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Who was Paul Pressler and what did he have to do with Disneyland?

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    Not only did Pressler and La Harrissssss break the hearts of Disneyland fans. They were responsible for deaths on the Columbia and Big Thunder Mountain due to their irresponsible maintenance policies.

    Consequently, I have not shopped at a Banana Republic, Gap, or Old Navy store since they arrived.

    Larry Poppins


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      In the news today, the Gap just posted it's returns... and all though there is a 3 percent improvement in their shareholder returns... Sales are slumping... (We've seen this before right?)

      Below are two links for those of you who would like to like to keep track on how BAD a manager he continues to be...
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        Hey, Sarah Jessica Parker costs a lot of money.
        I don't do GAP, but I do buy a few $5, 4-July t-shirts at Old Navy every year. I even bought a $5 St Pat's Day shirt.


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          :bow: Hail Matt Ouimet, the savior of Disneyland!:bow:


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            Beware of the Evil One ! The Dark Sith Lord of Disney!

            Originally posted by imagineer boy
            Paul Pressler was by far the most notoriouse and evil executive The Walt Disney company has ever hired. He was even worse than Eisner, which is saying alot. He was the President of the Disneyland resort for a few years in the ninties. He made several un needed budget cuts that slashed the resort. Lack of maintenence, paint peeling, and poor quality products all resulted from the budget cuts. ya know how bad the tomorrowland rehab turned out? Yep, all because of his close budgets. Also as a result, the sailing ship columbia was left un maintained for years, and then the wood became so rotten, that on rope snapped and flew into the heads of a few people on the deck, killing them. THis was the first ever Disney caused accident in the history of Disney theme parks. And what does Eisner do? He PROMOTES him to president of all Disney parks in general. All parks suffered under his wrath. And DL suffered even more under the reighn of the mistress of all evil, Cynthia Harrisssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Now he's gone for good working at GAP. Now, the great Matt Ouimet has replaced him and is twice the president Paul Pressler will ever be.
            You speak of the unholy Sith Lord of Disneyland. Darth Presslerous, he was of the mind that people came to Disney Parks for the Merchandise !!!

            those silly characters and those ride thingy's were purely secondary attractions in his book.

            Take a look at the park today and his wrath can still be seen - He even tried to Kill Indy Jones before it was built. Thankfully the money was already allocated.

            Good riddance I say, may not another Disneyland manager stray to the Dark side of the force. I think Eisner was his Father. "this is a fully functioning Death Star"

            Hail Matt "Skywalker" Quimet and Greg "Solo" Emmer for restoring order and promise to the universe.


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              Originally posted by cellarhound
              In the news today, the Gap just posted it's returns... and all though there is a 3 percent improvement in their shareholder returns... Sales are slumping... (We've seen this before right?)

              Below are two links for those of you who would like to like to keep track on how BAD a manager he continues to be...




              Sounds like a good time to start the slash and burn philosophy Pressler loves so much.
              Expand, Expand, Expand - OOPS !!! CUT CUT CUT!!!

              I am glad reason and sense has been restored to the Disney Parks Hierarchy.

              Long live the King!!! - Hail to The King of Disneyland - Matt Quimet.



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                You are right Orcatime, but They do deserve our cheers and undying praises right now just for saving the park before it crumbled to the ground.

                The serious accidents that have taken lives, and severely injured others can all be traced back to maintinence or lack of training. It caused over forty years of public faith in the company to be shaken to its foundation. That is the legecy of Paul Pressler.
                Goin around the world...and back to Disneyland!


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                  Originally posted by Mr. Eggz
                  He only sets short term goals. Wait a few years, I bet GAP will fall apart. The man has no vision.
                  Based on the Motley Fool article and the CNN article, perhaps it has started already. I do agree that less innovation is reqired to run a retail outlet than a much-loved theme park, but I think his short-sighted style will get him in the end. I just can't belive that selfish behavior will breed success.
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                    How many orange T shirts and fleece can you have in your life? I think it's sooooo funny when they announce suede, the button down shirt, or denim in a really serious way as a fresh new idea you MUST run out and get.
                    "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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                      Give the man some credit. The ANAHEIM Angels won the world series on his watch ......
                      "She's taking everything. She's taking the house, she's taking the kid, she's taking the dog. IT'S NOT EVEN HER DOG. IT'S MY DOG! SHE'S TAKING . . . MY DOG!"
                      - Ron Livingston, "Band of Brothers"


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                        Originally posted by Giant Panda
                        Give the man some credit. The ANAHEIM Angels won the world series on his watch ......
                        Of course they were for sale at the time...
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                          Pressler was indeed the worst thing that has happened to Disneyland - ever...

                          I must disagree with those who think Paul Pressler is anything remotely resembling a good retailer. Sure he expanded the Disney Stores. Why did they fail? Primarily because they offered crap. Ask former employees (excuse me, cast members - yeah right) of the stores what they thought. I used to buy Disney items, but stopped when all that was available were slave-labor manufactured plush characters from animated features that were not all that good to begin with. He pushed the trinkets to an all-time low. Sure, they sold in the park - people want souvenirs. But the stores expanded until they collapsed under the weight of market glut - something I don't think he ever understood. He closed the unique stores in the park because they were not as "profitable". He never understood that their presence contributed greatly to the magic and that experience is golden. Short term-thinking nearly did to the park what the poorly maintained attractions did to guests... And yes - real merchandisers understand vision and long-term thinking, but only if they want their operation to be around in ten or more years. The retailers with no vision are in it for the maximum they can take and move on - not caring about what scorched earth they leave behind. This was Paul Pressler, and to a similar extent - Eisner himself.

                          As a shareholder I am most offended because I see Paul Pressler's reign as a reverse mortgage. Sure we got some extra capital out when times were lean, but at the end you no longer have the assets that got you the money in the first place. The man was selling the seed corn... I'm happy to see him gone both in my role as a guest and as a shareholder. Eisner is next.


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                            Originally posted by FigmentJedi
                            Paul Pressler was a evil being created by the evil sorceror known by some as Judge Doom.
                            You know, I've often wondered wjat it would have been like to see Paul Pressler become the cartoon character we always knew he was. Like Doom at the end of Roger Rabbit.

                            Paul Pressler:
                            When I dreamed up California Adventure...(his voice growing squeakier with every word) I talked just(pause) like(pause) thisssssssss!
                            :sc:-"Enjoy the rest of your stay here at Disneyland, where all of your dreams come true...well except for two of them, short lines and cheap food.":sc: