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A New Show for DCA's Hyperion Theatre


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  • [Idea] A New Show for DCA's Hyperion Theatre

    Hello all,
    I've been thinking about this idea for a new show for the Hyperion ever since Toy Story The Musical was bumped back. The show is titled "Presto! A Live Magic Spectacular" after the beloved Pixar Short and it features innovative technology and classic Disney characters for an all new entertaining stage show, if you haven't seen the short, here it is.
    Pixar Presto FULL movie (flv video) free file download at

    With that out of the way, lets get started...

    The show is housed in DCA's Hyperion Theatre which is slated to get a makeover in Phase Two of the expansion.
    The Outside

    The Inside- the same layout as it is now but with a more "grand" feel to it as seen in the short.

    Basically, the show is a large scale magic act featuring Disney and Pixar characters, and through the completely innovative 3D Holographic Projector system (Musion Eyeliner Hologram Effect - 3D Holographic Projection for Live Events) characters will come to life on stage and perform magic tricks in their own style with live actors on stage as well.

    The main act will be of course, Presto and Alec the Rabbit along with a main live male host in a tuxedo named Adam Kadavra who will help to move the show along. Three of the many acts that will perfrom include, Mickey Mouse, Mike & Sully, and Donald Duck. These three will perfrom every show but every time you go see the show, other characters such as the Geenie from Aladdin, Timon and Pumbaa, Jessica Rabbit, and Lilo and Stich will perfrom. Also, every show, Maleficent and other villains would take over and disrupt all of the other acts with their own style of magic (different villains every time also ala Faciler, Hades, Ursula, Jafar ect). With the help of the audience, Mickey and friends would then regain control of the show through the power of good and the show would end with Presto and Alec doing a final act.

    Please let me know your thoughts! I think this would be a great successor to the great Aladdin show and would bring some real LIVE Disney entertainment to California Adventure.
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    Re: A New Show for DCA's Hyperion Theatre

    Sounds awesome. Id watch it


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      Re: A New Show for DCA's Hyperion Theatre

      thanks :]


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        Re: A New Show for DCA's Hyperion Theatre

        Cute! That would be a great successor The only thing is that the whole villian concept sounds a little like F!, but if it was executed different enough, it could work.

        And Adam Kadavra, that made me laugh :P
        You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!

        "To live would be an awfully big adventure."


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          Re: A New Show for DCA's Hyperion Theatre

          Sounds like an awesome idea. I would definitely watch that.

          But personally, I would prefer a musical.


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            Re: A New Show for DCA's Hyperion Theatre

            thanks for the input everyone. haha yeah the Adam Kadavra character just popped in my head as i was writing lol


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              Re: A New Show for DCA's Hyperion Theatre

              I like the idea for the show...just not at the Hyperion, because I feel that only musicals should really be shown there.


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