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What is your favorite Disneyland book?


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  • [Question] What is your favorite Disneyland book?

    And why is it your favorite? I want to start reading on the history of Disneyland, Walt, and guides and such... But I kind of want to avoid the boring dull ones.

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    Re: What is your favorite Disneyland book?

    The Nickel Tour. Bar None.

    There simply is no better "general" history of the Park, with more photos, stats and trivia than you would find in ten other DL books.

    When you're ready for something more scholarly (i.e., "boring" and "dull,"), you can check out "Designing Disney's Theme Parks," edited by Karal Ann Marling.

    In the mean time, start saving for Nickel Tour now.
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      Re: What is your favorite Disneyland book?

      1. Nickel Tour as Steve Said. Expensive but worth every penny.
      2. Disneyland the Inside Story by Randy Bright. Not quite as good as TNT but a must for any DL fan
      3. Unofficial Disneyland Encylopedia. Missing a few things but fantastic resource about the history and offerings in DL

      Beyond that, there are many official books released every few years, including a very good new one called "Disneyland Through the Decades: A Photographic Celebration." I believe it came out within the last couple of weeks and there are two versions available. Standard for $24.99 and Deluxe for $99.99. The latter comes with a hard slipcover/shell and add'l collectibles inside the book.

      If you are interested in other park books, I'd suggest the following:
      EPCOT - Walt Disney's Epcot Center by Abrams
      DL Paris - Disneyland Paris from Sketch to Reality by Alain Littaye
      WDW - Since the World Began by Jeff Kurtti
      DAK - The Making of Disney's Animal Kingdom by Melanie Malmberg

      ...and one very cool overlooked book called One Day At Disney (no Author listed) that covers a 24 hour period and what is happening at each park each hour. For example, it starts at Disneyland at midnight while it's 9am at Disneyland Paris, 3am at WDS & 5pm at TDL. Neat concept for a book and pulled off very well.


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        Re: What is your favorite Disneyland book?

        I love Mouse tales part 1 and 2... im reading a great one now called "mouse trap"
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          Re: What is your favorite Disneyland book?

          the Haunted Mansion book( dont remember the title)
          it was intresting to read about the plans and concepts for the ride
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            Re: What is your favorite Disneyland book?

            I loved the first couple of Mouse Tales, too. The Nickel Tour is excellent for a pictorial guide through the many changes of Disneyland. I also love the souvenir books that have been available throughout the years.
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              Re: What is your favorite Disneyland book?

              Disneyland: The Nickel Tour
              Disneyland: The Inside Story
              Disneyland: The First Quarter Century
              Wisdom: The Wisdom of Walt Disney (source of Walt quotes on Disneyland)
              The Magic Kingdom: Walt Disney and the American Way of Life
              John Hench: By Design


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