get in here and foul the whole thing." -Walt Disney


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                      Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

                      WARNING: KH nerd moment below

                      I read the title of this thread and started bouncing in my desk chair!!!
                      As my slow computer attempted to load the page I hoped that I hadn't misread the title in my haste/obsession with KH )

                      This is so AWESOME!!! I'm super jealous that you made your own keyblade AND was able to get characters to POSE with it!!!

                      Like, Mickey?!! :thumbup:

                      :bow: Very nice!!!
                      Peace Love Eeyore


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                        Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

                        Pretty awesome story and great pics. Quite the success!

                        Thanks for sharing it with us. If you have any future escapades with the Keyblade, do share them with us!


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                          Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

                          OHMYGOSH!!!!!!! You are seriously my HERO!!!

                          Hahaha this filled my heart up with warm fuzzies, and made me hug my kingdom hearts blanket tight. Ohhhh I'm such a KH nerd! I want a key blade so bad

                          I wish you had gotten some Princesses with it. That would have been awesome.


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                            Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

                            Great job on that keyblade! How cool that you have pictures with the characters, making your creation even more special.

                            I too agree in that KH keyblades would have a following in the parks. Like if it were to be made out of funoodle type stuff and maybe slightly smaller, it would make a cool summer souvenir. Who knows, maybe someday. Still it's pretty cool that you made one that got plenty of attention.

                            Thanks for sharing your neat TR with us.
                            Always looking for new Disney friends.


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                              Re: Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland

                              So the security guy's only problem was that it was too big? Maybe you should buy a lightsabre and alter it to look like a keyblade. Then he couldn't really say anything since it'd be the same size as something sold in the park.

                              Good job and great picture =)


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