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Disney Afternoon Avanue - Look Back

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  • [Fun] Disney Afternoon Avanue - Look Back

    It didn't dawn on me till now but with the late Glow Fest, and talk of Videopolis, especially the colors of Glow Fest actually reminded of the small promotion of 'Disney Afternoon Avanue' at Disneyland back in 1991-1992. A street festival where you were able to meet characters from...

    'The Disney Afternoon,' there's something about this, and kids these days are so missing out but if one remembers back in 1990...
    YouTube - The Disney Afternoon Theme (Full Version)
    Disney started a resurgence of classic Disney characters with some new comers for a special 2 hour block of TV programing, which in my area, started at 3pm. With such shows as the Gummi Bears, Duck Tales, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin, which was the original line-up.

    As the years progressed, new additions such Darkwing Duck, my favorite, Goof Troop, Bonkers, Aladdin, Gargoyles and the Quake Pack were added into the mix. By 1997, it was Disney Afternoon no more, though by 1997, and I was a senior in High School. Watching the Disney Afternoon was good past time after coming from school and doing homework.

    Back to 'Disney Afternoon Avanue,' it was basically a set-up for what's to come, ToonTown, one couldn't ignore the huge construction walls behind Fantasyland berm area, with a painted mural of what reminded me of a scene from 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit.' That there's a real toon town just over that wall being resurrected. Though the 80s was over, the 'Disney Afternoon Avanue' still had a 80s retro feel, with bright colors, and long snake balloons that seemed to be a left over celebration from Disneyland's 1990 'Mardi Gras' but there's was something about the entrance that seemed cool to the eye. Though it was called 'Disney Afternoon Live,' many called it 'Disney Afternoon Avanue.'

    The area was a huge place for "meet & greets." I was able to find some youtube video for a good flashback...
    YouTube - Disney Afternoon Live 1991
    YouTube - Disney Afternoon Celebration Parade
    When the TownTown opened in 1993, and 'Disney Afternoon LIVE' was no more. I was hoping there would be some really amazing E-ride attractions based on hit 'Disney Afternoon' shows as Tale Spin (some cool flying ride), Duck Tales (a wild adventure in search for treasure), Goof Troop (a crazy vacation gone wild), and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (Chip 'n Dale is on the rescue to help guests escape from an evil monster of sorts) but my heart was crushed, no such rides.
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    Re: Disney Afternoon Avanue - Look Back

    Awww! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane :gladsad: I was a senior in high school during that small window of Disney history, and I think the thing that stands out for me from the whole "Disney Afternoon" overlay at the back of Fantasyland was the "freshening up" of the Motorboat attraction with the plywood(?) cutouts of the Gummi Bears along the waterways!!! Not Disney at their best with the flat, non-dynamic Gummi friends, but I appreciate the gesture, obviously it made an impression on me cuz I can't remember anything else from it! :lol:

    Gummi Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere!
    High adventure that's beyond compare!
    They are the Gummi Bears!

    :blush:sorry! that song always gets stuck in my head the second I think back on that show!


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      Re: Disney Afternoon Avanue - Look Back

      I grew up watching these cartoons. The quality of cartoons nowadays does NOT compare to what was coming out during the 90's back when Eisner was actually revitalizing the company instead of driving everything into the ground. Every time I step into Toontown I'm reminded of these times despite the fact that the place does need some freshening up.

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        Re: Disney Afternoon Avanue - Look Back

        Cool thanks for sharing. The Avenue map you put up is cool, I remember that, you had to get the characters you met to stamp their picture in the spot on the map, and we did get one Disney Afternoon ride from Toontown, Gadget's GoCoaster. And it was actually called the Disney Afternoon Avenue, the ads were emphasizing that you could meet the characters LIVE!! Oh so exciting, lol.


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          Re: Disney Afternoon Avanue - Look Back

          I have pictures I took during this promotion somewhere. I'll have to dig them out. I took some from the skyway too, so there are overhead shots. The "stamp rally" didn't require you to meet the characters, instead there were "stamp stations" scattered around the area that you could stamp your sheet on your own. Also, that future entrance to ToonTown had a "backstage" area where you could meet Baloo the bear in his Tale Spin outfit.

          I also remember the Gummi Bear plywood cutouts along the Motorboat cruise, and agree, it was not Disney at their best. It looked cheap, but then this was a temporary event anyway. The Fantasyland Autopia was decorated with cutouts from Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers as well. And, there was a "mini Duckburg" kind of like the one they did at WDW in "Mickey's Starland" (future Toontown Fair).

          At Videopolis stage they had a show called "Plane Crazy" starring Louie and Baloo from Tale Spin, as well as other Disney Afternoon stars like Launchpad.


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            Re: Disney Afternoon Avanue - Look Back

            I never got to see Plane Crazy, I hear it was totally awesome.


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              Re: Disney Afternoon Avanue - Look Back

              I only wish I had more photos from this event...there are some lying around as is probably the case with a number of chatters. I remember a lot of painted particle board in the shape of small bears and the Rescue Rangers. If I am recalling this correctly, there was a lot of this themeing over there by that car ride near the Tomorrowland train station.
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