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New Disney Blog


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  • [Fun] New Disney Blog

    Hey guys I just started my new's about design and disney of course!

    I'm currently focusing on type and fonts used in the theme parks and resort.

    Not too many resources out there when it comes to fonts disney uses. I can think of only one good place that provides some information, but it's lacking and missing a fair few fonts....queue in my blog.

    I've made it my pass time hobby searching the net for fonts seen in the parks, on posters, on signage, in the windows...basically everywhere. I'm happy to say I've already passed the number of listed fonts from that other site. Each week will be a new post talking in depth about the typefaces, fonts, styles and families used on your favorite Disney attractions.

    Check it out and help me get the word out there. I think people will enjoy least I hope.

    Visit my blog:

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