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Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed


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  • Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

    I'm Really Excited - The confirmation for my trip to Disneyland has come through, and I've almost maxed out the Credit Card to pay for it! (Bonus will come in handy this year...)

    Anyway, normally I'm not one for these types of threads, but I'm so excited and can't wait to finally get back to Disneyland, and hopefully this time do more than my first trip, which was a two day trip in 2002, and I visited the parks more touristy and I only really remember it as a whirlwind tour. Tokyo Disneyland last year was much the same.

    So this time around I want to take it slightly slower than before and spend more time to look and appreciate the MK, rather than going commando style. This time I'm also going with my Sister, who is slightly less Disneyoid as me but still enjoys listening to my rants about Corporate Disney.

    Anyway, here's the sitch:

    - Arriving in the US on the 15th
    - Leaving Disneyland on the 20th
    - Leaving US on the 24th

    - Staying at the Grand Californian
    - 2 Bedroom Suite (I booked the holiday to late, and I'm paying for it)

    Park Admission:
    - 4 Day Park Hoppers

    Rest of Trip:
    - Staying 4 Days in Santa Monica (I Hope That's The Spelling) Seeing LA

    Anyway, although I've hung out around MiceChat for a while now, I still don't have the knowledge of some of the boards APers (and hotel veterans), and I hope to use this thread as a means of question solving.

    Here's some basic queries:

    - How early will I have to make resturant reservations? This is the one thing that I'm worried about after reading some horror stories. We will be hitting breakfast as early as the resturants (Character Meals Mostly, we want to try all three hotels) open so we can make park openings to Maximise our time in the parks. We want to do Goofy's Kitchen on the 19th (Our Last Night) as well. Also, do people have other suggestions for resturants for Dinner? We dont want buffet, but we dont want Victoria and Alberts either.

    - What are the Suites like? Does anybody have photo's or any information other than the official line? Trip reports would be helpfull if anybody is willing. Also, what is our view most likely to be?

    - Will Fantamistic, Parade of Dreams and Remember be running at all during those dates? I've got a sinking feeling they dont run week wide, and I dont want to go in the park on the Sunday, which may be the only day they do.

    - Last question today: Is there a footpath outside TDA that I can walk down to get a photo of the purple exterior, or is it all highway? Will DL security crash tackle me if I try? Same goes for looking at the Mickey and Friends Lot (Something appealing about the world's biggest parking structure)

    I guess two of my Favoite attractions, the MonoRail and IASW will be down when I am there, which is a bummer.

    I'm really looking forward to going to DL, and thanks in advance to those who can help.

    Dr. Crane (AKA Alex)

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    Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

    Call the ***-DINE number (I forget it - too early) NOW. Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance. Unfortunately it is not a toll free call .....You can find the number at, which also has schedules of entertainment.

    As far as pictures of TDA, there are sidewalks along Ball Road (the street that runs along the North side of the resort) and Harbor Blvd. (East side), both streets bridge over the freeway, so you sould be able to get a good shot .....
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      Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

      Originally posted by Giant Panda
      Call the ***-DINE number (I forget it - too early) NOW.
      (714) 781-DINE
      DINE = 3463


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        Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

        I am a foodie and so my vacation surrounds food so I will give you the run down on the restaurants according to me.
        (PS stands for Priority seating is highly recommended).

        Grand Californian
        Napa Rose ***** excellent food and adult Disney ambience food is pricey but worth it. If you are a huge foodie think about the tasting menu, special food paired with wine, perfection. If nothing else it is a nice place for a cocktail. PS
        **** we had dinner and it was nice and fresh. My husband went for the prime rib buffet which had the best dessert!! PS (character meal)

        Disneyland Hotel
        *** Lots of fun and good food we had the character brunch. PS
        *** Great food nice atmosphere and located next to the lost bar and the wine cellar.

        Downtown Disney
        House of Blues **** Great Food and music. The Gospel Brunch is fantastic but time consuming. PS
        ESPN Zone ***1/2 Surprisingly the food was good and the menu was extensive also it is great to watch a game if you are interested. PS (if there is a big game)
        La Brea Bakery Perfect for a morning coffee and pastry while you are waiting for the gates to open.
        Catal ** Highly overrated

        *** limited menu but good food and great place to people watch make sure to make priority seating arrangements. PS
        Blue Bayou ***** Great food at lunch and dinner I like the lunch selection better and more price friendly. Can not beat the location in POTC. PS!!!!
        Hungry Bear Restaurant My favorite place for a burger in the park great view of the rivers of the US.
        Blue Ribbon Bakery Quick breakfast on the run I love the Mickey Mouse cookies and the cinnamon rolls.

        California Adventure
        Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill ** OK food good tortillas Combine with a margarita from Rita Baja Blenders
        Taste Pilots Grill **1/2 the burgers were good but you order on a touch screen which we loved!! You have to do it once.

        Bon Appetite

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          Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

          You're coming out here when you have TDR? Are you insane?

          (*cough* I mean....)

          Yay congrats!


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            Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

            Try to get the desert buffet package for Fantasmic it will make the show so much better and you get your own comfy seat and good location to watch it at the dine number should have the info on it. Good luck with your quest for answers and i hope you and a great trip at the Happiest Place On Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
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              Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

              Eat at Blue Bayou great food especally the monte cristo sandwhich, i cant got to DL without getting one, also all the shows should be running daily there should be 2 showings of fantasmic daily and fireworks of course only one showing but im not sure for those dates, but have FUN!!!!


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                Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

                Thanks for all you help! I think I will pop in to my sisters place this arvo and draw up a dining plan, and call tommorow. I dont want to overplan the holliday, but I want to eat decently as well.


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                  Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

                  As a fellow aussie i recommend you bring lots of cash to spend on all the stuff you find in the stores especially the retro stuff as it is real cool and they will send it back to your room at the hotel. Great stuff from the Disney Gallery

                  To save on cash don't always eat at Disneyland or DCA try Downtown Disney or even if you exit the park there are plenty of restuarants and Macca's. as well as a convenience store so that you can get drinks and snacks cause man does that stuff add up. Especially with the dollar being below the 75 cents right now.

                  Try and squeeze in a character breakfast before DCA as it always opens later then Disneyland.

                  Just because i ride is advertised as being down this isn't always the case especially if it is just going to be shut, I have been there on many times expecting rides to be closed as advertised and to my delight found that they were open either due to crowds or a delay in starting the refurbishment.

                  Fantasmic and the parade should all be running. Get good spots for the Fireworks they are amazing and i know it is expensive but call now and see if you can get a reservation for the the Desert at Disney Gallery for Fantasmic soooooooooooooo worth it for the view.

                  Find out from information or any of the cast members in main street when and where the characters are out and about it is the best way to ensure a picture weith your favs ( Okay so i am big into the charcater hunting)

                  The Blue bayou is amazing and you have to eat there but i recommend a time of three in the afternoon, if you have a big breakfast and then a snack around 11am a big lunch at 3pm will tide you over for a late night snack and it is the best time at the restuarnat as it isn't too crowded. Also if you ask very nicely the waiter will usually provide you with a few more chocolate doubloons. YUM !
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                    Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

                    Congrats on the trip to Disneyland! Funny thing is, I wish I were on my way to where you will be leaving! It's one place I've ALWAYS wanted to go, ever since I was a very young child. *holds up wine glass* Here's to wishing you and yours a wonderful trip to the Park!


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                      Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

                      You have to eat at Blue Bayou!! A must on every DL trip.

                      When in LA go to the Farmers Market, it's at 3rd & Fairfax. Go to both places hungry.


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                        Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

                        Congratulations! You're going nearly the exact same time as me so hopefully I know a little about it.

                        Wednesday and Thursday Disneyland proper is scheduled to be open 10 AM - 8 PM, but fireworks are scheduled for both days. I haven't been to DL in quite a while, but last time I went when they were only open til 8 it was delightful, because it wasn't very crowded. Friday and Saturday should have fireworks and Fantasmic. Parade of Dreams is scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Christmas Fantasy Parade is on Friday and Saturday).

                        Friday is scheduled right now to be 9 AM - midnight for Disneyland, and Saturday as 8 AM - midnight (which of course means they'll likely be busier those days). If you're looking for a leisurely visit you might consider resting at the hotel in the afternoons those days, if you've seen the parades and the like. Granted, I don't plan to do that myself (I'm spending too much money to waste it sleeping!). But then, I'm not staying on property.

                        According to the Disneyland website nothing's scheduled to be down during your visit, though of course the folks here usually know more than the website. (However, since they schedule the Small World lighting ceremony daily during your visit, I'd say it's a pretty good bet that it at least will be up, albiet in holiday form.)

                        Anyway, have a wonderful time!
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                          Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

                          ESPN zone in Downtown Disney and Napa rose in the Grand California have EXCELLENT food


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                            Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

                            My Days in the Park Are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. According to Gadget, that means I'll miss out on Fantasmic, something I really wanted to see.


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                              Re: Dr. Niles Crane hits Disneyland - Confirmed

                              Oh, hey, Niles, are you talking for Christmas? I thought you meant November. I'm almost 100% sure you can see Fantasmic if you meant December!

                              EDIT: Actually, I have no idea which month you mean, comparing your days of the week and days of the month. So I don't know. @_@ (And Fantasmic doesn't appear to be playing all week in December either. )
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