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Character breakfast..which is better?


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  • Character breakfast..which is better?

    A friend and I will be at the park for his birthday, which is Dec. 3. He wants to do a character breakfast, but which is better, the Goofy's Kitchen at the DHL or the Chip/Dale at the PI? Any one ever done this?

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    Re: Character breakfast..which is better?

    We enjoy both places. There is a much wider variety of food at GK. The Boy like GK because he can have pizza or hotdogs for breakfast. The PI is nice because you are already inside the park.


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      Re: Character breakfast..which is better?

      My husband and I enjoy the one at the Grand Californian more than the GK one.
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        Re: Character breakfast..which is better?

        GC is ok. I like more character interaction.


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          Re: Character breakfast..which is better?

          Ok I have (finaly done all three) so here's a real quick rundown (I have to log off for work in a minute)
          GK-largest selection of food options...great Charactor interaction (goofy, madhatter, Genie, Max, and a large assortment of other charactors.)
          usual crowded, even with PS you will mot likely have a wait.
          We go every trip, have not missed it yet...we go with the kids...and without.

          PI- Beautiful, loved it when the Pooh charactors were there, loved the princesses, asuming Micky and friends will be just as great.
          good food, decent selection...
          and as previously said, your already in the park.

          Storytellers- I was there for the first time in Oct. I loved it.
          a smaller selection of food than at the others but the food was fantastic! (banana Foster french toast is to die for) It's beautiful inside, and though it has fewer charactors than the others, I thought it was very nice.
          We were visited by Koda and the other bear from Brother bear (what is his name, the big one?) Turk, Miko, and I think one other as well, but I forget...and this was two adults, no kids so 4 or 5 charactors was nice.

          My all time favorite is still GK, I absolutly love it.
          PI is great if you want to be in the park
          ST is fantastic if you want a nice setting, a bit low key on the charactors (they are not constantly around like at GK) (best food, smallest selection)

          each and every one of them is absolutly wonderful, and fun.

          I hope that gives you some idea of the comparisons, so you can find the one that works best for your family...

          Have fun


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            Re: Character breakfast..which is better?

            :ap: You did not mention how old he is going to be, but still I'd have to go with Goofy's Kitchen as there are more characters and a larger selection of food. :ap:
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              Re: Character breakfast..which is better?



              Eat, and then run to the rides-Plaza

              Adults, quieter slower pace, better food-Storytellers

              You can't go wrong at any of them. We've been to them numerous times (maybe too many times...).



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                Re: Character breakfast..which is better?

                Def. Goofy's Kitchen. You can be there at an obscure time and miss a lot of the rush. It's good food and good characters


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                  Re: Character breakfast..which is better?

                  Storytellers Cafe, is my favorite. It is made more fun by interacting with everyone. The Rangers in this are just hilarious! We went there in August and had a blast with the characters. It was funny to see Chip interacting with this older man trying to get his coffee.
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