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Your mission should you choose to accept it...


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  • [Fun] Your mission should you choose to accept it...

    Hey Everyone!

    I have been lurking on these boards for about 2 years now -- and have finally decided to break out of the shadows.

    I have a very important question...

    My family and I have purchased a new home and LOVE disneyland -- so much so that we are going to be designing our basement around a disney theme.

    At the entrance to the basement will hand a replica of the welcome plaque at the front of disneyland...

    The basement main area will be comprised of a kids play area, the home theater viewing space, a pool table, Wet bar, bathroom, and office.

    The bar is going to be TIKI/Adventureland themed, the office is going to come with an adult contempory mickey theme ( Red, black, white and yellow painted walls with mickey themed wall art).

    Here is the mission...

    What disneyland attractions/lands would you dedicate the rest of the areas too?

    Does anyone else here have a disney themed home?

    Let me know -- I would love to see pics.

    All the best!

    Jay Are

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    Re: Your mission should you choose to accept it...

    What a wonderful thought! Please post some pix when you are done.

    There are so many directions you could go with this... Fantasyland for the kids' area (or whatever their favorite attraction/land might be); the home theater could be silvery futuristic/modern for Tomorrowland or velvety red/romantic for New Orleans Square; the bathroom should be something really over the top just because bathrooms can be (wood paneling, flickering candlelight lantern lamp, and stone floor for Frontierland or a forest mural/wallpaper, woodland creatures, green grass carpet, artificial tree boughs and flowers on the ceiling for Snow White); when I think pool table I think of Pleasure Island in Pinocchio...

    Google 'Ricky Brigante' - he does a WDW podcast and has a Haunted Mansion room which is amazing. I know someone on here has an Adventureland themed treehouse/playhouse. It was really well done.

    Try Mouse Surplus and eBay for additions to whatever other themes you go for. You never know what you'll find.

    As for me, my living room is modeled after the Grand Californian's hotel lobby. Craftsman furniture and accessories, a poppy rug that looks just the marble floors, orange and purple accent colors... all I need is the breathtaking house to go with it! And my mom has an Alice in Wonderland themed bathroom. It's pretty great.

    Good luck!

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      Re: Your mission should you choose to accept it...

      Can't help with this unfortunately because basically My room is a mish mash of Disney, Stargate, and Harry Potter decorations. Our family room has Disney accents including a wall map of DCA in its first years. Our kitchen is themed to Mickey and Pals. And our living room is more of a Doll palace with an elegant SBC from the 50th Anniversary. However I just did setup a miniature Disneyland on the catwalk:

      Originally posted by mickeyfan42 View Post


      Now I will also admit that its the wrong castle, but my SBC is has been refurbed to act as Splash. and I don't have a space mountain. I just wish there was room up there for both Parks, although I don't have much for DCA as it is.
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        Re: Your mission should you choose to accept it...

        as much as everyone dislikes Innoventions, the Peter Pan bedroom in there is really well done. Here's a link to the room

        I don't know what your budget is, but Pottery Barn Kids has several cool kids room themes and I once saw a boat bed in one of their catalogues.

        Another idea would be an Alice in Wonderland theme for your poker/pool table.
        You could also just add little disney touches to the different rooms. Like lithographs framed in the home theater room, mickey shower curtains or handtowels, snow white mirror, a disney attraction poster... There's lots of cute things at the that can give your room that added bit of disney. Personally, I'd avoid doing anything too drastic because it can grow old and possibly lower the resale value of your home.
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          Re: Your mission should you choose to accept it...

          There is actually a rental home near Disneyland which has Disney themed rooms designed by Imagineers for the show "Monster House". You can see photos at

          I don't know if it's specific to Disneyland itself, but it looks like a place kids would love.


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            Re: Your mission should you choose to accept it...

            Wow take pictures when it's done please!


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              Re: Your mission should you choose to accept it...

              Awesome project! Here are my suggestions:

              - Kid's Play Area:
              • Peter Pan's Flight (either Neverland or the Darling's nursery) .
              • Sleeping Beauty Castle
              • Toontown Gag Factory

              - Home Theater Viewing Space:
              • Main Street Penny Arcade
              • Indiana Jones & The Temple of the Forbidden Eye
              • Blue Bayou

              - Pool Table:
              • Golden Horseshoe Saloon
              • Lilly Belle (luxury car on the Disneyland Railroad) .
              • Haunted Mansion Ballroom
              • Pirates' Burning City Scene
              • Mark Twain

              - Bathroom:
              • House of the Future (the older one for a retro-cool atmosphere) .
              • Pirates' Grotto Scene (after the first drops)
              • Matterhorn
              • Splash Mountain


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                Re: Your mission should you choose to accept it...

                Our office is all Disney. There is no theme, just collectibles all the way back to around 1955. They are somewhat organized into sections: The princesses each have their own spot, Disneyland has its place, Mickey and his gang needed three shelves, etc. Plates and pictures are up at the top around the ceiling. Pins fill in the spaces on the walls. One Disneyland map for the 40th is behind the door, a signed OOP Keel Boat poster is on the door. It is a lot of fun. We ran out of room, so no more snowglobes! lol

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