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Disneyland Books?


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  • [Question] Disneyland Books?

    I'm planning to buy some Disneyland books to read cause I'm so excited to be going to Disneyland on Christmas but i can't wait xD
    I'm planning on buying the guide to hidden mickeys and maybe some other books as well but I don't know too much about what books are out there.
    Anyone have any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Disneyland Books?

    The three best books about Disneyland ever written:

    1. The Nickel Tour, by Bruce Gordon & David Mumford.

    2. Disneyland, Inside Story, by Randy Bright.

    3. Designing Disney's Theme Parks, edited by Karal Ann Marling.

    The first two are astronomically expensive; the third covers more than Disneyland, but DL is much of the focus.


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      Re: Disneyland Books?

      For attraction-specific books, there are a series by Jason Surrell that have a lot of good info and photos/artwork:

      Haunted Mansion: From The Magic Kingdom to the Movies

      Pirates of the Caribbean: From The Magic Kingdom to the Movies

      Disney Mountain: Imagineering at its Peak
      when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....


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        Re: Disneyland Books?

        Nickel Tour is expensive.

        But you can find cheap used copies of Inside Story if you look around.

        I'd also add Walt Disney's Railroad Story to the list.


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          Re: Disneyland Books?

          Oh, yeah Nickel Tour is a bit pricey for me haha, i hope ill read it some day though
          Thanks for the suggestions

          Has anyone read Cast member Confidential?


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            Re: Disneyland Books?

            The MouseTales series is pretty good.

            I like 101 You Never Knew About Disneyland.

            The Disneyland Encyclopedia, Walt Disney's Imagineering Legends, Disneyland: Now, Then, and Forever, Disneyland: The Inside Story, The Imagineering Field Guide to Disneyland, Pirates of the Caribbean: From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies, The Haunted Mansion: From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies, and The Disney Mountains: Imagineering at its Peak are all part of my personal collection and I would recommend them all!!


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              Re: Disneyland Books?

              Koenig's MouseTales are interesting with real things that have happened to cast members over the years at the Park.

              Any of the Disneyland guide books are nice as well.

              If you can find any old copies of the E Ticket Magazine, those were a font of information -- and sadly missed!
              Hidden Mickey - Historical fiction about Walt that mixes action and mystery with time travel and fantasy! Tweens to adults will enjoy these novels. And now, three gamebooks to play in Disneyland, DCA and WDW Magic Kingdom!

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                Re: Disneyland Books?

                I was able to read a library copy of the Nickel Tour by using an inter-library loan through my own library. I think my library charged me $3 for the inter-library loan. -- Suzanne


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                  Re: Disneyland Books?

                  So many books! haha
                  I guess I'll make a list to read overtime, thanks for all the suggestions

                  I live in the LA county but they dont seem to have nickel tour at any los angeles public library when i checked online ):


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                    Re: Disneyland Books?

                    Here are some great books you can pick up, probably at any library. They are all about different facets of Disney, from designing the park to information about Walt himself.

                    Magic lands : western cityscapes and American culture after 1940 / John M. Findlay
                    Designing Disney's theme parks : the architecture of reassurance / edited by Karal Ann Marling
                    Birnbaum's guides 2011 Disneyland resort : expert advice from the inside source / Wendy Lefkon
                    The hassle-free Walt Disney World vacation / Steven M. Barrett
                    Walt Disney / by Jane Sutcliffe
                    The unofficial guide to Walt Disney World for grown-ups / Eve Zibart, David Hoekstra

                    and if you want a little something to watch, I found this at my library also.....

                    Disney parks. Disneyland Resort [DVD] : behind the scenes / produced by Lightship Entertainment, Inc. in association with Disney Parks, LLC

                    I have a lot of other recommendations, but they have all been mentioned already. Have fun with these!!


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                      Re: Disneyland Books?

                      If you just want a fun quick read the book little known things about well known places is fun and interesting. Plus you can easily read it in an hour.
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                        Re: Disneyland Books?

                        Agreed, that while it's not a book, if it were the E-Ticket magazine would represent the single greatest source of historic Disneyland information on the planet.


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                          Re: Disneyland Books?

                          I have to add another vote for Koenigs Mouse Tales Both that I read were very good!


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                            Re: Disneyland Books?

                            You can purchase back issues of the E-Ticket Magazine at the Walt Disney Family Museum including cd-roms of the earliest issues.


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                              Re: Disneyland Books?

                              Some good Disneyland books that I have are:

                              The Imagineering Field Guide to Disneyland: An Imagineer's-Eye Tour
                              Disneyland Challenge: Put Your Disneyland Resort Knowledge to the Test!
                              Disneyland's Hidden Mickeys A Field Guide to Disneyland Resort's Best Kept Secrets

                              The first two have lots of interesting facts and info about DL. The first one has more facts and info about the rides, history, Imagineering, and so on.
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