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Bringing out the Leviathan Trip Report


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  • Trip Report Bringing out the Leviathan Trip Report

    It started out so simple, go to Portland and watch my Nephew get married. Then he asked if I would do a vid of his wedding and reception. So I went up to Portland a couple of days early to sight see. And its not that different then Disney, really! Heres the first thing I see as I leave my motel

    Yep a themed railroad station

    Really nice stations and trains.

    very cool bent metal, very techno type ride and when you get to downtown Portland

    Food booths and public drinking fountains, looks like they don't have a water shortage. Mind you most is just high rise and business. And tho downtown the transit be it light rail, trolley or bus is free. No Public Toilets be it pay or free.

    So getting off the train, I went to a lovely Cantina and asked if they had a Bathroom, and promised to buy a meal.

    Did my deed and had a wonderful burrito, and some of the best Salsa I've ever eaten.

    Afterwards I wandered about and saw the sights, finally ending Day ONE at my nephews for Dinner as the sun went down.

    And so my first Day ended. Trip up was on a lovely Turboprop. Flight was wonderful but just a trip. Tomorrow I'll finish going to Balboa Park. And hopefully I'll get a chance to post the rest of the Portland Part of the Leviathan Trip, "well for me it is".

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    Re: Bringing out the Leviathan Trip Report

    Day 2 in Portland, I'll just post a few then leave for Balboa Park. If you enjoy my posts please leave a comment or question. Praise is willingly accepted.
    After getting a all day pass for the TriMet transit system. Off to the Zoo! Took the Light Rail to Washington Park which is my first ride of the day.

    Ride? I think so, you get off the train and step on one of four elevators. 450 feet or more later you get off the elevator, ultra rapid rate of speeed.

    You get out and proceed down the hill to the Zoo, going past the Gift shop

    And thru the gates, first animal is a Mountain Goat, shades of Disney again.

    But Breakfast Beckons.

    Yes Chili with onion and cheese, food in Portland is good. On that note I'm off for my second day at Balboa Park, no posts yet from San Diego but I'm getting closer. Off to Breakfast.


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