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World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids


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  • Trip Report World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids

    I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the World of Color Meet Up. For those of you who were there, I was the guy covered in glitter and asked about the Chernabog Tower. Here are a few pics from the event.

    This was the line up schedual we were given along witha photo of the World of Color.

    Upon entering Stage 17 (the old Millionaire place), we were offered water and some photo ops. I chose not to as there was a line.

    Then as the World of Color theme song played, a black curtain was opened and the mad rush to get a seat began. I was happily in the third row.

    My view of the screen.

    The stage was set all we needed was.....

    Heather Hust Rivera! (She is awesome btw!)

    Now lets bring out everyone else as they played a video seen on the Blog about WoC

    If you dont know it is (from left to right) Heather, Sayre Wiseman, Steve Davison, and Mary Niven

    Sayre focused on discussing the recording aspect of the show, Steve discussed some of the insperations of the show including some artwork not seen before (the video posted below) and Mary talked about how this made DCA do a 180 degree turn!

    This panel was then followed by a Q&A session which included questions such as:

    1st question: What got cut from the show that you miss (@Steve)
    Answer: Alice, but I snuck her in to open the finale

    2nd question: How much has water bill gone up?
    Answer: Sayre stated that all of the water is recycled water and there is not much water added daily. The water gets filtered daily and each fountain pump is drawing water from directly below the pump.

    3rd question: How do they make glitter effect in WALL-E?
    Answer: Steve says it was all by accident and was discovered while testing all of the components. "It was a happy accident" Steve also said when he saw it all he could do was say "Do it again! Do it again!"

    4th question: Where did idea of a water based show come from?
    Answer: It was something Disney hadn't really tackeled said Steve. The show was heavily influenced by Fantasia and the idea behind bringing a new show to DCA caused them to look at the space they had and saw the lagoon was the most space available without removing anything.

    5th question: Was it always planned to open in the (she said Summer, then was quickly corrected that it was Spring, by one week! )
    Answer: Yes

    6th question (My question): The attention to detail is amazing, such as the butterflies in the Colors of the Wind segment. Were other details, such as the Chernabog tower, be back or are there others that are missing?
    Answer: Steve said that the Chernabog tower is still there and not used in the show because it didnt work well within the show. However, the effect is still in the lagoon and programed, so "we could use it tonight, but we won't"

    7th question: If WoC was a jamba juice flavor what would it be?
    Answer: multilayered

    8th (last) question: What are each of your favorite parts of the show?
    Answer: Sayre= Pocohontas, Steve=Genie, Mary="The sad part" (Mufasas Death and transformation sequence)

    As we all left to go to the show, we recieved:

    I stuck around and got a chance to talk to Sayre. I asked her how many technicians run the show? Her answer was 6. There are two people (The show director and the stage operator) located in a booth on the pier, while the other four are backstage viewing the show on monitors and making sure everything runs smoothly. I also got a little more clarification about the Chernabog tower (I swear I am not obsessed! ). Basicly the tower added a bit more height to the screen so the entire figure of Chernabog was visible while he threw flames at the lagoon. Sayre also said she had seen me in the parks before and told me where she remembers me from! That made my night, especially because I had never really known much about her until tonight!

    Anyway, that is a recap of what went on at the Meet Up.
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    Re: World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids

    [ame=""]YouTube - World Of Color Recording Session Never Before Seen[/ame]

    Here is the video from Steve's Iphone about the recording session. The sound is very low. I apologize for that. This was recorded with a very cheap camera and this was the first filming I ever did!

    [ame=""]YouTube- World Of Color Early Pre-Visualization Animatic Never Before Seen[/ame]

    This is the video of the show back in 2008. Once again low sound, but cool to watch.

    One more thing I forgot to say. Four lucky people recieved a hat that was only available to the creative team. Alas, I was not one of those four. Anyway, I think that wraps things up and now I am off to bed as I am exhausted!
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      Re: World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids

      Thanks for sharing!
      Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

      ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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        Re: World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids

        Thanks for the update!
        Check out my page at

        Check out my pin collection at User name is WheresMickey


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          Re: World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids

          No questions about the so so viewing area? They got off easy.


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            Re: World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids



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              Re: World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids

              Thank you for the positive response to my first trip report! I wanted to let you know one thing I left out about the previsualization: it was made by the French Disney group. (Steve said a guys name, which for the life of me I cannot remember. If any of you who went know the name please remind me!) Just found this detail very interesting!


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                Re: World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids

                sweet. Great update.


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                  Re: World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids

                  Nice work. Thanks for posting the Q&A!
                  Home away from Home.


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                    Re: World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids

                    My pleasure! It was a fun evening!


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                      Re: World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids

                      Originally posted by Raindown View Post
                      No questions about the so so viewing area? They got off easy.
                      And this is exactly why they take a random email sampling to invite to these "meet-up" events. They know that the people that get selected will be so impressed, that they wont ask hard hitting questions.

                      It's a PR move to "connect to the fans", when in fact it's yet another way to control the message, and ensure that Disney looks the best.
                      -Monorail Man


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                        Re: World of Color Meet Up Pics and Vids

                        great! thanks so much!
                        could someone explain to me exactly what the glitter effect is?


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