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Condor Flats Jet Mister: Attraction?


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  • [Question] Condor Flats Jet Mister: Attraction?

    As I'm organizing some Disney California Adventure pictures today, I started to think about the giant jet engine that functions as a mister in Condor Flats. It's right outside of Soarin' Over California and next to Cool Your Jets!, the ODV station.

    What "is" it?

    According to some text as part of the main article about DCA on Wikipedia (for whatever that's worth to you), "Also in this area are the Taste Pilot's Grill counter service restaurant, several shops, and a water play area outside of Soarin' Over California, with a giant rocket jet that sprays mist" [emphasis mine.] This suggests it's a water play area... almost like a separate attraction.

    But what do you think? Here are a few of the options:
    1) It's a unique attraction that could be described as a water play area (not unlike the one in Bountiful Valley Farm)
    2) It's part of the theming/ambiance of Condor Flats
    3) It's part of the exterior/queue of Soarin' Over California
    4) It's part of Cool Your Jets! ODV

    Or is it something else? What are your thoughts?
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    Re: Condor Flats Jet Mister: Attraction?

    I believe it's just part of the theming of the area. I'm guessing whoever wrote that article must have seen kids running around under it and assumed it was a play area.


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      Re: Condor Flats Jet Mister: Attraction?

      I consider it part of the ODV cart "Cool Your Jets". But I guess they probably would have had it there even if the ODV vendor wasn't there. So I suppose it's part of the overall enhancement of the land.

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        Re: Condor Flats Jet Mister: Attraction?

        It's not a water play area, for sure.

        I would say it's a well themed cool-down station that is part of the ODV just like the Moonliner, which provides the same mist, is part of the Coca-Cola stand in Tomorrowland.


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          Re: Condor Flats Jet Mister: Attraction?

          I vote for ambiance. I see Condor Flats as a takeoff of the dry lake at Edwards AFB. I did work at the AF Rocket Propulsion Laboratory that is in the hills across the lakebed from the flight test center runways. The thing looks to me like an ok fake of a rocket engine test stand (not jet, as someone mentioned-jets are air-breathers). They even have fuel and oxidizer tanks on each side on top of the engine (I think they're dark green and mustard colored). It looks close to the size of the space shuttle main engines -490,000lbs of thrust. They have a real one on the patio to the right of the Taste Pilot's Grill. I really like that area and the old photos in the grill. My only problem is that the bottom wheels on the frame of the engine would have to take all the thrust if you fired it off. It wouldn't be that way for real-there'd be too much load for those wheels.
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            Re: Condor Flats Jet Mister: Attraction?

            If that's an attraction, you should see my kick *** water show when i get a hose and flashlight.


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              Re: Condor Flats Jet Mister: Attraction?

              I would call it exactly what it is... "A place to cool your jets."
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