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Disney Premier Passport


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  • News Disney Premier Passport

    Live out your Disney dreams in every Disney Park in the United States! Set sail with pirates in both Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland Park. Race down the slopes of Mount Everest and Matterhorn Mountain. Blast off on a rocket journey to Mars and dive deep below the waves on a submarine. Take a supernatural elevator plunge in Disney's Hollywood Studios, and soar over the Golden State in Disney's California Adventure Park.
    Parks and Perks Included

    Disney Premier Passport grants the Passholder unlimited admission to the following theme parks, water parks and special locations:

    Disneyland Park
    Disney's California Adventure Park
    Magic Kingdom Park
    Disney's Hollywood Studios
    Disney's Animal Kingdom Park
    Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
    Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park
    DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park
    ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex (some events require an additional charge)
    Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course (some events require an additional charge)

    Plus, the Disney Premier Passport also entitles you to exclusive Premium Passholder-level perks, including invitations to special events, members-only discounts and email updates that keep you in the know about the latest Disney insider information.

    You may purchase the Disney Premier Passport for $700, plus applicable sales tax, at:

    Disneyland Resort theme park ticket booths
    Guest Relations windows at Walt Disney World theme parks and Downtown Disney area.
    Source: DisneyParks

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    Re: Disney Premier Passport

    This announcement was made last year.

    Thanks for reposting though!


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      Re: Disney Premier Passport

      Well if you can get ALL the parks for $700 then my dream of the DL AP jumping up to $550 is dashed! So much for curbing attendance and leaving the streets wide open for me!! :P
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        Re: Disney Premier Passport

        This has been posted several months back.

        I still think this is not even a great deal. First you need to pay to fly over to Florida, pay for hotels, pay to eat, etc.

        I remembered when I went to Florida last year, the entire trip for a group of 4 costs me almost 5 grand.

        It would be the greatest deal ever:

        - if I have a second home there
        - if I have relative that I can stay over for free when I fly over there
        - if I have a lot of money
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          Re: Disney Premier Passport

          ya the 700$ pass that is so much money haha i would get it if i spent half the time here and half the time in florida
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            Re: Disney Premier Passport

            I assume this is only a year pass. How would someone afford 700 upfront all the time? I mean cmon xD (yet I assume this is for the financially gifted).


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              Re: Disney Premier Passport

              I bought one for myself and my girlfriend. I live in Florida and go to WDW every week or 2. I've made 3 seperate trips out to California this year and spent about 15 days in the parks. With the discounts, parking, water parks, and no blackouts if you're like me and are absolutely nuts, it's a great deal! I also have the top level Sea World/Busch Gardens passes, and the Premier Universal Studios Florida pass, so my average purchase in theme park passes each year for 2 people is about $2200. It sounds like a lot, but it's 2 people, and if you go every weekend and don't go out to movies or expensive meals or bars, it's a good hobby.
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                Re: Disney Premier Passport

                Well I do plan on a double resort visit in either 2012 or 2013 so this could be a good deal for me.


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                  Re: Disney Premier Passport

                  I had one. I had a DL pass and had a couple of trips planned for WDW so I bought one for that resort. When they made the announcement, I was in Florida and came home to my new pass. No photo so you constantly have to pull out your ID. At first, I got lots of odd stares and had to explain any discounts. It rarely works when they swipe it through a machine and sometimes I had to wait for a Manager to authorize the discount. There is no payment plan so it is a hefty one time charge. If you are planning on a trip to both coasts, work out the numbers and you may find it worthwhile. Discounts in WDW suck and the hotel deals are pretty limited. In the right circumstance it can be a good deal but buyer beware.

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                    Re: Disney Premier Passport

                    By the way, I won't be getting one if I renew.


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                      Re: Disney Premier Passport

                      This was a great purchase for me. I went to orlando twice this year and of course countless amounts of times to DLR
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                        Re: Disney Premier Passport

                        As for why the discounts don't work when you swipe the card through the machines, I'd assume it has to do with the fact that WDWs ticket data is stored on the magnetic strip, and DLs data is stored on the barcode. Since swiping the card is reading WDWs ticket info it'll show up as nonsense to the computer and disregard it. Once you manualy enter the DL ticket info the computer accepts it and processes the discounts. I can't imagine that is going to be something they'll ever be able to fix unless they somehow merge the 2 coasts ticket systems.
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                          Re: Disney Premier Passport

                          Originally posted by MrHatboxGhost View Post
                          I assume this is only a year pass. How would someone afford 700 upfront all the time?
                          $700 isn't that much for people that pay real bills.

                          I mean some simple perspective... one of my kid's swimming program is over $2400 a year. Another rides horses... that costs me over $1000 every 4 months.

                          $700 for a full year is less then $60 a month - that's less then my cell phone bill.

                          It's not the ticket that is expensive.. it's the ability to actually take advantage of it (travel, accomodations, etc) is the big $$.

                          DVC types should be eating this pass up.


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