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Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid


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  • [Fun] Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid


    I was just wondering what scared you (if anything) if you visited Disneyland when you were really young.

    Mine would be:

    Any Villian character-Even minor villains like Mr. Smee and Brer Fox

    Haunted Mansion-Most scarred of knocking doors near start

    Pirates of the Carribean-Hated drops in dark (although I was fine in Splash Mountain) and not too keen on the pirates

    Snow Whites Scary Adventures-Terrified of Queen when turned about as Witch

    Ill probs think of more later.

    So what were you most scared of as a kid?

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    Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

    Monstro in Daring Journey. I have no idea why.
    Last edited by CinderellaStory; 07-10-2010, 02:55 PM. Reason: noticed someone else had posted the correct name, so I edited. :)


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      Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

      Originally posted by CinderellaStory View Post
      Monstro in Daring Adventure. I have no idea why.

      Well, I can see why it would have scared you. A big whale trying to eat you is quite intimidating.


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        Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

        I remember, as a child, closing my eyes on certain parts of HM.
        Plugging my ears when the pirates were shooting at each other.
        Being terrified of SM's queue and not getting through the whole thing the first time.
        I remember hating the part of PDJ when the boys were tuned into the donkeys.
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          Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

          Storybook Monstro, would not walk near it as a little kid at night and truth be told still kind of creeps me.


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            Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

            Not me, but the first time I took my daughter she was 3 yo. We were on the People Mover and as we went into a dark tunnel, I heard a tiny voice say "Mommy, I wanna go home". I knew it was going to be a long day! She did warm up after a trip to Fantasyland! She's 25 now and I still like to remind her of it.


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              Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

              This sounds really crazy but I used to be scared of the boats going underneith the water in Pirates. I was most scared of getting water in my eyes!! hahaaa


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                Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

                I remember when I was young, I was scared of the drops on POTC and Splash Mountain, IJA (I don't know why), the Monstro in Pinochio's Daring Journey, the loud cannon blast in Fantasmic, and the Rocket Rods. I was scared of the Rocket Rods because of the part right after it passes the monorail station and it went into the dark tunnel, you would see a flash of light. And when I was young flashes of light was associated with thunder, which I was also scared of when I was young. lol
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                  Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

                  I was 12 on my first visit, so there wasn't too much I was down-right scared of.....but a few things stand out that made me, let's say -nervous-
                  • Submarine Voyage.......I didn't know what would happen once we went under the falls.
                  • Super-speed tunnel(Peoplemover)........for a second or two I thought something had gone terribly wrong.
                  • Skyway............We were so high up
                  • Innerspace........those are fake shrinking people?.....aren't they?
                  • Haunted Mansion.........well, it says "haunted" right in the title.
                  • looked a lot bigger than the carnival roller coasters I was used to.
                  • Space Mt..........was told by friends back home that it was like uber scary; I was kinda mildly disappointed in how not scary it turned out to be.
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                    Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

                    I was a little apprehensive of Haunted Mansion when I was a kid. I was 6 my first visit to Disneyland and it gave me the creeps (Haunted Houses have always been an issue for me). Once i rode it though, i was okay with it. My biggest fear as a 6 year old in Disneyland....SPACE MOUNTAIN. i was terrified of roller coasters. We got in the queue for the People Mover but I didn't believe my family that we were in fact in line for that...i thought they were tricking me into Space Mountain. I quite literally threw a HUGE temper tantrum. We're talking kicking, screaming, trying to run away. Now that I think of it...I can't remember if it was DL or WDW that I had this issue. One of the parks (way back when) the queue for Space and People Mover were like RIGHT next to each other so I was highly confused and thought for sure we were getting on Space. Oh the memories cuz now i LOVE space!


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                      Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

                      Snow White Witch
                      Haunted Mansion ghosts behind the tombstones (I always plugged my ears in the graveyard scene lol)
                      Pirates queue/drops
                      Monstro in Pinocchio


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                        Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

                        Last drop on Splash, snake on Indy, Screamin (loop, still haven't done it yet), ToT, Maliboomer (imagine if it broke down while you were at the top), Monstro, Maleficent (F!), Beast. Oddly I never freaked out when I saw Hook out and about, just Beast, because he wasn't in his Ball outfit, he was like in a cape or something
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                          Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

                          Only things that really scared me as a kid were the drops on Pirates, since Splash Mountain had't been built yet and leaving the Haunted Mansion, the "hurry baaaaack" creeped me the heck out.


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                            Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

                            chip and dale..well any of the characters who wore those full costumes. I still don't care for them.

                            I didn't care for the haunted mansion or any fast ride. I got over the hanted mansion before I got over that fast ride thing. By the time I was 13 I was all over the fast rides.


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                              Re: Things that Scared you in Disneyland as a Kid

                              Haunted Mansion: just the name of it kept me out of the attraction until i was older!
                              Splash Mountain: the drop.. this was before i became a major thrill seeker.
                              Pirates: the drops. same situation as Splash.

                              now for things that scare me NOW when they didn't before:

                              Tarzan's Treehouse (better known as Swiss Family Robinsons Treehouse): i loved going through this as a child.. now i'm afraid of heights.. the last time i went though here recently, my legs turned to jello and my palms started sweating -__- but oddly enough, i still like high-up thrill rides.
                              Snow White's Scary Adventure: not really scared of this, but now that i'm older i can see and moreso understand these deathly scary images this ride will put into children!
                              Skyway: IF they were still here, i'd be terrified of the height.. loved them as a kid though


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