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Celebrate Fantasmic!


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  • [Pictures] Celebrate Fantasmic!

    no, this thread isn't about celebrating Fantasmic!, as much as i'd like to (love the show!). it's simply a photo thread of the Celebrate parade and Fantasmic, separately.

    i didn't have enough pictures to write an entire Trip Report, nor was the day at all fantastic enough to warrant for one. so here are simply a bunch of pictures!


    still not the biggest fan of this 'parade,' but i decided to watch it in its entirety just because a friend of mine recently got casted in it.

    she's actually waving at me.. but i think it's more fun to caption it as "NO PICTURES PLEASE."

    the super energetic Celebrate host. where does he get his energy? whatever it is, i want some.

    alice again having a grand ol' time

    peeno cheeo

    ha. caught her mid-lyric.

    this is why practicing facials are important. i sent this to my friend in the parade, who then sent this picture to her herself. she was incredibly embarrassed!

    geppetto! not gonna lie - his dancing skills were crazy awesome.

    guess whooo?

    <3 mickey
    his complexion is really nice. he must moisturize.

    someone went a bit crazy with the hair gel...

    finally spotted my friend! too bad i was on the exiting side and only got to see him as the parade left..


    i actually got to the viewing area later than i wanted.. we JUST entered the park as the fireworks ended.. i was sure i wouldn't get a good seat, but lo and behold.. i got my normal front-center seating area! amazing!

    he looks like he's doing a cheesy disco dance.. work those hips P!

    evilness at its BEST!

    spoke too soon.

    the obligatory murphy-breathing-fire picture.


    belle and the beast. check out their colors.. anyone ever stop to think maybe they are SD Chargers fans?

    snow looking as great as ever considering she's 73 years old.

    can't go wrong with the fabulous disney characters!

    they have some nerve showing their faces in the pixar in the park hating DLR forums! (but for the record, i love pixar in the parks)

    been tyring forever to get this shot.. so im kinda bummed that in my franticness, i jiggled the camera a little.. sad days.. ill get a better pic one day

    mickey drowning in a sea of fire, pyro, lasers, and water.

    he looks like he's floating on clouds

    so after spending almost an entire day at the parks with nothing but FAILED attempts at everything we were there for (WoC fastpasses ran out, Lakers didn't show up for rumored victory parade, Space Mountain fastpasses ran out)....... being able to watch Fantasmic, especially with someone who hasn't seen murphy or the show up front for the first time, made up for the rest of the day.

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    Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

    There are some really great pictures in there and the commentary is funny.


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      Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

      I laughed at the picture where you said it looked like Mickey was drowning. Love the pictures and the commentary! I'd love to see more!


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        Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

        Really, really impressive shots. I wish my fantasmic ones came out half as good.
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          Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

          Wow! High Def pictures, makes one feel like they are right there. Do post more soon please.


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            Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

            Great pictures and commentary (like always!) I always look forward to your threads!
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              Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

              Absoultely Fantastic plagued! The one with mickey blurred in the background behind the pyro and hyrdo is insane. Terrific.
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                Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!


                & nice pics!
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                  Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

                  ^lol . Really good pictures dude.
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                    Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

                    I want the Celebrate host's jacket!!!

                    Awesome pic of Murphy!


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                      Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

                      Thanks for those GREAT shots, Plagued! I just shot Fantasmic a couple weeks ago, and it can be very challenging to get decent shots. Yours are amazing! Keep up the good work, and please feel free to post more!


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                        Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

                        Wow.. Awesome pictures, Byron!!


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                          Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

                          Once again....:bow:

                          Awesome...just absolutely wonderful....and just for the record Belle and Beast are right on.....Go Chargers!!!
                          Thanks for posting...keep them coming always love your pictures
                          Vacation...Counting Down the Days...Disneyland Here I Come:thumbup:


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                            Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

                            I absolutely HATE to be the one to ask this but...
                            It seems in a lot of the entertainment around the park, the woman seem to be a little... well... manish...
                            Is it possible there are some flamboyant men portraying women during these shows?


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                              Re: Celebrate Fantasmic!

                              Thanks for the awesome pictures. Even your worst ones are better than anything I've ever taken of Fantasmic!
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