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My Indy Event Recap...


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  • My Indy Event Recap...

    Wow, It's about 12:30 am I'm just getting home from the event (about an hour off schedule).

    Registration: The fastest part of the night! I got there around 4:30 and walked right in. There was a lot of merchandise still available so I picked up a few things.

    At about 8, I went over to the picnic area to wait to go in. The itinerary said they would let us into the park at 8:15. 8:30 rolls around and everyone is still waiting. They take us all over to the east gates and we all get into one big line to go through the turnstiles. Once in everyone walked (still in the line) over to adventureland. Adventure land was all decked out with colored lights and tables all over the place for people to sit and eat. There was a band and the emcee's spoke from atop the Jungle Cruise building.

    The serving of the food was kind of weird. They had 3 stations set up each serving different items. The lines got so long that once you got your food from one station you went to get in line for another and quickly scarffed down your food to clear your plate. The food was pretty good and they had a pretty good variety. I didn't get to get my coconut drink because as I started to get in line they started the events.

    They divided everyone into 3 groups and each group went to an attraction. For me it was Tarzan's Treehouse, Pirates, the Indy (in that order). At each attraction they gave us clue pages and we had to solve the clues by either a) knowing a lot about the Indy movies or b) decoding hints written in Marabic (we were given a decoder on our lanyards) or c) making observations about the attractions we were at. I don't really know what the point of the game was because a lot of people were getting frustrated because they couldn't answer the clues. There was no incentive for doing any of the clues (as far as I know) so it was really just for fun.

    The highlight of the night was getting to ride Indy with the lights on. And I must say that the ride has a lot more details that can't be seen in the dark.

    Our parting gift was a wooden calendar/date box (similar to one found in Indy's office) with an elephant on top.

    Well that's all for now I'm tired...need sleep...zzzzzz

    EDIT: Now that I'm all rested, another highlight for me was getting to ride pirates in my own boat!!! It was just me and the pirates and I got to scream on the drops and sing along
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    Sounds like fun. WOW. I cannot believe they would run the ride with the lights on. All the cheesy black light stuff kind of makes it look very flat and naked. 10 years...woah.
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      Sounds really cool! Also sounds like they dialed down this event as well. Have to wonder what is going on. These events used to be so much fun and now it seems like it is all about making tons of money.
      I am glad to hear that you had a good time!


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        One part of the event I really loved was the ancient artifact activity!

        We were given a brick with a small chisel and small hammer. I really liked that you had to chissel away the brick to find your artifact within the brick. Within the brick was a tin with PIN for all you PIN collectors.

        I thought this activity fit the event perfectly!


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          And how much did this cost?


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            I believe the event costed $150. I wish I could have been there to see the tracks and everything. All of my AP/pin trader friends have seen it from a 101 shut down but I simply live too far away. That bites. I hope it was fun!


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