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My 55th pictures

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  • [Pictures] My 55th pictures


    Here are some of the photos I took while at Disneyland on Saturday. I didn't take too many but my video of the sing along is below as well. Enjoy

    I took a couple of this picture to me the reflection in Jack's eye reminded me of a Haunted Mansion ghost in the Graveyard scenes. (the ones that float upwards.

    ROA with my fish eye lens

    Some shots of the Haunted Mansion

    I swear that's the caretaker!!!!

    I rode it one more time and still have never made it to Endor

    I really wanted a pic with the Beast but it was mayhem around him

    [ame=""]YouTube- Disneyland 55th sing-a- long[/ame]

    My video of the Sing a Long
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    Re: My 55th pictures

    ^cool pictures of the beast, I wanted to get a pic with him to but WAY too many people near him
    Happy Halloween!!!


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      Re: My 55th pictures

      I love the picture of the Pinocchio statue in the hub!


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        Re: My 55th pictures

        Thanks for sharing.


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          Re: My 55th pictures

          Cool pictures! Thanks for sharing.
          If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones ... and Disneyland