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Photo Request!

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  • Photo Request!

    Hey, guys. I was wondering if someone could do my a HUGE favor. I need a shot of the Haunted Mansion's exit crypt from the outside--as in, a shot looking back at the exit. Multiple photos would be great. Photos of everything along the right-hand side of the mansion would be muchly appreciated, as well. I'd take the photo(s) myself, but I don't live in So Cal and I have no plans to go to the park soon. Google searches have brought up nothing.

    Thanks so much in advance to anyone who has photos of this area, or anyone who can get a shot while in the park over the next few days. Sorry for this rather odd request. :blush:

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    Re: Photo Request!

    Come on now...please? This isn't that difficult...:beg:


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      Re: Photo Request!

      Here is one at night
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        Re: Photo Request!

        I have a couple; but they are on my computer at home. I'll post them tonight when I get back.


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          Re: Photo Request!

          Hey, I wanna know what you want them for! I'm so intrigued! And I'm sure some Micechatters could get you some more this weekend. However, not sure if there is any HMH stuff on the side. Will that be a problem?
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            Re: Photo Request!

            The main reason is extreme curiosity. Every time I ride the Haunted Mansion, I exit without looking back or thinking about where I am. I don't know why; I just never pay attention after I see the DEAD END sign. I'm trying to figure out the "geography" of the whole Haunted Mansion area, including the show building and hidden areas around it. This is difficult, since I'm not a CM and I don't feel like risking banishment by sneaking backstage. All I have are low-res Internet diagrams and what few photos people have posted online. And aerial photos, like those on, which are completely fascinating to me--but there are so many shadows in that area that it's tough to discern what's what.

            Thanks for the photo, DL_CRAZE!

            HMH decor wouldn't be a problem in the photos, as long as I can see the general idea of what's there. I'd also like a shot or two from a distance, so I can see the exit and the mansion itself. This would probably need to be taken from the far side of the path.

            In addition, I'm curious about the tunnel that houses the train tracks. The tunnel passes between the mansion facade and the show building; then it's briefly out in the open; then it passes into Splash Mountain. You can see it in the aerial shots, but I don't remember why you can't see the tunnel. If anyone has any photos of the area between the mansion and Splash Mountain, I'd love to see 'em too...

            Again, sorry I'm not doing this myself. We Nor Cal folk aren't as lucky as you southern APers.


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              Re: Photo Request!

              FYI, if you are facing the exit, there is an employee break area off to the right behind where the smoking area used to be. I say this only because you asked about layout. Its a custodial locker, to be more specific.
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                Re: Photo Request!

                That's just the kind of info I'm curious about. Thanks a bunch, dramaqueen!

                Anyone else?