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Are the prefered viewing meals worth it.


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  • [Question] Are the prefered viewing meals worth it.

    As I've bee reading some of the post specificaly about the viewing area it looks to me like even if you get a red blue or yellow you still can get on the very front of the board walk if you were to get there right when they opened up the viewing area. Is my thinking wrong. Is there a really good reason to spend $40 for something that it looks like I could get a front row spot semi easy?
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    Re: Are the prefered viewing meals worth it.

    The "worth" of something is in the eye of the beholder...

    You are not just paying $40 for a viewing spot. You are getting a nice meal out of it too.

    Considering that you would pay almost $40 for a NY strip steak meal inside the Blue Bayou, then spending $40 for a NY strip steak at the Trattoria and getting a reserved viewing area for WOC makes the dining pkg look like a sweet deal.

    We did just that for the 9pm show on opening night. Without that, I doubt that we would have been able to see the show (standing around at 8am waiting and hoping for FP's or standing in a spot for three hours is not our cup of tea), so yes, it was worth it for us...


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      Re: Are the prefered viewing meals worth it.

      The ny steak was horrible, horrible, sent it back and got a second horrible one. The BB steak is much better. However, the short ribs were fantastic, some of the best food I've ever had at Disneyland. Of course i hate eating in the park anyway. Favorite restaurant is by far storytellers, even when the park is busy, its out of the way, slower pace, and better service..but i digress..

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        Re: Are the prefered viewing meals worth it.

        We opted for the picnic dinner. That is the way to go IMHO. For $13 apiece we had a nice, informal dinner, seated on a lovely shaded patio. Included in the $13 was a bottled water or soda (a $3 value) and a great reusable tote (a $3 value as well). We arrived a 5:00 pm and didn't have to get over to the park first thing in the morning--which wasn't going to be easy!! We ate our dinners and strolled around DCA. We kept an eye on the situation and when we saw at 6:30 that people were clustering at the barrier--we joined them. About fifteen minutes later they moved the barriers and we all flowed to our color waiting queue. So far, so good. Another 30 minutes later they allowed us into our colored areas. We were in yellow. We were about ten people back in the yellow queue and went to the third tier back, as we did not want to get soaked. We were directly next to the preferred dining area, but our view was a bit better as we had a flower bed directly in front of us and the preferred dining is just a sea of people. The people standing near us had used the preferred dining method the evening before and confirmed that this view was better.

        My advice. Get the showpass if you are early birds, get the pcnic if you aren't. Ignore the time frame on the tickets and be prepared to stand in a cluster then a line starting at 6:30-6:45.

        The show was great, the technology is amazing, we had a practically perfect time!!


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          Re: Are the prefered viewing meals worth it.

          Thanx RetroMouse.. that was probably the most informative post as to how to go and see the the show that I've seen posted, very simple. I am still probably going to wait a few weeks before I try and take on the madness unless people start posting here that the situation has improved. Still trying to figure out the best wat to go about seeing the show. I have F! viewing down to a scienece and can get to my regular viewing location and enjoy that show without any problem.. Just seems like so much hassle and bad viewing areas for WOC I am not sure if I am ready to take it on yet. I didn;t even go to the parks at all this weekend which is rare for me but I was afraid the parks would such a mess I wasn't in the modo to deal.

          I may try the picnic meal OR just get up early next Staurday, head fover for a FP and then go back later in the day to see the show (OR may wait for weeks) still not sure


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            Re: Are the prefered viewing meals worth it.

            I have a WOC fix prixe reservation @ AG this Sunday. I'll make sure to write up a review when I get back.

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              Re: Are the prefered viewing meals worth it.

              Originally posted by GrumpyDude View Post
              Thanx RetroMouse.. that was probably the most informative post as to how to go and see the the show that I've seen posted, very simple.
              My pleasure!

              I know what you mean about knowing exactly where to go, when to go and everything for F!, but give this one a try.

              My worry was that if we waited too long they would start taking thing out of the show and we would never really see it as it was meant to be seen! We saw F! that first summer and then waited several years before seeing it again and some great things were no longer there! (Giant Ursula, I am talking about you!)


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