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Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28


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  • Trip Report Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

    Just came back from a Girl's Only trip to "the land"! Here's the first day of our trip report. Enjoy! More to come....


    Roll Call: DrAlice (last trip -10/08) & Ducky4Donald (last trip - 7/07)

    Day 1 (Wednesday, 6/23):

    Drive, drive, get stuck in traffic, drive some more (took us 9+ hours from the Sacramento area!!!)
    Throw stuff in the room and go to the parks!!! :yea:


    Rides/Attractions (in order of my memory, ha!):

    oCastle Walk-throughoMad Tea Partyo

    Haunted MansionoPirates of the Caribbean - the crab was present and pinching!

    oDisneyland Railroad


    Fantasmic! - (First viewing since the changes) Loved it! As far as we could tell, everything seemed to work and looked great!
    oThank you, thank you, thank you to the group of off-duty cast
    members that let us sit with them in their favorite spot!! We had a
    great view of the show!! You rock!!:bow:

    We had a great time on Wednesday, despite being fairly exhausted from the drive down. We managed to stay until midnight and then dragged our tired butts back to the hotel to rest for the next day.

    A note on Stovall's: Our room was on the Coco's side of the hotel and directly faced the door to the kitchen. This doesn't seem like a bad thing until you are awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of Coco's employees dragging the dumpster around and throwing garbage into it. Our recommendation: bring earplugs!!! Oh, and don't forget to turn your A/C on - we came back to a very hot room. Oopsie.

    Tune in tomorrow for a report of our World of Color adventures.... Same bat time, same bat channel... yadda yadda...

    DL Trips: '78, '84, '89, '90, '91, '96, '03, '06, '07(x2), '08, '10(x2), '12, '14, '15, '16
    DW Trips: '08
    International parks: Some day...

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    Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

    9 hours driving to DL? and i thought 45mins was far for me.
    thanks for the trip report


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      Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

      More! =D


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        Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

        We want more! Loving it!
        "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." -Henry David Thoreau


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          Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

          Keep them comin!
          Home away from Home.


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            Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

            awesome ! more plz. and that was nice of them to let you sit with them . oh and was that a real thing the guinea pig thing?
            Imagination is more important than knowledge.--Albert Einstein


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              Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

              Wonderful TR! I can't wait to go next Friday! 1 entire week!


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                Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

                Originally posted by esquivel View Post
                awesome ! more plz. and that was nice of them to let you sit with them . oh and was that a real thing the guinea pig thing?
                It's on a "bulletin board" in innoventions by the health games. My husband was always part of studies in college (for extra money - ha!) so I thought it was really funny. You know, it's the little details like that at Disneyland that make it so cool.

                Ok, day 2 is on its way......
                DL Trips: '78, '84, '89, '90, '91, '96, '03, '06, '07(x2), '08, '10(x2), '12, '14, '15, '16
                DW Trips: '08
                International parks: Some day...


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                  Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

                  HEY!!! How's come I didn't get invited to the girls only trip?... oh ya.. wrong plumbing... Glad you ladies had a GREAT trip!


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                    Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

                    Ok, here is Day 2. It has lots of pics!! Toward the bottom is a recount of our World of Color extravaganza. Hope you enjoy!


                    World of Color day for us!

                    * The gates opened at 9:30am and we made our way to the rope between Grizzly Peak and Bugs Land. Rope Drop was at 10am.

                    Rides/Attractions (again, in order of memory - which is not improving with age!)
                    oToy Story Midway Mania!)

                    ooMulholland Madness (Ouch! My knees get banged up every time!)
                    oWe stared at Fun Wheel and Silly Symphony Swings

                    divers working on WOC show platform

                    oGolden Zephyr - "rapid fire" on-ride photos in 3, 2, 1:

                    Silly Symphony Swings

                    World of Color viewing area (Paradise Park)

                    The Little Mermaid ride construction (can't wait!!!)

                    Route 66 area construction

                    oAnimation Academy

                    oAladdin :lol:

                    oMonsters, Inc.

                    oBlue Sky Cellar Preview Center

                    Model of the ride

                    Concept Art of the layout of the ride

                    oRedwood Creek Challenge Trail

                    Rock climbing Snow White.... only at the Disneyland Resort! )

                    oWorld of Color!!!

                    oAfter dinner, we took ourselves and FastPasses to the viewing area (around 7:30pm)

                    oBy 8:15pm, the crowds looked like this:

                    oPreshow entertainment was fun! We were in the Mike section. :thumbup:

                    Almost time to start!!!!

                    ooOur microreview of the show (small spoiler alert!
                    Comments on the viewing area

                    Behind the show

                    Under the Silly Symphony Swings
                    AT ALL

                    Between viewing area and the Golden Zephyr

                    GLOW Fest


                    DL Trips: '78, '84, '89, '90, '91, '96, '03, '06, '07(x2), '08, '10(x2), '12, '14, '15, '16
                    DW Trips: '08
                    International parks: Some day...


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                      Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

                      Day 3 – Friday, 6/25 – Disneyland, part 2!

                      Here’s what we did:

                      Star Tours - Ducky4Donald, not having ridden in years, wanted to ride before the upcoming changes. This ride makes DrAlice pukey, so she went to get Space Mountain Fastpasses while Ducky rode. Unfortunately, Ducky4Donald realized that this ride now makes her pukey too. :yuck:
                      It’s too bad, this ride is really fun. Stupid carsickness.

                      Captain EO – Wow, this is just as lame as I remember. Hahaha… Michael Jackson was such a force when it came to music and dance. Not so much with the acting. “HOOTER!” *whine whine whine*

                      Space Mountain
                      - We both realized that our trip was lacking something – we hadn’t ridden this yet!!! NOW, we are having a Disney vacation. :yea:

                      (Sorry to whoever's face I blocked with my arm - oopsie!)

                      Explorer Canoes – our guide was upstaged by the baby ducks.. haha

                      Mark Twain – enjoyed checking out the new additions; the mountain lions that people complained about initially have been overgrown by the plants now – they don’t looks so bad.

                      real duck on a fake moose – ha!

                      Haunted Mansion
                      – hurry baaaaack.. (Leota still floating, hidden mickey still there)

                      Pirates - at some point during our trip, the Davy Jones fog projection wasn't working - just a dark tunnel

                      Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room
                      – Let’s all sing like the birdies sing…

                      – believe it or not, this was our first Main St. vehicle ride! We rode the return trip (hub to town square)

                      Disney Gallery – Yay! Glad it is back – even if it’s not in the right place. :cwink:

                      Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln – Are we the only ones that think having a giant poster of Miley Cyrus placed right after the patriotic moments of Lincoln a little jarring??? Really? Miley Cyrus?

                      Lunch at – Ducky4Donald had the meatloaf, DrAlice had the steak melt. Both were yummy!! (And reasonably priced!) And apparently we were really hungry, because I didn’t take my typical food pictures.

                      Disneyland Railroad to Fantasyland – on our way to watch the parade

                      Time for the parade!

                      Celebrate! A street party – We enjoyed this, despite it not being a typical parade. The dancers were awesome, and the whole atmosphere was very fun.

                      Overheard conversation: “Her hopes are dashed because the cast member said they only let little kids dance on the street” “Oh, we’ll just see about that!” Unfortunately, we moved so I don’t know if she got her wish or not. haha

                      It’s a small world

                      Finding Nemo Submarines – (Ducky4Donald’s first ride!) Somewhere, beyond the sea…

                      Monorail – Our first ride on the Mark VII

                      Billy Hill and the Hillbillies – Love these guys! Did the show get shorter, or was it our imagination?

                      The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur but it included some combination of the following:

                      * Dinner of carried-in sandwiches, wheat thins, and trail mix
                      * Ice cream from the walk-up counter on the old flower market street
                      * Pin shopping

                      Thunder Mountain Railroad (many times that evening!) – watch that goat!! At some point during the night, the exhaustion silliness set in. DrAlice got to laughing mid-ride and couldn't stop. If you saw a 30-something crying at the end of the ride, she wasn't scared, she just couldn't stop laughing. (This was followed by a quick jog to the "potty ride".):lmao:

                      Haunted Mansion


                      Tarzan’s Treehouse (It will always be the Swiss Family Treehouse to us!!)

                      Indiana Jones

                      Jungle Cruise – had an AWESOME skipper, but didn’t catch his name

                      Space Mountain

                      Mad Tea Party

                      Matterhorn – we tried sitting by ourselves for the first time. Both of us were thrown around our bobsled, and both of us got banged up. Either sitting by yourself is not a good idea, or we are getting old.

                      Another fun-filled day..... Next up, Day 4: California Adventure, Part 2. This includes many trips to the animation academy, the Pixar Play Parade, and a visit to the opening show of Glowfest. Until next time....

                      - Dr.A
                      Last edited by DrAlice; 07-01-2010, 11:16 AM. Reason: Type-o!!
                      DL Trips: '78, '84, '89, '90, '91, '96, '03, '06, '07(x2), '08, '10(x2), '12, '14, '15, '16
                      DW Trips: '08
                      International parks: Some day...


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                        Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

                        Great TR so far, good reading + nice pics.


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                          Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

                          Nice TR.....thanks for posting....


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                            Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

                            Oopsie Note: Ok, after I looked at my pictures again, I realized that we watched the opening show of GlowFest on Day 5, not Day 4. Sorry that I lied in the last post. If you really want to see that section (I know you are just clamoring to see dudes in fluorescent Marvin Martian helmets), you will just have to wait for the next post. Anyhoo, on to Day 4!!

                            Toy Story Midway ManiaCalifornia Screamin

                            Ducky4Donald ready to face her fear!

                            We were both pretty terrified as our bucket slowly climbed up to the top. But then you know what happened? We realized that we had a great view of the Cars Land construction and we were suddenly distracted from the fear of heights. Nerdiness trumps fear! Who knew? :clap:

                            Cars Land Construction:

                            World of Color viewing area and show platform:

                            Silly Symphony SwingsMonsters, IncAnimation Academy
                            Turtle Talk with CrushVERY funny show due to non-responsive/confused kids. Wait, I mean it was tooootally awesome, dudes! Righteous!!! Righteous!!!!

                            Millions of peaches, peaches for me....

                            Lunch at (twice)

                            Milkshakes at San Andreas ShakesPixar Play Parade

                            Dinner at Pizza Oom Mow MowPT Flea Market
                            DL Trips: '78, '84, '89, '90, '91, '96, '03, '06, '07(x2), '08, '10(x2), '12, '14, '15, '16
                            DW Trips: '08
                            International parks: Some day...


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                              Re: Girl's Only Trip - 6/23-6/28

                              So after 2 full days in a row of walking around disneyland and a four hour practice, I finally understand why my doctor told me to take it easy on my knee I still cant wait to do it again

                              AEROSMITH FTWW!


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