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Main Street Tobacco Shop - Disneyland-brand pipes?


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  • [Question] Main Street Tobacco Shop - Disneyland-brand pipes?

    Not sure where else to put this thread. I've been to Disneyland all of once - when I was twelve, in 1991. Upcoming trip in October is going to be really something...

    I smoke a pipe now, but I collected pipes even as a little kid. I preferred them over toys, actually. When I was at DL in '91, the Main Street Tobacco Shop was still open. I purchased two pipes there: a cheap Medico in a sort of Yachtsman shape, and a nice calabash gourd with what I was guaranteed by the salesman was genuine meerschaum (it was actually porcelain, and I later had a shop replace it with a meerschaum bowl). I still have the calabash.

    I've been told that there are pipes with Disneyland nomenclature (stamping/logo) on them. I've heard of briars with the stamp on the shank and/or a Mickey-shaped color spot on the stem, a cherrywood (similar to the larger pipes made by Ropp of France) with faces carved, and even some long clays with painted faces on the bowls. I'd really love to find one of these - any pipe with Disneyland markings on it. Ebay has turned up nothing, any time I've searched. I'm hoping someone here on MiceChat can verify that these exist and, better yet, might have one they'd be willing to part with. It'd get displayed, and (if it's not more intended for decoration, such as the long clays usually are) I may puff it at the park when I visit - in designated areas only, of course, I'm a very respectful smoker, though I do have a tendency to walk around with an unlit, empty pipe in my teeth most of the time.

    If you see a tall guy chewing or smoking a pipe and wearing a black suit and a fedora-crease Panama hat in Disneyland or DCA between Oct. 28-Nov. 3, there's a 99% chance it's me. I'll leave that 1% just in case - you never know when your doppleganger might pop up.

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    Re: Main Street Tobacco Shop - Disneyland-brand pipes?

    I have now seen photos of two pipes with a "Walt Disney World" logo stamped on the shank. One is a dark red-brown stained bent billiard with a flat heel (a sitter), a striated lucite ferrule and a nice thin stem. This has a heavily carved surface. The other is a large-bowled billiard with a long shank, almost a Canadian shape. My best guess is that all sorts of pipes were sold there and stamped this way, and if I found one of these before I found a Disneyland pipe, I'd be just as interested. It's a pipe - it's Disney - it's good. I've also, finally, seen a photo of a French Ropp brand cherrywood pipe, a big cylindrical bowl with four strips of bark and a relatively short branch stem, that was supposedly just stamped Disney.

    Wouldn't one of those deeply-bent German pipes with the fancy pierced metal wind cap, a la the big decorative ones at Pleasure Island in "Pinocchio", be great with a Disney logo? Or something wooden, carved with a face, like Gepetto's pipes?

    I do wonder what sorts of meerschaums were sold at either park in the 70s and 80s - this was the era for both poorly-carved pieces, and early carving masters like Ismet Bekler. The only Bekler I have the heart to light up (since someone before me already did) will be following me to the park; it's the only meerschaum I have that I actually use. I have no memory of what sorts the Disneyland Tobacco Shop sold, only that I bought those two already described. Neither had any sort of Disney marks on them.


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      Re: Main Street Tobacco Shop - Disneyland-brand pipes?

      I find it fascinating that you loved pipes and collected them as a kid. I don't know anything about pipes and am too young to have visited the shop, so I can't be of help. Good luck in your search! Also, you might try a search in the collectibles forum.
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        Re: Main Street Tobacco Shop - Disneyland-brand pipes?

        Thanks, didn't see that! I'll post there as well.


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